The 14 Best Virtual Credit Card Provider : International Payment

Virtual credit cards are trending now online. You can say Virtual Credit card is ideal for online shoppers. CitiBank will generate virtual account numbers without any extra money. Nowadays buying hosting, advertising on Facebook, Google is most popular but you must have a credit card to pay the bill.

The matter is you can get a Credit card form your nearest bank which one provide credit cards. And you have to show many documents and salary statements and others. But if you want to get a virtual card it’s simple and quite easy.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

If you ask me what is a virtual credit card? The answer is, it a randomly-generated card number associated with your actual credit card. It is a temporary credit card number that allows us to use for online shopping. There have two types of virtual credit cards. They are single-use cards and merchant-tied cards. If you wanna get a virtual credit card it’s simple and easy to get. Just apply online and provide some documents like – NID card copy, Image, and fill up an online form.

How Do A Virtual Credit Card Works?

First of all, you have to apply for a virtual credit card. You can request through your online account with the bank. They will provide you a randomly generated credit card number and also expiration date and security code. After getting your card, you can use them for online shopping.

A virtual Credit card allows you to use the VCCs number for online shopping. When you will use it to check out online all the transactions will show up on your account as if you have used your regular card information.

Benefits of a Virtual Credit Card

As virtual credit cards offer their own set of unique protections that can effectively combat the risk. Paying with a virtual credit card number you can purchase safely even when the merchant is doubtful. If you don’t share your original credit card number, then the vendor cannot steal your card information.

Nowadays merchants have learned to trust VCCs so most online stores accept payment through VCC. You can set limits and time for every kind of credit card. And the best part of a virtual credit card is, you have more freedom to set limits.

Downsides of A Virtual Credit Card

There have so many disadvantages of a virtual credit card. It is not a good solution to start a vacation or business trip with a virtual credit card. You can not use it everywhere. Especially when you are in a physical store. That means you can not use a virtual credit card in a situation where you should swipe a physical card.

Virtual Credit card provider

There have many credit card provider companies. Here is a list of best virtual credit card provider companies that will help you to chose the best card. So, let’s take a look.

  1. Payoneer
  2. American Express
  3. CitiBank
  4. Capital One
  5. EzzoCard
  6. NetSpend
  7. Neteller
  8. SpectroCard Virtual Credit Card
  9. CARD.Com
  10. Kotak Netcard
  11. Walmart Money card
  12. FreeCharge Go Mastercard
  13. BankFreedom
  14. SwiftPaycard

1. Payoneer,ret_img,w_1262/

If you think about MasterCard at first you might remember Payoneer. One of the most popular virtual prepaid cards around the world. Payoneer provides global services to pay and receive money. With this master-card, You will get more facilities than credit cards and VCCs.

Beside the Debit master card, they provide Credit cards. But it also free. Their VCC is acceptable all over the world. You will get 24/7 live and chat support. If you want you can transfer your fund from Payoneer to Paypal account. It has a simple annual charge that you can effort easily.

2. American Express,ret_img,w_1263/


American Express is one of the most popular Banking Service Provider around the world. They provide free VCCs on top of its credit card service. America Express Go is a fast and flexible way to help your team pay for what they need. You can use this card for any international purchase. Like buying hosting, shopping, or any other payment. They provide rewards points on credit card use.

3. CitiBank,ret_img,w_1264/

Citibank offers virtual account numbers. When you shopping online of mail-order you can use your Citi Card virtual account number. And all purchases made with your temporary number will appear on your monthly statement with the purchase. But the thing is, the virtual account numbers are not available to all Citi Cards.

4. Capital One,ret_img,w_1257/

Capital One offer regular banking services. If you have a Capital One Bank account then you can apply for a virtual credit card number. They offer 30days of free trial and notifies you about unusual charges. It will be linked to your eligible Capital One credit cards—those cards will be charged as usual.

5. EzzoCard,ret_img,w_1261/

Rising virtual credit card provider. They offer prepaid visa and MasterCard prepaid credit cards. They provide their service around the world so where you are in it’s not a matter. You can purchase a virtual credit card from anywhere in the world. They provide three types of card blue-green and brown.

6. NetSpend,ret_img,w_1264/

NetSpend is a popular credit card provider organization. Their term and conditions also simple. They provide virtual MasterCard. There have all the features of an ideal credit card. Their VCC provision system is free but they charge a simple fee on your every purchase. All over their service is excellent.

7. Neteller,ret_img,w_1262/

It is a great sorrow that Neteller is no longer available in the U.S. But if you live anywhere you can use Neteller Mastercard. You can choose it as an alternative to Paypal. They also offer VCC. You can VCC  for online transaction. It has a simple fee for each transaction like Entropay.

8. SpectroCard Virtual Credit Card,ret_img,w_1280/

One of the best virtual credit card provider. Their slogan is ‘Avoid bank. Within a minute you can get your virtual Mastercard. Just sing up and get your virtual card. It is easy and simple. You can fund here with cash, debit or credit card, payee, and other payment methods.

9. CARD.Com,ret_img,w_1262/

Card dot com provides credit card provides their credit card for only US people. But their service works on globally. If you are a US people and you have a bank account you can create a virtual credit card for the same bank. They offer different services for their users.

10. Kotak Netcard,ret_img,w_1257/

If you are an Indian this card is only for you. This card provides Kotak Mahindra Bank, India. You can use this card for any international purchase which accept visa. To get this card just submit your documents with an application.

11. Walmart Money card,ret_img,w_1260/

This organization provides its service only for the United States. The world mart money card provides prepaid Visa and Mastercard. The VCC requires no bank account and works the prepaid card. You can use this card for online purchases.

12. FreeCharge Go Mastercard,ret_img,w_1261/

This card is also for Indian citizens. And created by Yes bank India. It is so simple and easy to get a Free Charge Go Master Card. Just Sing Up and scroll down and put your pin and get your virtual master card. And enjoy free virtual credit card. You can direct deposit from the bank.

13. BankFreedom,ret_img,w_750/

Bank Freedom Offers multiple VCC and you can use them online. Their terms and conditions are simple. You can choose it for online purchase and payment.

14. SwiftPayCard,ret_img,w_1259/

SwiftpayCard offers prepaid Visa cards and MasterCard with VCC. They will provide you instant card. Just sing up and provide some basic information. If everything is okay then they will approve your application within 24 hours. You will get the confirmation mail. You can buy products or services, pay bills, shopping and more by using this card.

Which is the best credit card provider?

Well, well already mentioned 14 card providers. In our review, we will say CitiBnak and American express are the best virtual credit cards, providers. Because they have been on the market for several years, offers cashback on purchase, and also cashback on as you pay.

How to get a virtual credit card?

Visit a card provider to read their terms and conditions. Learn how much they charge and their privacy policy. If you like terms and conditions just sing up and apply for your first virtual credit card. To get a card you may provide some documents like – NID card copy, Image, and fill up an online form. Once the card provider generates your card numbers you can use it to make an online purchase as a regular credit card.

Bottom Line

However, a virtual credit card could be useful in very specific situations. But the thing is if you don’t trust a website or online shopping site or don’t want to renew your original one, then you can go for a card. We don’t propose you to use any of them. You have to decide which credit card you will choose.

But If you have any questions you can ask directly. Feel free to write us. Or if there have any error kindly contact with us. We will review your opinion.

Note: Do not share your card information to others. Keep it secure and make a secure payment.

Stay connected. Thank You.

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