14 Best Virtual Credit Card Provider : International Payment

Are You looking for a virtual credit card with International payment ? Yes this article will help you to chose a best virtual credit card for you and your nearest one.

You know virtual credit card are trending now online. If you wants to buy a product from international market place you must have a credit card. Today buying hosting, advertising on Facebook, google is most popular but you must have a credit card to pay the bill.

The matter is You can get a Credit card form your nearest bank which one provide credit cards. But you have to show many documents and salary statement and others.

But if you wanna to get a virtual credit card it’s simple and easy to get. Just apply online and provide some documents like – NID card copy, Image and fill up a online from.

There have many credit card provider company in online. But we made a list of best virtual credit card provider companies that will help you to chose a best card. So Lets start….

  1. Payoneer
  2. American Express
  3. Neteller
  4. Netspend
  5. Ezzo card
  6. SpectroCard
  7. Card dot Com
  8. Kotak Netcard
  9. Walmart Money card
  10. Freecharge Go Master card
  11. Udio Virtual Credit card
  12. Dhani Pay
  13. BankFreedom
  14. SwiftPayCard

1. Payoneer

If you think about mastercard  at firstyou might remember Payoneer. One of the most popular virtual prepaid card around the world. Payoneer provide global services to pay and receive money. With this master-card You will get more facilities than credit cards and VCCs.

Beside Debit master card they provide Credit card. But it also free. Their VCC is acceptable all over the world. You will get 24/7 live and chat support. If you wan you can transfer your fund from Payoneer to Paypal account. It has a simple annual charge that you can effort easily.

Visit Payoneer 

2. American Express


American Express is one of the most popular Banking Service Provider around the world. They provide free VCCs on top of its credit card service. You can use this card any international purchase. Like buying hosting, shopping or any other payment. They provide rewords point on credit card use.

3. Neteller

It is a great sorrow that Neteller is no longer available in U.S. But if you live any where you can use Neteller Mastercard. You can choose it as a alternative of Payapal. They also offer VCC. You can VCC  for inline transaction. It has a simple fee for their each transaction like Entropay.

4. NetSpend

NetSpend is a popular credit card provider organisation. Their term and conditions also simple. They provide virtual mastercard. There have all the features of an ideal credit card. Their VCC provision system is free but they charge a simple fee on your every purchase. All over their service is excellent.

5. EzzoCard

Rising virtual credit card provider. They offer prepaid visa and mater card. They provide their service around the world so where you are in it’s not a matter. You can purchase virtual credit card from anywhere in the world. They provide three types of card blue green and brown.

6. SpectroCard Virtual Credit Card

One of the best virtual credit card provider. Their slogan is ‘Avoid bank. Within a minute you can get your virtual mastercard. Just sing up and  get your virtual card. It is easy and simple. You can fund here with cash, debit or credit card, payee and other payment method.

7. CARD .Com

Card dot com provides credit card provides their credit card for only US people. But their service works on globally. If you are a US people and you have a bank account you can create a virtual credit card for the same bank. They offer  different services for their users.

8. Kotak Netcard

If you are a Indian this card is only for you. This card provides Kotak Mahindra Bank, India. You can use this card for any international purchase which accept visa. To get this card just submit your documents with a application.

9. Walmart Money card

This organisation provides their service only for United Stats. The world mart money card provides prepaid Visa and Master card . The VCC requires no bank account and works the prepaid card. You can use this card to online purchase.

10. FreeCharge Go Mastercard

This card is also for Indian citizens. And created by Yes bank India. It is so simple and easy to get a Free Charge Go Master Card. Just Sing Up and scroll down and put your pin and get your virtual master card. And enjoy free virtual credit card. You can direct deposit from bank.

11. Udio Virtual Credit card

This is also a similar of Freecharge go master card. Which become a portable wallet and this one have a VCC. The best part of this card they offer a great cash back offer regularly.

12. Dhani Pay

Dhani pay is also for Indian Citizens. But this cards works only which merchant accept RuPay Cards. You can use this virtual card for online purchase.

13. BankFreedom

Bank Freedom Offers multiple VCC and you can use them online. Their terms and conditions are simple. You can chose it for online purchase and payment.

14. Swift Pay Card Virtual Credit Card

Last one is one of the best one . Swiftpay virtual cars will help you to make payment around the world. You can buy unlimited cards from here. There have no limitations. And if you want you can delete your card any time you wants. You can fun any time from anywhere.  But there have some terms you have to pay $40 – $200 for a virtual credit card. You can check pricing.


Hey dude we just explored our review here . We don’t propose you to use any of them. You have to decide which credit card you will choose.

But If you have any question you can ask directly. Feel free to write us. Or if there have any error kindly contact with us. We will review your opinion.

Note: Do not share your card information to others. Keep it secure and make secure payment.

Stay connected. Thank You.

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