The 12 Most dangerous apps for Your Kids in 2020

Nowadays mobile phone is not a means of communication. Old to child everyone likes to use it. Nowadays kids are spending a large portion of their time on social media and other chatting mobile apps. But the thing is Cyber-bullying and exposure to sexually explicit material are concerns.  So, as parents, we have to take care of which purpose or what type of apps they are using, is it useful or dangerous apps for kids?

Here we have listed 12 Apps Parents Should Look out for their kids Phone and useful tips for protecting your kids. So let’s take a look, which apps are dangerous for kids.

1. Amino

Amino is a kind of app that allows users to participate in online communities and these communities are organized by the same interest. Yes, there have good communities but when you will see communities like- “Sexy Role-Playing” this is the concern. The apps come with a chatting, messaging, and picture sharing features.

Many teen users use these apps for a fun experience for finding and meeting peoples. But Some groups are very inappropriate for young viewers.

2. KIK

This mobile app featured with one-on-one and group chatting. Using this app you can share images, videos, gifts games, and more. And it allows the user to connect with others using only username.

But The thing is there have no age verification and it has been reported that the KIK app is popular with sexual predators. It has also been used for cyberbullying.

3. Hot Or Not

This another popular mobile application and it has over 3.5 million active users. You can sing up anonymously. First, the user uploads a picture and other users rate the picture and they are then rated hot or not. And user can chat with them who rates them. Isn’t it a crazy app!

Yes, to get hot rate teens upload their different looks. And when they get a negative rate, it places them at risk. This dangerous app is not free either.


Yes I agree there have many benefits but they can throw your child into a disarray of troubles. The joy of posting questions and getting numerous answers to form other users or friends can slowly glue to the digital space.

And the user can share anything and science the app helps to find both near and far away. So, users may use such an opportunity to connect with physically and they can use the app to lure users to drug uses. Anyone is free here to explore their views and this is full of sexuality and vulgar language.

5. Tinder

The authority claims that this app use as a fun way to connect with new people and same interest people around the world. But the thing is they use a dating tools. If you search on google you will find a lot of negative reviews. And this mobile app is rated ages 17+ but their privacy and policy allow teens as young as 13 to sign up. People say that this app put kids for catfishing, stalking, and worse.

6. Imvu

Imvu is extremely adult app. This is the 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new guys. But the concern is these avatars can have virtual sex. A user can perform virtual sex with another avatar. Can you imagine how much dangerous for your kids!

7. Hola

Hola is a mobile app which allows user to connect with people don’t know. You have to provide personal information to sign up. First users choose to chat and video chat and video chat to participate with a male or female user or both. Then the app suggests matched strangers and the user can select which one he or she wants to chat.

But the thing is the users have mostly come here for adult chatting and violence is common on hola. It is not a free app.

8. BitLife

Bit life is a kind of simulation game. Users can choose an avatar and the characters attain various levels of happiness, health, and knowledge. The kids play these games with excitement and gradually they start to neglect their real life and it brings a great impact on their lifestyle. And these games have options to hook up with other characters, drink, uses drug, and even commit crimes.

9. TikTok

At this time Tiktok is one of the most popular video-sharing mobile application. Science the app boasts an “endless stream” of material, students are likely to spend a long time in the application. The app psychologically impacts the mind of a user and one an attention seeker unconsciously. Don’t even think of making bizarre gestures in the hope of getting some acquaintance. This can make your child mentally retarded.

10. Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming mobile app. It is rated for teens 17 and up. And users can vlog about their lives, stream video games play, and host their show. But the thing is there is no age verification and the user has to provide personal information. This app is a place where bullying, nudity, violence, and profanity is common.

11. Tumblr

This is another photo-sharing app. And it can be used for sharing videos and chatting. And it is 17+ rated app but there have no age verification. User can easily access pornographic, violent and inappropriate content. Experts say it tends to glorify self-harm and eating disorders.

12. Instagram

The huge popular photo-sharing site and it is owned by Facebook. This app is rated 13+. But the user can still find mature or inappropriate content and comments throughout the app.

How to protect my Kids From Dangerous apps on the internet

You can follow these basic steps to keep your kids safe from dangerous apps as well as on the internet.

  1. Follow changes in your kid’s behavior.
  2. Set Parental Controls on the connected devices your kids use.
  3. Randomly check your child’s browser and chat history.
  4. Be Friend or follow them on social networks.
  5. Spend time online with your kids.
  6. Discuss the danger with them.
  7. Set reasonable limits on your child.
  8. Check your ISP for parental control software ( Most of them offers free).
  9. Never let your child upload or download photos without your permission.
  10. Keep them in a little tightness from a 5-6 age.

Protect my Kids From Dangerous apps on the internet. Be safe and keep safe your family. Take care and you have a fantastic day.

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