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Apple Reusable Face Mask Review

Apple Review Review: Everything around the world is going to slow down because of Covid-19. But the tech giants are not at rest, they are trying to make something different for us. Recently Apple released a new Reusable Face Mask for employees. And the face mask is designed by Apple in California, assembled in China. It’s three-layer designed, filters both incoming and outgoing particles. Seems like a solid fit.

And today in this article I am going to review the new Apple Reusable Face Mask. So, let’s go ahead and talk more about the Apple Reusable Face Mask.

Apple Mask’s Box and Packet

Apple actually designed its very own mask for its employees in-store. They have actually got different versions.

What was crazy to me, the packaging which is all very Apple esque as you can tell. Besides the box, we have a serial number, definitely an item number and lot number, and production date.

After opening the packet we found is a little attachment, a little adapter. Actually to hold the mask on at the back of the head. Each one of the boxes comes with five masks and they are not one-time use. Each mask is capable of being worn five times for up to eight hours each time. So it supposes to be washed once every eight hours if you are. It’s usable and disposable.

Apple Mask Design

It has three pieces to it. There is the centerpiece and there have two-part. One part folds up and another part folds down. For the beard, it is not ideal but it raches under the chin. Then a separate piece that comes up and extends over the nose you have a pinch point at the top. Like regular mask wear and you will find a pinch point.

User Experience

It’s a very different fit than what you get out of a typical surgical mask. The Face Mask is much more structured. It feels very secure as far as breathing is concerned. I’d say it’s fairly comparable to regular surgical masks. But I definitely feel more sealed off than a standard surgical mask. The loop is pretty soft they have elastic. It didn’t fall into the fog when I used it with my sunglasses. Again it’s kind of cool to see.

However, I and to say Apple just showed o want to say, they can do something different, they can do something better. But they did not provide a classification ratio, like N95 masks.

This was about Apple Face Mask. Thank you for taking the time to read the Apple Mask review. Have  A Great Day.

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Writer: Marcos Romero

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