Accounting apps for small businesses help business owners a lot. With an accounting app, a small business owner can track his or her business anytime from anywhere. The right accounting application can save both valuable time and money.

Nowadays there have dozens of accounting applications are available online. So it is really not an easy task to select the best accounting app for small business owners.

We talked to one and a half dozen small business owners and tried to understand what type of accounting apps they like and what kind of features they need. Most of them said they like an accounting app that comes with a clear interface and can be used when they are offline, make invoices, track business expenses, sales, inventory, and income. . Based on small business owners’ opinions here we have listed 8 accounting apps. And all of these accounting applications are easy to use and well organized as well.

List Of The Best Accounting Apps For Small Business

1. Deskera – Free Business Accounting

If you are looking for a free account app for your small business then Deskera is one of the best options for you. The app is completely free to use. This free accounting application for small businesses will run your business with a focus on almost all of your business needs. Another best part of the app is you can create a complete balance sheet, assets, liabilities, and equity details of your business. Manage a business with one person is not an easy task and you may have some employees. Deskera will help you to set specific attendance shifts and schedules and monitor their leaves and attendance from anywhere anytime. Deskera can be used by accountants, entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, business owners, vendors, freelancers or anyone who want to create invoice, manage profit and loss, expenses, journals and more. You don’t need to pay any single penny to use this accounting app, so it will also save your money as well.

2. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is one of the coolest accounting apps. Inventory to invoice all in one solution for your business. With this simple accounting app, you can create and send invoices based on your business identity, track the money coming in and business expenses. Besides making invoices you can also accept payments from your customers online. Another coolest part of the accounting application is the client portal. And this feature allows your customers to see all the transaction happened between your business and customer. As a small business owner, you may share receipts or cash mamo, vouchers to others and you can easily share these types of documents with Zoho Books accounting software. If you want to collaborate with your employees or business partners or accountant. Zoho Books accounting software is for the business owner with revenue less than 50 thousand USD per annum. And it comes with three different price plans which start at $10.

3. Buku – Accounts, Billing, Expenses, Loan EMI, POS, Notes

Buku is another best accounting apps for small business owners. The accounting app is suitable for lawyers, beauty parlors, salons, event management, or any other small business. The interface of Buku is really clean and user-friendly so it is very easy to understand and use. As a small business owner, you can easily record your income, sales, expense, or purchase. You can also create inventory or bills with a tax or without tax. With this accounting application, you can simply give credit and receive payments from your customers or take credit and make payments to suppliers. The best part of the application is you can set reminders and send WhatsApp payment reminders to your customers. And I think it is really a great feature.

You don’t need to worry about data, it will create and save a backup of your recorded information. Most of the accounting application supports English only. But it provides 20+ languages and 15+ insightful reports. So if our not native English speakers no worries.

4. Fresh Books

Fresh Books is another best invoice and accounting app for small business owners. Like other accounting applications, you can also track your business sales, income, expanse, total asset, inventory, and more. It is very simple to create an invoice with Fresh Books accounting app. The app allows you to record automatic payments. Fresh Books offers a 30-day free trial. Then you need to upgrade with a simple subscription fee starting at 15 dollars per month. Users/your customers can make payments to you by using Fresh Book’s own payment function. But it costs 2.9 percent and extra 30 cents per transaction. Though it is industry standard. But the problem is many of them won’t like this fee. And it has limited invoice customization options.

5. Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata

The accounting apps we mentioned into our list. Khata Book Udhar Bahi Khata is the most downloaded accounting app for small businesses. Shop or business owners can use the app to record their credit and debit transactions for their trusted customers without any cost. You can also download customers PDF report and set payment reminder date for your customer and send WhatsApp payment reminder. The best part of this free accounting application for small businesses is you can send free SMS updates to your customers on every transaction. And I liked this feature very much. Account Book is the perfect accounting app for any category shop. Besides backup and restore option is also available. So you don’t need to worry about losing your data. Overall, easy to set up and use. The app is available in Google Play Store.

6. Sales Book

The next best accounting app for small businesses is Sales Book. The apps are also free to use. You can track all of your sales, purchases, returns, stock, incomes, expenses, assets, and more. Using the Sales Book application you can set retail sale rate, wholesale rate. Like most other accounting and invoice applications you can create invoices and bills and send PDF bills via WhatsApp, email to your customers. You can also create multiple vendors, customers, and investors. Both local and cloud databases and backup are available. And you can set periodic backup after every hour or every day. Like Khata Book it also allows you to send SMS to customers on the new transactions. This application is also available at Google Play Store.

7. Built Accoutning

The next application is Built Accounting. The application is available in Google Play Store. You can also make and send professional invoices, receive online payments, and track your business expenses and incomes as well. The best part of the app is its POS feature. You can easily make sales with it and share digital receipts with your customers via WhatsApp, email, and other sharing options. Besides you can also see your customer’s transactions and share statements if they need them. With a web app, you can not work without an internet connection. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can use the Built Accounting app without the internet and it will sync your cloud account (Google Drive, One Drive, or others) when your internet connection is available.

8. Kippa

Last but not least. We care about small businesses and we tried to find the best free options. And we find another free and secure accounting app. Yes, I am talking about Kippa. Kippa is a simple bookkeeping application. Like other apps we mentioned in our list you can do almost everything with this app. If you are a small business owner and don’t want to pay for your accounting app then Kippa can be a good choice for you. Sending a reminder to your customer, manage multiple shops, free SMS update to the customer, add or remove customers, share information via WhatsApp, Gmail or other shareable platforms, backup-restore all most all features of an accounting app is available in Kippa. The app is 100% free to use.


If you are a small business and you don’t want to pay an accountant then an accounting app can help you a lot. it will save your time and keep your accounting activity well organized. At the same time, you will be able to know at a glance about the current status of your business assets, inventory, sales status, liabilities, and more. And we hope our list of the best accounting apps will help you a lot to select the right accounting app for your small business. Write a comment and let us know which app you like most. Or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask us.


What are the benefits of accounting software for a small business?

An accounting app can help a small business in the following ways:
1. Save time and money.
2. Keep business account well organized.
3. Easy way to collaboration
4. Easy way to make an invoice and send them to the customer
5. Free SMS updates and payment reminders to customers
6. Track business expenses, income, inventory, and more.

Is a free accounting app secure for small businesses?

Yes, the accounting apps we mentioned above app for small businesses are safe and secure.

Does a free accounting app for small businesses have a POS feature?

Yes, most of the free accounting app we mention here comes with POS features. Built Accounting, Buku, Kippa can be the best options for this feature.

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