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The 8 Best Apps For Drivers in 2022: Must-Have Apps

The role of mobile apps in making life’s difficult tasks easier is undeniable. It makes our daily life easier. Nowadays there is a dedicated mobile app for people of all walks of life to meet the needs of almost everyone. App developers haven’t forgotten about drivers. They have come up with different useful mobile applications to make the daily life of the driver easier. But the question is what are the best apps for drivers?

There are thousands of apps for derives so it is hard to find the best app unless you have a little bit of expertise. If you are a driver and looking for the best mobile application for you then you have come to the right place.

Hi, there this is Ashly, today in this article I am going to tell you about the 8 best apps for drivers in the US. You can say the must-have apps every driver should have on their smartphone.

List Of The Best Best Apps For Drivers:

1. Waze

Waze is the trusted source for traffic data. Nowadays there has a lot of mapping and navigation apps online. But if you ask me what is the best mapping and navigation that provides a real-time traffic notification then my answer will be Waze. The best part of the app is it free to use and you don’t need to have an account. When you drive the app will notify you of a pop-up incident on the road ahead within a preset radius. The app also allows you to choose the route if you set a destination. The app for drivers notifies when they reach the speed limit and helps to avoid tickets and make sure drive safer. You can also listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and more right from Waze.

2. BestParking

While you are new in any US city you probably don’t have a good idea about the parking spots. A parking spot finding app can help a diver a lot. If you are a driver or drive your own car then BestParking could be a smart choice. BestParking is the most downloaded spot-finding app. The app will help you to find a parking spot in a crowded city, shopping mall, and other various areas. Once you enter the area you are in or going to visit you can see all nearby spots and compare rates as well. Currently, they have over 40 million users. And most of the users come from almost every major city in the US.


An electric vehicle is getting popular day by day. If you own an electric car or drive an electric car then you need to charge your car after a certain time or when the power goes down. PlugShare app helps drivers to find electric vehicle charging stations. You will find more than 440 thousand electric vehicle charging stations with maps and reviews. The best part is the app is completely free and available for the web, iOS, and android. You can also find Teska charging location and photo review as well.

4. GasBuddy

The next best app for drivers is GasBuddy. GasBuddy helps drivers to find the nearest gas station and the current gas prices. With the app, you will be able to find real-time fuel prices at more than 140 thousand gas stations in the US. If you are in Canada or Australia you can use GasBuddy App to find the nearest gas station and check the real-time fuel and gas price. The app shows drivers where to find the cheapest gas near them. Besides, they run a program called Pay With GasBuddy, and this feature lets you save up to 40 cents per gallon when you pay with the GasBuddy prepaid gas card. If your car runs with Gas or fuel then GasBuddy can be very helpful for you.

5. Uber Or Other Ride sharing app

Car rid sharing is getting popular worldwide. If you have a car and passing a lazy day you can use your time and make some extra money. If you are a freelancer driver then a ride-sharing app is one of the best ways to start your day. There have dozens of ride-sharing companies. Among them, Uber is the most popular. You can sign up as a driver to help people in your community. Making money is not a bad idea.

6. ReapiPal

How do you do when your car is damaged or has an issue while you are driving on the road? And if the area you are driving to doesn’t know well and you don’t have an idea where you can find a car mechanic. Well, the ReapirPal app can help you in that situation. The RepaidPal app will give you an average quote for the specific repair you need. And it will show you the nearest mechanics shops in your area. So you can easily call a mechanic who can help you to fix your car.

7. Google Map

Most Android mobile come with the default Google Map app. You can easily see which are you are in, nearest shops, offices, locations, the distance of your destination, and more. It is one of the most useful apps for drivers. With Google App, you can also simply find anything location, roads, traffic conditions, and more. The best part of Google Map is its street view, you can monitor almost everything before you get there. The app works both offline and online.

8. Find My Car

Last but not least. Find my card is another best and most useful apps for drivers. Think you parked your car in a parking spot. Hundreds of cars are parked in that parking spot and in this situation finding your car is a kind of hassle. If you forget the exact location. The Find My Car app remembers the GPS position of your car, hotel, or other location and helps you to find your car easily. The app is completely free.

Some other best apps for drivers

Besides the 8 best apps for drivers, we mentioned above some of the best apps for drivers you may consider are Aceable, Automatic, DashDorid, Roadtrippers, Just Park, Smart Dash Cam, Here You Go, GPS Speedometer And Odometer, Google Assistant, Drivemode.


Here you go. We gave you a detailed idea for which purpose you can use the apps. Now you find out your need and decided which app you need. Have a safe journey.

Latest changes:

1st January 2022: the Find My Car app has been included in this list because the app comes with some exclusive features that are helpful for the rivers.

1st January 2022: the Find My Car app has been included in this list because the app comes with some exclusive features that are helpful for the rivers.

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