Days have been changed now you can call each other anywhere in the world. And there have dozens of paid apps for making international calls. But the question is what is the best app for making free international calls?

Well, if you are looking for the same answers then you are in the right place. Because Today I am going to introduce you to the 8 best apps for making free international calls to landlines. All the apps we mentioned in our list are completely free to use and 100% working.

Free Apps For Making Free International Calls

1. Google Voice

If you are in the US or Canada Google voice is just an awesome app for you. Using this app you can call each other from the US to Canada or Canada to the US completely free. The app works like your mobile’s in-build phone functions. The app is little similia to Hangouts.

2. Google Meet

Millions of people around the world are using Gmail. And Google Meet is included with Gmail. If you would like to meet online with anyone then Google meed is one of the best options for you. Previously it was paid but now it is completely free to use. Besides the app is simple to use. You can invite people by sharing a simple invitation link. Some other similar apps like Google Meet are Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Zoho Meeting. These apps also offer free plans.

3. Line App – Best app for making free internation calls

If you think you need to talk for five minutes to a phone number outside your country then Line App is one of the best apps for making free international calls. The app allows you to make free international calls for up to five minutes and the best part of the app is the number or recipient you are going to call no need to have a Line App. Besides the app allows you to share photos, videos, text messages, and stickers with your friends & family who use the Line app.

4. Skype

Since it has been founded Skype needs no introduction. You can say I am a fan of Skype. You can both chat and make international calls for free. And you can use this app both on mobile, computer, and even online with any simple browser. You can create a group with the recipients you like and do a group chat and meetings as well. Besides users are also able to host meetings and share your screen with others. You can get a local phone number from Skype.

5. WhatsApp

Now WhatsApp owns by Facebook. But it is still one of the most popular communication apps. Text SMS, audio calls, video calls, sharing files almost all features are available on WhatsApp. But the recipient must have WhatsApp.

6. Viber

Viber is one of the most popular free apps for making international and domestic calls. With this application, you can also make video calls, voice calls, group chat, person-to-person chat, and share files as well. The app is available for almost all major platforms like Windows, Android, iOS & Linux. And another good news is using Viber you can make both international and domestic calls to landlines and mobile phones. And all for only 5.99 dollars a month.

7. IMO

In the Asian Country IMO is one of the most popular communication apps. By using this application you can make voice and video calls. Besides it also allows you to send text, images, and stickers to the IMO recipients. And the best part of the application is where most of the international call-making apps require a 3G cellular connection where you can make calls with IMO with a 2G connection. And all the calls are encrypted. That’s cool.

8. FaceTime

If you are an Apples’ iPhone user and most of the time you communicate with other Apple users then FaceTime is for you. But it doesn’t work with other operating systems. You can simply contact others with their Apple ID or phone number. Besides using this app you can make video and audio calls, text each other, send stickers. Another best part of the app is you can host a group on FaceTime and allow up to 32 users. If you want to make a call then you must have cellular data or a Wi-fi/hotspot connection. And it is completely free to use.

Other Best Apps For Making Free International Calls

If you want to enjoy free international calls you can also consider these apps: Facebook Messanger, PopTox, Vonage Mobile, Tango, VoipStunt, Voxofon, WeChat, Google Duo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Internet connection to make free international calls?

Yes, a free international call-making app requires an internet connection. And most apps require a minimum 3G cellular data connection or wifi/hotspot connection.

What is the best app to make free international calls to landline numbers?

Line App is the best app to make free international calls to landlines or phone numbers. You can also consider the Vonage Mobile app to make free international calls to landlines.

What is the best free iPhone app to make an international call to phone numbers?

FaceTime is the best free app to make international calls for Apple users. You can reach out to others via their phone number or Apple ID.

Bottom Line

Here we have listed some of the best apps to make free international calls. Choose the app you like to use. And let us know which app you like most. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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