List of the best apps for stock news: Nowadays for a stock trader being up to date with every single minute of stock or share market news is very important. And if you are a stock trader, stockbroker, or financial advisor then you must be up to date with the latest stock trading and other financial news. Days have been changed now you can get stock trading news updates, trade, and more with a simple mobile application. The right stock news app will provide you a real-time streaming market price, trading tips, read graphs and make the right decision on buying and selling.

Hundreds of stock news are available on the internet. And almost every day new apps for stock trade news are adding. So it is really hard to find out that what is the right app for stock news.

Hi, this is Jeff. I am related to the stock trading business and I have three years of experience in stock trading. I tested dozens of stock news apps to get a better output. Today I am going to introduce you to the 6 best apps for stock news. And I believe these apps will take your stock trading business to the next level.

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List Of The Best Apps For Stock News

1. MarketWatch – News & Data

MarketWatch delivers worldwide real-time stock market data, business, and finance news. Using this app you can get a clear idea of what is going on in the stock market. You can easily track your stock picks and also take a look at what’s going on with related stories. Besides this app will give you up-to-date news updates about personal finance, investing, technology, retail news, and insights. Another best part of the application is the app tracks market data over a variety of date ranges and regions. The stock news application sends market-moving alerts on your mobile phone so it will help you to make the right decision with your investment. The stock news app is completely free and it is available in both Google Play Store and Apples App Store. Besides you can browse their official website to get stock market updates. The app for stock news has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.


CNBC is one of the best apps for stock news. I will say it is a flagship and complete app for those who are related to the stock market, investing, and other financing sectors. The app also sends breaking news alerts and helps to stay up to date with the market. The application provides global stock market news updates. The best part of the application is you can create and track your favorite company stocks from your mobile device any time from anywhere. Cryptocurrency is getting popular day by day and now you can learn cryptocurrency market and real-time news update on your mobile phone.

3. My Stock Portfolio & Widget

If you ask me what is the best free and user-friendly app for stock news then I will suggest you My Stock Portfolio & Widget app. With the app, you can easily create multiple stock portfolios and track them to view performance over time. You can also get a clear idea about the allocation balance of each stock holding in your overall portfolio with pie charts. It is really cool. Users are also allowed to learn about foreign stock exchange rates and currency. If you are a US person then it could be a great app for you. Because My Stock Portfolio & Widget app provides real-time stock quotes for the United States stock market. Besides the app also give an idea about some other international stock markets as well. Another best part of the app is you can create a password to prevent others from seeing your stock quotes. Overall the app is user-friendly and comes with a clean interface. And comes with a lot of background info. The app has a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

4. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the most familiar names, especially in the US finance market. If you are related to the share stock market and want to keep up to date yourself then I will say you need to visit Yahoo Finance. It will tell you the listing market and the data source for each stock. You can simply get a quote for a company and other security by searching its ticker symbol of the name. You can simply create, edit or delete your portfolio any time you want. The application is available on both Android and iOS app stores. The app has both free and paid plans. To learn more you can visit the Yahoo Finance site or app.

5. Google Finance

The footprints of Google and its products have reached every branch of our daily lives. If you want to buy stocks and make money then Google finance is a great application for you. By using Google Finance app you can learn and research about stock investment strategies and it will help you to reach your financial goal. Like other stock news apps, you can simply create a portfolio to learn about the stocks and mutual funds you would like to track. The best part of Google Finance is here you can how much the stock has moved over the past 52 weeks. It is a web application.

6. StockTwits

Last but not least. StockTwits is one of the best apps for stock news the app is developed by StockTwits Inc. Using the app you can simply track and get real-time stock quotes. Besides you can get an idea about market trends. You can simply create a watch list to learn about your current share stock price or the stock you are planning to purchase in the future. The app has both free and paid versions with monthly access at 7.99 dollars or a one-time payment of 399.99 dollars.

Bottom Line

If you are related to the share stock business or have the plan to start then before buying a stock you must have a clear idea about the ups and downs of the price of the stock. And almost all apps for stock news we mentioned are really helpful and provides a real-time stock market update. Drop your comment and let us know which apps for the stock market you like most. Or if you have any suggestions feel free to ask us.


Where to get stock news fast?

You can get stock news from a stock news app or browsing websites that provides a real-time stock market update. Some best apps for stock news are MarketWatch, CNBC, My Stock Portfolio & Widget, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance.

How to track your stocks?

Nowadays there have dozens of free and paid tools are available to track stock portfolios. You can sign up for a free portfolio tracker. First, insert the number of shares you already bought then add each share’s price. Now link to the company information for stocks. You can also sign up for automatic stock alerts. It will send you text messages and emails if your stocks drop below a certain threshold.

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