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The 10 Best Breastfeeding Apps in 2022 For Newborn

Best Breastfeeding Apps: Congratulations on being a mother. Take love and respect. As a mother, breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges. But this great work of yours can be arranged even if it is difficult. Best breastfeeding apps help you to remember the last time your baby was nursed, how long each session is including baby care. Here we have listed the 10 best breastfeeding tracker apps in 2021 for new moms.

List Of the Best Breast Feeding Apps:

1. Breastfeeding Newborn Tracker, Pump, and Baby diary

This is one of the simplest apps to track breastfeeding, pumping, and other activities of your newborn baby. Its one-click button will restore your feeding and baby care history. And one of the best parts is you can share your baby’s data with your partner, relative, or anyone you like to share. This feature is very helpful for a new mom. You can also track height and weight to evaluate your baby’s development. Moms can track how long and frequently the baby sleep, the number of time the baby breastfeeds a day, and more. The app is available both in the Play store and app store. And it’s free.

2. Baby Tracker- Feeding, Sleep, And Diaper

Baby Tracker is the top-rated baby tracker mobile application. The app has 4.9 ratings on the Google play store. The application comes with cool features and it’s easy to use for everyone. The baby tracker will help you to record almost everything relating to your baby. The app features password protection for complete privacy and reminder alarms, night mode, trending chart, and more. This mobile application is free to download.

3. Breastfeeding Tracker Baby Log

This cool app will help you to track your baby’s nursing progress, growth, diaper, changes, doctor’s visit, and more. One of the best parts of this app is you can add photos, videos, sounds to see how your baby grows and develops. And I personally liked this feature. And you can also track your location to know where you have to feed your baby. The application allows you to record baby height, weight, and head size and this feature will help you compare your baby’s growth or health condition. You can also backup your data and share data with others. It’s totally free and available both in The Google Play Store and App Store.

4. Ovia Parenting: Baby Tracker, Breastfeeding Timer

This is another cool app I personally like. Ovia Parenting tracks your baby’s feeding, diapers, sleep, and development. Here you can upload and share photos and videos. The application comes with 1000 plus free informative articles with information about your child’s development and parenting tips. The best part of Ovia Parenting is you can anonymously ask and answer questions in a safe and supportive community of parents and caregivers. You can also share your baby’s data with your partner, relative, or anyone you like to share.

5. Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a paid baby tracker application. The app features graphical reports and trending charts, weekly averages, medicine, vaccine, timers, notifications, email, and more. You can record feeding, nursing, naps, pumping, and more. The app also allows you to record the baby’s mood, temperature, GPS location, and pictures. And everything is password protected so it’s secure. The Baby Connect application allows you to upload photos and videos, and share them on the social media platform.

6. Breastfeeding Baby Tracker

Breastfeeding Baby Tracker is a lit and simple but powerful baby tracker app. The app allows you to track breastfeeding, complementary feeding, sleep, crying, weight, height and circumference, pumping times, temperatures, and more. The best part of their mobile application is it is free of ads. The app also allows you to add and track the nursing, of several children for twins or compare your baby to its older sibling.  It’s pretty cool and I loved it.

7. Parent Love

The Prent Love offers you the simplest way to effortlessly record your baby’s activities from breastfeeding to tummy time sessions. The applications allow you to track breastfeeding, diaper changes, bottle feeding, naps, and overnight sleeping with sleep interruptions, breast pumping sessions, Timmy time, and more. Parent Love also features doctor visits, medicine cabinets, and more. You can share it with your family or partners.

8. Baby Daybook

This is one of the most popular baby tracker applications. Baby Daybook includes almost all the features we mention in the other application. The best part of this application is, interact with the Baby Daybook app using your voice via Google Assistant. And if you want to find particular activities from the past quickly. The app has a friendly chart that will visualize the trends. All over it’s a simple application but a powerful newborn baby tracker. The application has 4.8 ratings on Thr Google Play Store and it’s also available on the App Store.

9. Feed baby-Baby Tracker: Best Breastfeeding App

Feed Baby is the most downloaded baby tracker app in the Google Play Store. This breastfeeding app is simple but powerful. The app simplifies the logging and recording of your newborn breastfeeding so you will get more free time to yourself. You can customize alarms to remind you when to breastfeed and change your baby’s diapers. You can also easily track your kid’s solids, nappy, pumping, medicines, baths, and more. The app is free to download. And it’s available both in the Google Play Store and App Store.

10. Baby+: Breastfeeding Apps

The last baby tracker app we like Baby+. The application has almost all the features like other apps we listed. You can just track your baby’s growth, pumping, sleeping, health, milestones, diaper, and more. You can also capture and upload them here. The app features parenting guides, breastfeeding guides and support, after-birth recovery tips, and more. And it’s available both in the Google Play Store and App Store.

FAQs & Answers

Is there any app for tracking baby feeding?

Yes, You can track your baby feeding with all the apps that we have mentioned here. Baby Tracker and Baby connect are best for tracking your baby feeding.

What food to avoid while breastfeeding?

You should avoid fish, coffee and tea, alcohol, chocolate, gassy foods, garlic while breastfeeding your newborn. But you should always follow your doctor’s advice.

When to stop breastfeeding?

It is better to breastfeed for two years. All major health organizations recommend breastfeeding for at least 1 year. WHO and UNICEF suggest mothers breastfeed for two years.

What to eat when breastfeeding?

The best foods for breastfeeding are avocados, nuts, beans and legumes, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, red and orange root vegetables, seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, turmeric, ashwagandha, pasta, dried fruit.

How many calories should I eat while breastfeeding?

330000 to 400000 calories a day is recommended for well-nourished breastfeeding moms.

How do you know your baby is full when breastfeeding?

  1. Your baby will turn away from your nipple.
  2. He/she will start playing.
  3. Slowing his sucking.
  4. He will start extending his arms and fingers or legs.
  5. Disinterest in feeding.

Importance of Breastfeeding

If you are going to be a mother for the first time you should know the importance or the benefits of breastfeeding. Department of Health (New York State) says breastfeeding supplies all the necessary nutrition in the proper proportions to your baby. It protects against allergies, sickness, obesity, dangerous diseases like diabetes and cancer. Breastfeeding is also important to protect your babies from infections. It is also easily digested with no constipation, diarrhea, or upset stomach. Besides, it helps your baby to grow fast. Breastfed babies score higher on IQ tests.

Some tips for new moms

  1. Drink Plenty Of Fluids: If you are a new mom, drink more water, juice, and milk and it can help stay hydrated. And remember if you have an alcoholic drink then avoid breastfeeding for two hours (at least).
  2. Don’t Smoke: I don’t support smoking at all. But days have been changed so if you are a smoker then forget about it for your newborn. Because it exposes babies to nicotine and it could interfere with your baby’s sleep and health.
  3. Eat healthy foods: As you a new mom and feeding your child you need more angry. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  4. Take rest: If you have time go to sleep. And it is better when your baby sleeps.
  5. Monitor Babys Health.
  6. Don’t be afraid to take control.
  7. Keep your nipples moisturize.
  8. Always help your baby to find the right position.
  9. Take care of your skin.
  10. Don’t worry, you will have enough milk.

If you face any kind of problem talk to the consultant. They will be happy to help you and guide you in your breastfeeding journey.


Hey honey, this was about The best breastfeeding apps in 2022. Take care and stay connected with Somagom. If any mom has read this article, I know you are the best mom. Love and respect to you.

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