At this time almost all major private and govt. banks of Bangladesh are providing a number of credit cards that come with varied features and benefits. As you don’t know which is the best credit card provider in Bangladesh. And Finding out the best credit card can be a daunting task. Here I am going to help you out. In this article, I am going to tell you about the 10 best credit cards provider in Bangladesh that might be useful for you.

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List Of The Best Credit Card Providers In Bangladesh

1. Eastern Bank Ltd EBL Credit Card

What type of credit card you are looking for? Eastern Bank Ltd. provides almost 19 types of Visa and Master of cards for local and international payments and transactions.  They have a maximum of 45 days of the interest-free period. You can pay any amount ranging from the minimum amount (5% or Tk.500/$10) due to the total amount due.

2. Dutch Bangla Bank LTD. DBBL Credit cards

Dutch Bangla Bank is one of the most popular private banks in Bangladesh. They are offering both local and international Visa and Master Credit Cards. Dutch Bangla Bank charges the lowest interest rate and has a maximum of 50 days interest rate free period. But they don’t provide American Express.

3. Prime Bank Ltd. Credit Card

Prime Bank Ltd. Offers 8 types of Visa and Master Credit cards for local and global uses. They offer you a 50 days grace period to let you enjoy the full-privileged credit card facilities. You can pay any amount from the minimum amount due to the total amount due. ( Depends On your card range ).

4. Bank Asia Ltd.

Bank Asia offers 12 types of Visa and Master credit cards included Hajj Card for global and local uses. But they don’t offer the American Express card. You can apply for a virtual credit card also.

5. City Bank Credit Card

City Bank is another best solution for credit cards. But there have fewer options than others. But They offer 2 types of cards: City Visa and American Express for international and local use. They offer 0% interest FlexiBuy Program and installment plans from 3 to 36 months. And the best part is they offer rewards on your transaction and payment. And Visa credit card programs offer all accidental death insurance coverage.

6. BRAC Bank Ltd.

If you wanna get a credit card from Brac Bank Ltd. you have to face a lot of terms and conditions. BRAC Bank Offers 4 types of Visa And master Credit Cards For local and international Payment and purchase.

7. Southeast Bank Ltd.

Southeast Bank Ltd. is one of the leading commercial banks of Bangladesh. They offer 6 types of Visa and Master credit cards. Choose your card which suits your lifestyle best from a wide range. You will get some rewards for every single transaction. And you can refund this point into cash.

8. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is not a local bank. They offer 6 types of visas and master credit cards. They offer a 0% InstantBuys facility for up to 36 months. But their annual fee is high than other card providers in Bangladesh.
Standard Chartered Bank credit cards

9. City Bank

You can apply for City Bank Credit card. Like most other Private banks in Bangladesh, City Bank has minimum requirements for the cards. The bank has 6 different types of credit cards. American Express Platinum, Gold, Green Blue, City Alo American Express.

They also offer special credit cards for Dhaka University Students calls the University Of Dhaka American Express Credit Card. The City Bank also has a special credit card for travelers calls The Biman Bangladesh American Express Credit Card.

10. Mutual Trust Bank LTD.

MTB or Mutual Trust Bank Limited offers 9 different types of credit cards. They are MTB Classic, MTB Gold, MTB Mastercard Titanium, MTB, Mastercard World, MTB UnionPay Platinum, VISA Platinum, MTB VISA Signature, MTB VISA Platinum Credit Card.

Other credit card providers in Bangladesh

You can also take a look at Prima Bank, Padma Bank, EXIM Bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh LTD, Al-Arafa Islamic Bank, Jamuna Bank, UCB Bank.

FAQs & Answers

What Are The City Bank Required Documents In Bangladesh?

For the salaried: Last 3 months Pay Slip, E-TIN certificate copy, passport copy, office ID card copy, last 6 months’ bank statements, business card, 2 copy LAB print photos, NID photocopy.

For the business person: Trade license or partnership deed copy or MOA, Article 10 & 12 for the limited company, E-TIN copy, passport copy, last 12 months’ bank statement, business card, 2 copy lab print copy, NID photocopy copy.

What is the Best Card for you?

Your mind can ask this question! Which credit card is best for you? Actually, it depends on your income, goal, creditworthiness, and lifestyle. And there have different interest rates for purchase, balance transfer, or cash advances. You should have as many cards as you need to achieve your goals. We always advise taking one card.

How to get a credit card in Bangladesh?

To get a credit card in Bangladesh you can visit any branch or you can apply online. If you have at least BDT. 25000 – BDT. 30000 salary then you can apply for a credit card to any government or private bank in Bangladesh. You can also get a card against a fixed deposit, business. Actually, it depends on the card provider’s terms and conditions.

How does Interest Work?

It’s a good question but sorry to say there have no specific interest rates. The interest rate totally depends on the card provider.


Before taking a card from any provider please read their terms and conditions carefully. Take a look at the interest rate, any hidden charge, annual fee, late fee, service charge, Lifetime fee, Over limit Fee, and others.

Hey Dude! This was about the best credit card provider in Bangladesh. If you have any questions write to us in the comment box. Take care and you have a good day.

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