Top 15 Credit Union In Texas: Nowadays credit unions members can access the same kinds of products offered by a traditional bank. As a result, this type of no-profit financial institute is getting popular in the US and other countries as well. And the reasons for the popularity of credit unions are personalized customer service, higher interest rates on savings, lower fees, low-interest rates on loans. Besides a credit union members get the opportunity to vote on important credit union decisions.

If you are from Texas and looking for a credit union in your area then you may want to take the advantage of credit union membership. If I am right then I will say it is not really a bad idea. However, if you are looking for the best credit union in Texas, USA then you are in the right place.

Currently, there have 203 credit unions in Texas. So it is really not an easy task to find the best credit union. To help you to choose the right credit union in your area here we find the 15 best credit unions in Texas.

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List Of The Best Credit Union In Texas:


CUTX is based in Dallas, TX. They have 15 branches over Texas. But they serve more in all 50 states in the USA. It was founded in1931. The CUTX offers auto loans, recreational loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, checking and saving, online banking. But the home loan program of CUTX is available only in Texas. The CUTX provides mortgages through its affiliate Texas Mortgage Lending LLC.

Web Address:; Contact: 972 263 9497; 800 314 3828

2. Texans Credit Union

It was founded in 1953 by a group of TI employees in Dallas. The Texans Credit Union is based in Richardson, TX. They offer different kinds of loan programs including Auto loans, home loans, personal loans, student loans. The non-profit financial institute also offers credit cards, checking, saving account banking, insurance services, and more. In a line, it is a full-service financial institute. According to their official site, you can access your Texans accounts and make transactions at over 5000 other credit unions nationwide through shared branching. Besides the members have the access to over 70 thousand surcharge-free ATMs worldwide through the Allpoint and CO-OP ATM networks.

Website:; Phone: 800 843 5295


ACUTX is one of the best credit unions in Texas. Like most other credit unions they also offer personal and business loans. You can also open and operate both personal and business checking and saving accounts, debit cards, and more. Besides banking and credit cards ACUTX also offers other popular financial services including insurance, gift cards, online banking, wiring services. They also have a video banking service with live calls. Currently, they are serving their customers with 13 branches and over 50 thousand ATMs. The full-service financial institute provides customer support via phone calls, text, video calls. You can also visit their branch and get customer service.

Website:; Phone: 800 449 7728.

4. Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union

GCTFCU or Greater Central Texas Federal Credit Union is another leading credit union. It was founded in 1957. The financial institute offers different kinds of loan programs, debit cards, credit card services, and other popular financial services over Texas. It was established by 9 teachers and their starting capital was only 5 dollars per head. That’s really crazy.

Web address:; Phone: 245 690 2274.

5. Texas Bay

The financial organization is based in Huston Texas and it was founded in 1936. They offer different kinds of personal and business loans, credit cards, small business services. Texas Bay’s interest rates are much lower than most other financial organizations, especially credit unions. The auto loans interest rate starts at 2.49% and home equity starts at 2.99%. But the interest rate of personal loans starts at 6.29%. However, the financial organization has a good market reputation as well. Currently, Texas Bay serves its customers with nine branches. You can also connect with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn pages.

Website address:; Phone: 713 804 6288


UTXCU or United Texas Credit Union is based in San Antonio, TX, USA. The financial organization offers different kinds of vehicle loans including auto loans, Carvana, recreational vehicle loans. Besides, they also offer home loans, personal loans including student loans, holiday loans, credit card consolidation loans, secured loans. If you are a business owner then you can apply for business loans to grow up your current business. The UTXCU has 5000 branches and 30000 ATMs. That’s really awesome. They provide customer care service via phone and email. You can also visit your nearest branches.

Website:; Phone: 800 531 8456.

7. Allied FCU

Auto loans to signature loans all kinds of financing is available at Allied FCU. Allied Federal Credit Union’s auto loans interest rate starts at 1.99% and home equity loan rates start at 5.15%. Besides different kinds of loan programs, they also offer different kinds of eServices like- Visual branch home banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit. You can also apply for a credit card as well. The credit card rates start at 9.90%. You can earn 1 point for every 1 dollar spent on qualified purchases. And you can redeem these bonus points for merchandise, travel and so much more. The best part of Allied FCU’s credit card is there have no annual fees and no penalty rates, and the balance transfer is completely free. Read more: Best rewards credit card with no annual fees.

Website:; Phone: 817 856 4444.

8. Prestige Community Credit Union

If you are in Dallas, Texas city and if you are looking for a local credit union then you can take a look at Prestige Community Credit Union. Like most other financial organizations they offer different kinds of loan programs. But Prestige Community is a little different than others. They don’t have any credit card service but have something similar to a credit card. The credit union offers certificates from six to sixty months, all of which pay interest monthly. The financial organization is based in Dallas, Texas, USA and it was founded in 1936. However, it also offers customer care service via both email, in-person, and email.

Web address:; Phone: 972 715 444.

9. Neighborhood Credit Union

The Neighborhood CU is one of the oldest credit unions. It was founded almost 90 years ago. If you are looking for a low-interest rate credit union then you can take a look at the financial organization. It offers 0% 6-month intro APR and 1% APY on certificates of deposit. Currently, they are offering 2 types of credit cards. The Visa Signature cash rewards card offers 1.50% cashback on all purchases besides there have no annual fees. If you are a Neighborhood member and refer your friend or someone else to become a new member of this financial organization you can earn a referral bonus. And it is applicable for only new checking accounts and loans.

Website Address:; Phone: 866 636 1052

10. City CU

The financial organization was founded in 1942. Now City CU has grown to more than 570 million dollars assets and they have more than 36000 members. It offers different kinds of loan programs to its members including auto, mortgage, personal loans. Currently, they have 6 branches in cities across Texas.

Website:; Customer care number: 214 515 0100

11. LibertyOne Credit Union

How cool if you get some bonus for sign-up, low-interest rate, better term? Yes if you are in Texas and looking for the best credit union in your city then you can take a look at LibertyOne CU. LibertyOne CU offers personal, home, mortgage loans, credit cards, and more. They offer 2.9% APR for new cardholders for the first six months and then as low as 9.90%. The LibertyOne CU was founded in 1935 by the State of Texas as Government Employees credit union of Dallas. But currently, they are serving all over the USA.

Website:; Phone number: 214 413 5588

12. Alliance Credit Union

Alliance CU offers access to more than 30 thousand surcharges free ATM Locations over the USA. Besides it also allows its users to access CO-OP Network ATM for surcharge-free withdrawals. The credit union has more than 5000 branches nationwide. Like most other financial institutes Alliance CU also offers different kinds of loan programs to their members with better rates and terms. If you are a business owner then you can enjoy business loans and other programs against your business. If offers customer care service via live chat, phone call, and email. The financial institution was founded in 1948.

Website:; Phone: 800 541 6131 (Toll free).

13. Everman Parkway Credit Union

The best credit union for car loans. Currently, they are offering year-ending promotional offers. The new car rates are as low as 2.50% and used card rates as low as 4.00%. Besides personal and auto financing they are offering online banking services. It was founded in 1953 in Fort Worth Texas.

Web Address:; Phone: 817 293 8412.

14. Texas Tech Credit Union

TTCU is another leading credit union in Texas. It was founded in 1959 and currently, they have 5 branches. The popular program for TTCU is mortgage loans. Besides mortgage loans, they also offer other financial programs to their members. Their home loan’s interest rate starts at 3.3% and auto loans start at 1.49%. It also offers bonuses and rewards for new sign-ups.

Website:; Phone: 877 546 1818.

15. Abilene FCU

Abilene FCU was founded in 1950 and they served over 3300 members in Texas. The main products of Abilene FCU are auto loans, share secured loans, and personal loans. The financial organization has fewer products than other credit unions. The credit card rate starts at 8.99%. So if you are looking for a credit card from your local credit union then it is not a good fit for you. But if you are looking for a personal or auto loan with a better rate then you can take a look at Abilene FCU.

Website:; Phone: 325 677 2918.


What Is Credit Union?

A credit union is a non-profit financial organization cooperative whose members can borrow from people’s deposits at low-interest rates. It is similar to a commercial bank and controlled by its members.

What Are The Benefits Of A Credit Union?

Some of the benefits of a credit union are lower fees, lower interest rates, a chance to work with local experts, investment opportunities in your community.

What Is The Largest Credit Union In The World?

Navy Federal Credit Union is the world’s largest credit union. The financial organization has grown to more than 570 million dollars in assets. It is based in Vienna, Virginia, and was founded in 1933.

What Is The Main Difference Between A Bank And A Credit Union?

The main difference between a bank and a credit union is banks are for-profit and credit unions are non-profit financial organizations.


Here you go. Here we shared about the A category credit unions based in Texas. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know.