Electric Skateboards: Hey dude, do you like to run with skateboards? It is a better way to get from place to place. At this time Electric Skateboards are getting too much popular with Skateboards lovers. There have so many electric skateboards and it’s hard to find the right one.

Are you thinking to buy an electric skateboard and can’t decide which one is better for you!  Yes, you are in the right place today in this article I am gonna share about the 5 best Electric Skateboards.

1. BLITZART Huracane 38 inch

If you have a medium budget you can choose this one. You can reach a max speed of up to 17 mph. Once it is fully charged It can go up to 6-8 miles once it is fully charged. Its remote controller is comfortable and very easy to grip. The Huracane comes with hub motors. You can also be kicked like a regular board even without juice. You will choose it for its battery life and the ergonomic wireless remote.

2. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboards

The company says this skateboard is designed as a fun and joyful one which is easy to handle. It’s suitable for teens riding around town and school. Made with upgraded materials and technology. It’s extremely stable when accelerating and turning. And its single powerful hub motor provides a smooth streamlined power. The top speed and range go up to12.4 mph and 6.2 miles with a single charge. You will get four ride modes and four brake modes. And one of the best parts is you can control it with a wireless remote. And it’s easy and comfortable. If you are for a way for your child to get to school then we will suggest this one for you.

3. AZBO Electric longboard H6

AZBO is a renowned face in this market. The skateboard has a lovely shape that provides a comfortable zone. And It comes with a dual hub motor. Its running speed goes up to 25 MHP ( 40 km/hour ). With a full charge, it can go up to 2 hours. And It’s the rechargeable wireless remote controller that is easy for break speed switching and battery indicator. Its waterproof surface will make it safer while you are riding on the skateboard. You have to pay about $599 for a single piece.

4. Teamgee h5 Electric Skateboards

One of the most popular Electric Skateboards. It is powered by high-performance 380W x 2 motors. The Teamgee h5 can go up to 10 miles on a single charge, where you are going at speeds of up to 22 MPH. It is made from 10 plies Canadian Maple and 1 ply fiberglass. The Skateboard also offers a wireless remote control system. And one of the best parts is the headlight design of the remote control can be safely driven at night. We will say the best overall. So, You can take a look. To get this one You have to pay $469.

5. Skatebolt Tornado Pro

Skatebolt is famous for Electric Skateboards. The company was established in 2016, science the beginning they are doing very well. Its running speed goes up to 24-27 MPH with a 7500 mAh battery. It also has 4 breaking and speed models and you can adjust the brake according to the speed you take. The Tornado Pro has dual hub motors. Tornado Pro is equipped with two red warning taillights to make sure a safe ride in the street when it is dark. It is expensive but you are getting a quality product. To get this one You have to pay 599 dollars.


If you are new and want to learn then we will suggest you start with a budget-friendly Skateboard. Once you are pro in this are then upgrade your tool.