Fax is one of the most common and old communication systems. A few days ago if you wanted to send or receive fax then you need a fax machine. But days have been changed. Nowadays you can send or receive fax online with fax apps for free.

If you search on google and another search engine you will see most of the fax apps are paid to use. No worries we have the right solution for you.

If you are looking for the best free fax app for your iPhone, Android, or Windows device, you are in the right place. Because after 2 weeks of research I and our expert team made a shortlist of the 5 best free fax apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows. All of these apps are free to use and using these apps sending or receiving a fax is quite easy and simple.

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List Of The Best Free Fax Apps

1. CocoFax – Free For Android, iPhone, MAC, Windows, Chrome

CocoFax is one of the best fax apps you will find online. It is compatible with all major devices. You can send or receive fax online with Android, iOS, Windows devices. Besides Chrome extension is also available. They offer both free and paid services. You can get a 100% free fax number with no limits and no trial. The free fax allows you to send up to 10 fax pages for free. You just need to enter your email and sign up for free fax.

In our review, we found Cocofax is the best free fax app for Android, iPhone, Windows. It is safe and secure. If you want, you can schedule the fax to be sent out later. And you can use the same fax number to receive a fax. There have no maintenance or phone charges as well. If you need more features or more days then you can upgrade your plan.

2. FaxPlus – Free Fax App For Windows, MAC, iPhone & Android

The next best free fax app is FaxPlus. The app is compatible with Windows, MAC, iPhone, Android. Besides web version is also available so if you don’t want to install an app then you can send or receive fax browsing the web or using Chrome extension. You can integrate FaxPlus with Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zapier, And Fax API. Besides email to fax, fax broadcasting, MPF integration is also available.

The best part of the FaxPlus app is you can send a fax online in over 180 countries. And buy a fax number from 47 countries to receive fax online. Besides, they offer two-factor authentication, SSO, TLS encryption, and more. You can also pre-formate a fax cover sheet and it will save your time. Besides the free plan, they also offer 4 different premium plans. So if you need more features or send more documents then you can upgrade your plan anytime you want.

3. FaxBurner – Best Free Fax App For iPhone & Android

Fax Burner is another best free fax app for iPhone and Android. But they don’t have any desktop app or extension. You can easily receive and send fax via iPhone, iPad, or email inbox. The free version of this fax app allows you to send up to 25 pages inbound a month and a total of 5 pages outbound. You can get a fax number easily without any cost. You just need to sign up online or download Fax Burner mobile app. You can also apply a signature to fax from within the app. If you need to send more documents then you can upgrade your plan at a simple cost. Sending and receiving fax using the FaxBurner app is quite simple and easy.

4. Fax: Send Fax From iPhone – Free For iPhone

If you are looking for a free fax app for your iPhone then Fax From iPhone could be a good option for you. With the app, you can simply scan documents, and also allows you to import file form photos, sign pages, edit documents, and send or receive a fax. Besides you can also make documents by capturing your phone camera. Using the Fax From iPhone app you can send faxes to more than 90 countries. The fax app also allows you to schedule timetables to be sent out later or at a suitable time you want. The app offers 3 days free trial with full features.

5. iFax

Last but not least. I think it is not a bad idea if you can send a fax over online only for 5 cents. Yes, I was talking about iFax. iFax is the lowest cost fax service you will find ever. The online fax service comes with 3 different price plans and starts at 8.33 dollars monthly. But for the professional plan it offers a free trial and with this plan, you will enjoy unlimited Fax numbers, 256-bit AES security, email to fax, developer API, dedicated account manager, and more. The best part is it is available on all major operating systems.


How To Send A Fax With Fax App?

Follow the following steps to send a fax from your phone:

  1. Download and install the app you like.
  2. Create an account or sign up (if required)
  3. Click one send fax tab and type the recipient
  4. Add file/documents or click on scan to scan documents (attach file/document)
  5. Click on the send button.

How To Send Fax Via Email?

Follow the following steps to send fax via email:

  1. Log into your email account
  2. Click on compse email
  3. Now put/enter fax number (example:
  4. Add file or attach the documents you want to send
  5. Click on the send button and it will be send in the rihgt away.


Here we have listed some popular and best free fax apps for your iPhone, Android, MAC, Windows device. You can install and use any of them you like or meet your needs. Feel free to let us know which app you like most.

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