A podcast is one of the convenient ways to catch up on the news, sports, and other special interest. And the popularity of podcasting is increasing day by day. The study says about 41% of the US people listen to podcasts at least once a month online or using android and iOS apps.

There have hundreds of podcasting apps with tons of podcasts both free and paid. And if you are an android user and visit here after searching for what is the best free podcast app. I can assure you are in the right place. Because here I am going to introduce you to the 9 most popular and best free podcast apps for android.

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List Of The Best Free Podcast Apps For Android:

1. Google Podcast

If you search for a popular digital product or service, there are very few things that Google doesn’t have. And podcasting is one of the most popular digital products around the world. For podcast lovers, Google Podcast App could be a great choice.

Especially when you are looking for a free podcast app for your android phone or device. According to Google, more than 2 million episodes and audio files are registered by Google. The app got an easy interface and it is shockingly good than other podcasting android apps. Bottom of the application you will find three buttons. Overall you will get both straightforward listening and browsing experience.

2. PocketCasts

The next best free podcast app for android mobile I want to recommend is PocketCasts. The app is highly customizable and syncs across multiple devices. If you have already installed Google Podcast then at first glance you will see its interface is almost similar to Google Podcast app.

The free app got a search bar where you can search topics you are interested in. Another best feature of the app is you will find three buttons and they are back 10 seconds, skip forward 30 seconds and, the play and pause button. You also find what is trending or popular in your area. Overall it is an excellent free podcast app for android mobile.

3. Podcast Addict

It is one of the most downloaded podcast apps on Google PlayStore. A complete solution for both hosts and listeners. It allows you to manage podcasts, audiobooks, live streams, YouTube, and more. The app’s car layout feature provides a real simplified screen and comes with big buttons. Users are allowed to customize playback options and skip or back options are also customizable. You can simply search with keywords or category-based. Overall a classic and one of the best solutions for those who are looking for a free podcasting app for android devices.

4. Castbox

CastBox is another best free podcasting app for android devices. The free version allows you 100 channels subscription without any cost. Besides the mobile applications, you can use web apps for free. The application is also compatible with Alexa, CarPlay, Google Home, Android Auto, Apple Watch. It provides a free podcast creating and hosting service with unlimited storage.

The app comes with a user-friendly and simple interface. In the beginning, you will find a search bar and some featured shows. In a line, it is one of the best android apps to find, save, download and listen to favorite episodes or audios. Besides, it is also a great FM, radio, and audiobook.

6. Podbean

If you are looking for a podcasting app where you can host. Then Podbean is one of the best options for easy podcast hosting. Podbean says, over 250000 podcasts have been hosted on this platform. You can easily add your episodes or listen to your favorite shows. Another best part of Podbean is it comes with a built-in monetization option. You can also customize the app layout. In a line, Podbean makes podcast hosting easy.

7. RadioPublic

RadioPublic is another cool free podcasting app for you. The best part of this app is it is free and you don’t need to create an account. You can also easily bookmark your favorite shows, channels and share the most popular part of your favorite episodes. Thousands of popular episodes are available at RadioPublic. Overall a simple and one of the best free podcasting app for your android device. The app is also available at AppStore.

8. AntenaPod

AntenaPod is another best free podcasting app. You can listen to and enjoy millions of free and paid audios from independent podcasters. Science to thriller almost all kinds of topics are available at AntenaPod. The best part of this app is it downloads automatically but to enjoy this feature you need to enable auto-download. It is really easy to use.

All the buttons are highly responsive. And offers standard controls over pausing, skipping, and you will also find some handy options like playback speed. You can also change the volume of the left and right channels individually. It’s cool.

9. Spotify

Spotify has the largest number of users. The highest-paid podcaster The Ho Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan which made over 50 million dollars is published on Spotify. And it had more than 200 million downloads each month last year. And it is the most downloaded podcasting app.

You are also allowed to listen by browsing their official site. It is free to use on mobile, desktop, and tablet. it offers 30 days free trial. So if you don’t want to purchase then after 3 days you should take a look at other free podcast apps we mentioned in this list.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What Is a Podcast?

Generally, a podcast app is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files, and users can listen or download to their personal devices. And it can be a series of dramas, a story, a life story, or something else.

How Popular Podcast Is?

A study says, almost 78% of American people are familiar with the term podcasting. And over 155 million people listen to a podcast a week.

Which Country Has The Largest Podcast Listeners?

According to Podcastinsghts, South Korea is in the first position in ht world’s total podcast users. 58% of the world’s total users are Soth Korean. Spain, Sweden Australia, And United States are in the Second, third, fourth, and fifth positions respectively.

Bottom Line

Almost all podcasting apps are similar. But offers different shows/episodes. If you are looking for free android podcasting apps we will highly recommend installing and browsing all the apps we mentioned into our list. And try to figure out which shows you like most or which apps you love then continue with your favorite one.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to ask and contact us.

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