The 6 Best Gaming Mouse Under 20 Dollars in 2021 (Best Budget)

There have dozens of gaming mice in the market. Generally, a gaming mouse is highly customizable and brings some extra features compared to a regular mouse. So it is not easy to find out the best mouse especially if you are looking for the best budget gaming mouse under 20 dollars or less.

Whatever if you have a low budget like me and looking for a gaming mouse under 20 dollars then you are in the right place. After 15 days of research, here we listed the 6 best budget gaming mice under 20 dollars. Let’s take a look.

1. Logitech G300s

The Logitech G300s is an optical gaming mouse and designed for people who have tiny hands like me. But if you have a large hand then I don’t recommend this mouse. But you could be used to I don’t know. Whatever you are getting extra buttons on top of the mouse which is great for macros. It will take some getting used to but the software allows you to change the functions.

You are allowed to change controlled the RGB lighting on the side. The  Logitech G300smouse is really light so it is easier to pick up during gaming. One thing I noticed while using the mouse is that it requires more force than usual when clicking and they are pretty loud too. I do wish to add some type of texture for the scroll wheel because it can get slippery if you have oily or sweaty hands. But I don’t know it’s a decent mouse for tiny hands. So I am going to give it a 3.5 out of 5.

2. RedRagon M601

The next up is the popular ReDdragon M601 worth over 6000 reviews it is going for only 12 dollars and it already is a deal-breaker for most people due to the color scheme. It has red accents and red lighting which can be disabled by their poorly made software. When it comes to comfort it’s not the most ergonomic mouse on the list.  It feels very rough due to the texture of the mouse buttons. And I am not a fan of the ABS plastic side grips. It is also a very flat mouse so it is not ideal for claw or finger type grips for palm users however it’s great.

What I do like what the mouse or the textures on the side button as well as the scroll wheel. If you wanna ask me about gaming then I will say this mouse is not bad for gaming. The mouse definitely gets the job done. It is very light, it tracks well and you can actually adjust the weight by removing that rear cover and adjusting the weights that way. Personally, the mouse is light as it is with the entire set on but the option is there to make it lighter. The feedback on the clicks is also much quieter than the G300s. The gaming mouse under 15 dollars I feel like you really are getting what you are paying for. I am really surprised the mouse has a lot of positive reviews.

3. Hiraliy F300

The Hiraily F300 comes in at 18 dollars only. I got a say the lighting on this moue is pretty cool. There have some noticeable hotspots but if you keep the color cycling then it’s not noticeable. There is even a dedicated LED button right next to the DPI button which lets you cycle through a few different effects. However, you do have more options for lighting through their buggy software.

You might experience issues setting up the RGB lighting. But it will ask for an update and if you update it will work well. Lighting aside is very comfortable in the side grips along the lightweight to make it very easy to lift and slide around during gaming. The buttons are very easy to reach. However, I would like some texture on the scroll wheel. But to someone, it could not be going to be a big deal considering it does have a rubber-type grip on it. I would say the gaming mouse is great for all grip types. It’s not too flat or round. By the way, the mouse is designed for right-handed users only. It also not loud and the clicks provide great feedback.

4. Scettar Wireless Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse for under 20 dollars then the Scettar wireless gaming mouse could be the best choice. The mouse comes with 7 breathing LED lights blue, red, yellow, green, purple, white. Its soundless clicks and advanced energy is really impressive. The best part of this mouse is you don’t need to change batteries just recharge with a charging cable. Another part is the battery life is very decent. If you are not a pro gamer and are not looking for a pro in video games then you should go for it. The price range is fantastic for a wireless optical mouse with a few DPI settings built it. The gaming mouse priced at only 14 USD. So if you are looking for a gaming mouse for under 15 dollars then you should go with it.

5. Sharkon Shark Force

The actual shape of this mouse makes total sense. You are getting a beautiful thumb area where your thumb can sit comfortably. The right side is curbed and perfectly fine for your hand, nothing is unnatural. It has three-level DPI buttons that switch between 600, 1000, and 1600 DPI. A scroll wheel I particularly liked the front is open which we don’t a lot and the scroll wheel has a nice grip and a decent spin to it. The palmers have an LED-lit shark force logo that looks very nice, especially in the dark.

The mouse has a PicsArt pen 3509 DHTXW AE optical sensor and weighs 120 grams. The actual surface texture is slightly rubberized for a more controlled grip. The Sharkon Shark Force has an abraded 1.8-meter long cable with a gold plated USB connector. The gaming mouse comes in four different colors pink, green, white, and black.

At first glance, you would not expect it to only 20 dollars. The sensor is pretty good keeping in mind it costs only $20. The left and right mouse buttons have a satisfying click to them. But the Sharkon Shark Force doesn’t have any software so it is easy just to plug and play anywhere.

6. Hiraliy F300 Gaming Mouse

Last but not least. The Hirali F300 gaming mouse has five DPI options that you can customize using the software. It ranges from 1000 to 10000 DPI. You have up to 1000 Hertz pooling rates and there 7 programmable buttons. It really amazing, I loved it. And the gaming mouse looks fantastic for being in the budget range. It is not overly tricky, it is not clearly not made out of cheap materials. But the mouse has that a gamer likes and looks for like fun gamer RGB vibe. I think a lot of people are going for it.

The cable of the mouse is braided and it glides pretty smoothly. It looks like a high-quality cable. The bottom pads on this mouse are not exceptionally high quality as expected. They are on the soft plastic side and I can see these getting worn down with more use. But if you look at the side buttons they are really tactile and clicky. The front top buttons are the clickable scroll wheel and then the DPI and color-changing options. In the term of the scroll wheel, I think this is more of a personal preference, it’s pretty smooth and gives a decent amount of resistance when you scroll it. Overall the mouse is comfortable to use and the mouse is priced at only 17$.

How to choose a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse can not make you a pro gamer. You can play any games with any mice with two buttons and a wheel. But when you come to a gaming mouse then there have some extra features. Generally, a gaming mouse is faster and has some customization options like lighting an extra button.

Before buying a gaming mouse first figure out how you hold your mouse. How large the mouse’s movements are. And definitely find out what kind of games you play. Finally, focus on your budget because there has different priced mic are available in the market.

What is the best budget gaming mouse under 20 dollars?

Now If you ask me what is the best gaming mouse under 20 dollars the I will say The Sharkon Shark Force is the best. Whatever you may like another one it’s your choice. Let’s drop your comment and let us know which mouse you liked most.

How to clean a gaming mouse?

I know you are smart enough and keep clean your desk regularly. But here have some tips to clean your lovely computer mouse/mice. Get rid of different kinds of viruses you need alcohol wipes, canned air, a paper towel, and a toothpick.

1. First, unplug your mouse from your laptop or PC. If you own a wireless mouse then remove the batteries.

2. To keep safe your desk from dirt, place your paper towel. And use a toothpick to get into the all tiny nooks. And always try to avoid using a toothpick on the actual mouse sensor.

3. Then you can use the canned air to blow out any debris.

4. Finally, take alcohol wipes and wipe down the mouse removing grease or dirt. And for the wireless mouse avoid using alcohol wipes inside the battery compartment.

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