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The 8 Best Headset Under 30 Dollars in 2021 (Gaming Headset)


Are you looking for the best budget headset for your computer or gaming? Well, I am here to help you out. There have dozens of headsets are available in the market. But if you’re looking for the best headset under $30, I think it’s not an easy task.

After long research, my team and I have compiled a shortlist of the 8 best headsets for under 30 dollars. And today I am going to share my experience and tell you about the best but budget headsets. I hope it will help you a lot to choose the perfect product for your desk. Let’s take a look at the best gaming headset for under 30 dollars.

List Of The Best Best Headset Under $30

1. BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

BENGOO G9000 is one of the best-selling budget headsets on Amazon. The BENGOO G9000 supports almost all devices including PS4, PS4 Prom Xbox One, PSP, Nintendo  3DS, Laptop, Pc tablet, iPad, and smartphones. You are getting an inline controller and the inline control box includes a volume wheel and one key mute.  So it is pretty easy to control or adjust the mic and volume.

The Headset comes with glaring LED lights designed on the earcups to highlight the game atmosphere. If you compare it with other budget headsets then Bengoo G9000 is more comfortable than others. Its soft head beam pad is designed with a breathable memory foam pad, so it is more comfortable and incredibly durable.

The mic is one of the major parts of a headset. In this part, Bengoo G900 did a great job. It comes with a 120-degree flexible mic which allows you to enjoy your music or favorite movie with high-quality sound. The headset is priced at 30 UDS.

2. VersionTech G2000 Headset

This is the other best budget headset under 30 dollars. The Visiontech G2000 is priced at $25.99. You are allowed to use this headset with your Playstation 5, 4, PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox, One S/X controller, PC, laptop, and more. You are getting a mute and volume button to control your games or music volume.

The headset offers an incredibly 3D surround sound to enhance ambiance and immersion for both music and games. Besides the VersionTech G2000 provide high-end noise cancellation to enable you to chat with your teammates or a regular record.

You may love a good lighting setting when you play games. Then G2000 is a good choice for you. Its big LED light is cool enough to maximize create a glorious atmosphere. You are getting a 3.5 mm jack, two splitters, and a USB jack. The best part of this headset is it is durable enough in this budget range. An adjustable headband and super-soft ear cups make it more comfortable.

3. NUBWO N7 Gaming Headset

NUBWO N7 is one of the popular names in the gaming headphone industry. They started their journey in 2014. The NUBWO N7 is priced at 25.98 US dollars. The simple-looking headset comes with an awesome noise-canceling mic. I personally liked the mic and its sound quality. And it is something different than a regular earphone mic. If you want to stream your games to YouTube, Facebook, or other streaming platforms you can use the NUBWO N7.

You can enjoy will almost all devices including PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and also smartphones. The NUBWO N7 comes with an external volume controller button. In our review, we found the headset is very lightweight and very comfortable to use. The ear cups and head pads are comfortable enough, so it’s not painful to keep the headset on your head for a long time.

4. Jeecoo Xiberia V20 Stereo Gaming Headset

Let’s introduce another best budget headset under 30 dollars. Yes, Jeexxo Xiberia V20 is one of the best-selling headsets under 30 dollars. It offers a wider frequency range and a high-quality and accurate sound. The Jeexxo Xiberia V20 comes with a 3.5mm jack so it is compatible with almost all game consoles and pc, smartphones.

The Jeecoo Xiberia V20 comes with a 5ft braided cable with an in-line controller which is enough long. You are allowed to control and mute the sound by using the button. The headband of the headset comes with padded memory foam and the earmuffs are made with thick leatherette and triple-layered memory foam.  So it is able to block outside sounds to help focus on your game. The Jeecoo Xiberia V20 is priced at 29.99 dollars.


This is another best budget headset under 30 dollars from Bengooo. The Bengoo V4 is almost similar to BENGOO G9000. The main difference between BENGOO G9000 and V-7 is the design of the headset. The Bengoo V-4 also comes with a great noise isolating microphone and delivers you perfect sound when you are recording games or talking to others.

Besides the BENGOO G9000 is comfortable enough. And it comes with an external volume controller. So you can easily control your music or other sounds without a mouse. You are also getting an LED light option and it will highlight the game atmosphere. It supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, Nintendo 3DS, laptops, and more. But you may need an extra adapter when you will connect with an older version of Xbox.

6. Beexcellent GM-1 Gaming Headset

If you are looking for the best headset for under 25 dollars then you can choose the Beexcellent GM-1. The headset comes with soft earmuffs and a headband and offers a perfect sound in this budget range.

It comes with an excellent noise cancellation mic. So no worries to suffer from background sound or annoying keyword noises. The microphone comes with a 120-degree flexible design and it is easy to adjust the position at your will. The earmuffs of the headset are designed to naturally fit the human head and are made with soft memory foam. It is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Laptop, Mac iPad, and more. The Beexcellent GM-1 Gaming Headset is priced at 23 dollars only. Let’s kill your budget, boom.

7. Logitech H390

You may ask what is the best headset for under 25 dollars then I will say it will be Logitech H390. Last 3 years ago, I was working with a call center there I was using Logitech H390 to talk to our valuable customers. There have no lighting options but its sound quality is incredibly clear.

The headphone comes with a noise cancellation mic. It is able to minimize unwanted background noise and delivers clear conversation. Its laser-tuned drivers provide enhanced digital audio for music and also games. You are allowed to use this headset with any PC or MAC computer. You can control volume or sound with an external volume controlling button. Overall it is comfortable enough for long time use. The Logitech H390 is priced at 24. 99 bugs. You can buy it from the Logitech store or any other online store.

8. Stynice Gaming Headset

Last but not least. You may have less budget but sellers don’t have fewer products. By the way, if you are looking for a gaming headset under 30 dollars then  Stynice Gaming Headset can be a good choice for you.

The headset’s microphone is designed for gamer chatting. The microphone has also a noise reduction function as well. It is priced at 27 dollars.


What is the best budget gaming headset?

BENGOO G9000 is the best budget headset. The headset offers excellent sound and comes with a great mic. Besides, it is long-lasting and durable enough. You are allowed to control volume and mute with an external volume controller and mute button. The BENGOO G9000 is made with a breathable memory foam pad, so it is more comfortable and incredibly durable.

Best Place To Buy Headset

Nowadays there have thousands of online shops. If you are looking for the best place to buy the best headset for under 30 dollars then you can shop around Amazon, eBay, best buy, or any other renowned online shop. Otherwise, you can order a headset from the brand’s online store. If you are not familiar with online shopping then please visit a local store where the headsets are available.

How many hours a day you should wear a headset?

Experts say if you use a headset for up to 60 minutes a day with 60% of volume then it is good to go. But if you use or listen to music using your headsets for more than an hour with high volume it causes damage to both your ear and brain. So you should wear a headset for 1 to 1:30 hours a day.


Here I tried to give my best to give you an idea about the best headset available on the market for under 30 dollars. And I hope you guys got an idea about your desire product. So let’s pick your headset and enjoy your gaming and music.

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