Better leads, better sales results. Dozens of lead generation tools are available online. It is not easy to find out the best lead generation software, especially if you are a beginner. After a long time of research, I and my team make a shortlist of the best lead generation tools in 2022 and we listed them in our blog. Now you can ask me what is lead generation?

List Of The Best Lead Generation Tools:

1. Yellow Page Scraper: Best Data Collecting Tool

Data is the most important chapter in lead generation. If your targeted audience is The US business owner or your local business owner then you need the data of the business owner. Yellow Page is one of the business directory sites. A billion businesses are listed here. But it is so tough to collect data manually. The Yellow Page Scraper will help you to collect data of the business owners from this directory. To send promotional calls or emails you can use this data and drive into sales.

2. Linked In Scraper

Linked In Scraper will help you to collect data from LinkedIn profiles. You can simply collect data by using your targeted keywords. You are also allowed to filter the age, location, and more. If your targeted audiences are company CEO and employees the LinkedIn scraper could be a good choice to collect data.

3. Facebook And Twitter Scraper: Best For Mess People Data

Facebook and Twitter have huge users around the world. If your targeted audiences are general people then you can go ahead with Facebook or Twitter Scraper. By using this extension you can collect data of general users and generate leads. You can also use other social media or web scrapers to the extractor to collect data for your lead generation.

4. Constant Contact: Best Email Marketing Tool

When you are done collecting information from your targeted audience then you need to promote your service or products. Email marketing is one of the old and most effective marketing systems to reach your valuable customers. There has dozens of email marketing software online. Constant contact is one of them.

5. Mailjet: Cheapest Email Marketing Tool

Mailjet is another best email marketing tool. If you are looking for the best alternative to Constant Contact and the cheapest email marketing tools with an unlimited contact upload option you can go ahead with the Mailjet email marketing tool.

Here is the list of the 7 cheap best email marketing tools.

6. MobileMonkey: Best SMS Sending Tool

MobileMonek is one of the best bulk SMS sending tools. Text messaging is one of the best ways to reach your targeted audience. By using MobileMonkey you can send bulk SMS at a low cost. The tool allows you to make Facebook ad bots, SMS bots, and native webchat bots in one place. Just build your list and start marketing with MobileMonkey SMS Sending Tool.

7. VICIdail: Best Telemarketing Software

Telemarketing is one of the oldest and effective ways to generate leads. Call your targeted audience ad let them know about your products and services, and also the upsides and other benefits of your service. If the phone owner needs your service or product they will purchase it. VICIdail is one of the most popular and best dialers. The Software offers both a free plan and a free trial. You can use it on the web, IOS, and android. If you are a small business owner it could be a good choice for you.

8. Google Ads: Best Advertising tool

Days have been changed, there have dozen advertising tools online. And if you are planning to generate leads by promoting your business you can go ahead with the world’s largest advertising tool Google Ads. Google is the biggest search engine in the world. They have also YouTube and it is the second-largest search engine. Google Ads will put ads in front of people when they search for related terms you offer. The best part of Google Ads is you have to pay only when people click on your ads.

9. Facebook Ads and more

Facebook is the largest social media and it is also popular over the world. If you want to collect leads by promotion you can also go ahead with Facebook ads. The CPC is lower and it will drive high-quality clicks that will produce more value for you. There has no fixed cost for your ads the average is about 8-10USD/1000 people reached in the US.

10. Voluum: Best Affiliate Tool

The affiliate program is one of the best ways to increase your sales. There have thousands of affiliate marketers around the world who will promote your business or service and generate sales for you. You just need to pay a simple commission against their sales. The Volume is one of the best affiliate marketing tools that work all advertising traffic sources. The affiliate tool supports all advertising formats including native ads, search engine ads, display ads, pop-up ads, and more.

11. RafflePress

Giving away and the contest is also another best way to increase sales. It will increase traffic to your site and help to grow your email list and sales. RefferelPress is one of the best tools to run a giveaway campaign for your site. It is actually a viral giveaway plugin.

12. JoltForm: Best Survey Form Builder For a Lead generation

The survey is another best way to lead generation. By arranging a survey you can collect a lot of data for lead generation. As an example in the near future US VS Canada is going to participate in a football match. Now you can create a survey of which team is your favorite. Create a survey and ask your audience which team do you like most. Promote the survey like to social media or with Google ads and when People will join the survey they will put some information about him. And JoltForm is one of the best survey form builders for lead generation. The form is highly customized and can show different content based on different locations.

13. HubSpot: All In One Lead Generation Tool

When people take the name of lead generation tools in their mind the first tool that comes to mind is HubSpot. Customer relationship to sales all on a single lead generation tool. You can run email campaigns, manage your social media, and more. In a line, HubSpot is one of the best lead generation tools that help companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and close their customers.


What Is Lead Generation?

Nowadays lead generation is not only collecting information. The definition of lead generation has been changed. Lead Generation means gathering information from the target audience and after building relationships and conversations turn them into your current or future loyal customers. So we can say that there are two things, firstly, to collect information and secondly, to communicate with the audience with the collected information and to make money by selling services or products.

How Can You Collect Leads?

Today you don’t need to visit door to door to collect information about your targeted customers you can do it yourself at home. You only need a smartphone or computer and a lead generation tool to generate leads.

How lead Generation Works?

At first, a lead generation company collects leads based on customers’ demand by using different lead generation tools and sells them to others who are looking for leads. Sometimes lead generators use leads for their own business. The buyer converts these leads into sales and makes money by selling products or services.

Why Lead Generation?

In a line lead generation means collecting data, sorting the collected data, and generating sales. This information is collected to sell goods or services or to provide after-sales service for the products sold. Using the information collected, products and services are sold through conversations with current and future buyers.

What is B2B Lead generation?

B2B is the short form of business to business. It means buying or selling goods or services from one business to another. B2B lead generation is about selling products or services by collecting information from targeted businesses and creating conversations with them.

How to Make Money With Lead Generation?

The amount of income you can earn by lead generation is not fixed. It depends on your experience, talent, depending on which country of the lead generation is doing, and how much time you expend on your job. Actually, lead prices vary by product, service country, and category.

Is lead generation a good business?

Yes, lead generation is definitely a good and sustainable business. Marketing to the targeted audience is the most effective to increase your sales. Day by day the popularity of marketing to the targeted audience is getting popular around the world. And lead helps to promote to your targeted audiences or customers.

Is it worth buying leads?

Yes, it is worth buying leads. If you don’t have time for lead generation you can purchase leads from lead generation companies. But you have to make sure that the company has a good reputation in the market and they are not selling the same leads to multiple people.

How much does it cost to start a lead generation business?

You can start your own lead generation company or business for free. You just need a computer, internet connection. By using free tools you can collect data and sell them. You can join different freelancing marketplaces and you will find there have thousands of buyers who are looking for data. You can also promote or advertise on different ad networks, it will help you to get more sales and also more money.


If you want to grow your business, want to increase your income, generate more sales you need to focus on generating quality leads. Use the tools we mentioned above to generate leads. Another thing always is to make sure your collected data are secured. You can use an extra hard disk to keep them safe. And always avoid online storage to save your collected data that you want to use in near future.  If you have any questions on lead generation feel free to ask me in the comment box or our Facebook page. Thanks.