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The 6 Best Livestock Management Apps in 2022

Nowadays livestock management apps can help a farmer by recording and tracking your farm’s cattle (cows, bulls, buffalos, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, oxen, camels, poultry, and other farm animals) milk production, income, expanse, and more.

There have dozens of livestock/cattle management apps are available and new apps are realized every day. So if you search on Google Play Store, App Store, or online you will find hundreds of livestock management apps.

But if you want to improve your farm then you must have the right cattle management software. After 3 months of research and based on farmers opinion, user experience here we listed the 6 best livestock management apps. And the good news is all the cattle management softwares are free and easy to use.

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List Of The Best Livestock Management Apps:

There have dozens of free and paid livestock and cattle management software. If you are a new farmer and don’t want to pay for the livestock management app. Then you can start with free software. Here is the list of the 5 best livestock management apps:

1. My Cattle Manager

My Cattle Manager is the best free cattle management software for dairy farmers. The app comes with all exclusive features to record and track your farm’s castles, production, expense, and income as well. It records and keeps track of livestock from birth to sale. You can also share data between multiple devices, and export reports to PDF/Excel/CSV files.

The app is completely free to use. You don’t need to worry about losing your data. You can easily backup and restore data anytime. The app is good for bull, cow, buffalo, goat, sheep management. The most useful and important feature of the application is the app track both single and mass cattle events. It will track insemination, pregnancies, treatment, vaccinations, births, sales, and more. The cattle management app is available at Google Play Store.

2. Farm Manager & Analyzer

Farm Manager & Analyzer is a complete solution for livestock or cattle management. Its record and tracks animal details, update, record treatment, breeding, vaccination details, milk production, egg production, daily expense, income, cash flow, and more. If you own a poultry farm or any other dairy farm then Farm Manager & Analyzer could be one of the best solutions for you. A simple and cost-free solution for your farm.

The application comes with a super easy interface. And if you have minimum knowledge about smartphones you can handle everything. It includes a custom event option and you can record information for the future. It helps you to easily track the amount of cost consumed by each animal. The app is available at the Play Store and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

3. Cow Master

The next best cattle/livestock management app is Cow Master. The app is also completely free to use. The Cow Master app has come with a strong notification system. So it will notify you of all important phases of animal breeding. Another best part of the app is it doesn’t require internet. But if you want to make a backup it requires an internet connection. And you can restore all data to your local devices. It records individual and mass cattle, income, expenses and you can share with other contributors/partners of your farm.

4. My Poultry Manager

Poultry farm on of the fast-growing and leading farm businesses around the world. If you are in the poultry business and want to record and track everything easily then My Poultry Manager could be a good option for you. It will help you to manage poultry batches, track flock, eggs, feed inventory, and more. It will also track your income and expenses as well. By using this app you can simply generate visual and detailed data reports. Besides, you don’t need to worry about losing your data. You can easily create backup and restore.

5. LiveStocked

This is another best livestock management app. It is easy to record calls, pasture inputs, and usages, expenses, income. You can also track inventory such as feeds, chemicals, and more. If you own a small and mid-size dairy farm then Livestocked App can be a good option for you. It is completely free to use.

6. Cattle Max

Cattle Max is a premium livestock management app. With this app, you can track inventory and keep up with active and inactive animals, track treatment and movements, calves cattle, and re-use information, weights, carcass, pasture, and more. Create an ID for individual animals and enter the information you have. And if you want to add more information you can do it late. Besides you can import bulk information as well. It is a web application. They offer live chat support and come with different prices and plans.


What are the benefits of the livestock management apps?

A livestock management app helps you to improve the management of feed, better tracking of growth, death, vaccination of your farm animals/cattle. Besides, it also helps you to record income, expenses and make better decision.


In addition to hard work, the right tools are also very important. A livestock management software can make your work a few times easier. Here we mentioned the 6 best free livestock apps. Drop your comment and let us know which one you like most. But if you have any suggestions or choices feel free to let us know.

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