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The 5 Best Network Cabinet – What Is A Network Cabinet & Size

Without the internet, we can’t think about our daily life. A network cabinet is one of the most important networking accessories. If you are in a broadband internet business or have multiple internet connections into your home or office you must have a network cabinet. Today in this article we will discuss A to Z about network cabinets, what are network cabinets, the sizes, and the 5 best network cabinets.

What Is A Network Cabinet?

A network cabinet is a kind of rack used for storage, patch panels, routers, switches, and different kinds of networking accessories. It is also known as a network rack. Typically, a cabinet has a locked front panel or a solid door made of plastic or glass.

Network Cabinet Sizes

The standard size of a network cabinet is 83-inch(height)×18.31-inch(width). Generally, there has no fixed size for a network cabinet. It comes in different heights and widths depending on the needs of the user.

The 5 Best Network Cabinet For Home And Office

There have dozens of network cabinets are available in the market. So it is not easy to find out the best network rack for a newbie. After a long time of research, we have made a shortlist of the 5 best network cabinets for you. We have made this shortlist keeping in mind the needs of different people. And we hope this list will help you buy racks for use anywhere, starting from your home to the outdoor.

1. NavePoint 12U: Best Wall Mounted Network Cabinet

NavePoint is one of the famous names in the network cabinet world. They have been manufacturing high-quality networking products since 2008. The rack is designed to hold multiple network accessories. The best part of the NavePoint 12U wall-mounted cabinet is it comes with two cooling fans to control the temperature.  I will say it an ideal solution for small retail LANs, retail units, and definitely for remote sites. Remember one fan is included and you have to add the second one. The NavePoint 12U is made with high-quality SPCC cold-rolled steel. Comes with a tempered glass front door with a security lock. The NavePoint is priced at 143.59 dollars. So if you are looking for the best network rack for under 150 dollars it could be a good solution for you.

2. V7 RMWC12U450-1N: Best Budget Network Cabinet

If you are looking for a big-size wall-mounted network cabinet then you can buy a V7 RMWC12UG450-1N cabinet. The cabinet is fully assembled comes with a vented door,  adjustable mounting rails, cold-rolled steel. The fully adjustable mounting rails and numbered U positions come with square holes for easy equipment mounting. It includes casters and can install for the option of rolling on the floor or even under the desk. The V7 RMWC12UG450-1N has three access doors and cut-outs on top for cooling fans. And fans are not included so if you want to adjust a fan for better airflow you have to buy and attach it. The price is also reasonable.

3. Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack: Best Small Network Cabinet

Tripp Lite 6U is another mini cabinet. The Tripp Lite 6U’s maximum load capacity is about 90kgs. It is designed to house EIA-standard 19-inch rack equipment in network wiring closets, retail locations, classrooms, back offices, and other areas with limited spaces. The Tripp Lite 6U  comes with sufficient holes. The vented panels allow generous airflow and the front door and side panel’s lock helps you to prevent damage, tampering, and theft. Tripp Lite 6U’s price is about 144 dollars.

4. Costway 18U

Costway 18U is one of the best-selling network cabinets. The Costway 18U build with SPCC cold-roll steel sheets and includes one ceiling fan for cooling. It has two removable side panels with key locks. The total usable space is 16-inch front to back. The best part of this cabinet is it has an air vent on both the front and side doors. If you own a small office or looking for a cabinet for your home then you can choose this one. The Costway 18U’s price is near 169 dollars.

5. ECHOGEAR 10U Open Frame Rack

If you are looking for an open frame network rack you can buy ECHOGEAR 10U. The ECHOGEAR 10U keeps all your fancy AV and networking gear cool. You can hang our rack on the wall to save your floor space. The shelf dimension is 2x 1U x 12.12-inch.  Overall easy to install. If you are looking for something larger than this then you can purchase ECHOGEAR 20U.

What Is The Best Outdoor Network Cabinet

If you are looking for a network cabinet for outdoor you can buy an IP66 outdoor network cabinet. It makes sure full protection against dust and water ingress. You can order from Alibaba.

Best Place To Buy Network Cabinet

If you search online you will find hundreds of cabinets. You can purchase from your local networking equipment selling shop or you can order online. Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Walmart are the best place to buy network cabinets online.


This is the time to save your space and enjoy a smooth internet connection. I hope you guys get a good idea about network racks. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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