The 5 Best Network Cable Tester Tool in 2021 – LAN Cable Tester

Working within the networking sector? Or an operating a broadband internet line? If the answer is yes then you may know the use of the network cable tester. Sometimes a network tester calls a tester kit. Nowadays dozens of network cable tester tools are available in the market. So it is not easy to find out the best network cable tester tool or kit.

After a long time of research here we have listed the 5 best network cable testing tools for you. And we hope our depth review will help you to choose the right network cable tester tool for LAN. Let’s go ahead and read the full article to choose the right network cable tester for you or your technicians.

1. iMBAPrice RJ45: Best Budget Network Cable Tester

If you are looking for a long-lasting and best budget network cable tester you can buy iMBAPrice. The iMBAPrice supports both the ethernet network and telephone cable and automatically runs all tests and checks. The tester is small in size so it is easy to use. Besides, it’s easy to read LED display indicates problems. It is not perfect for industrial use but if you are a technician or want to use it occasionally then it is definitely the tool for you. The iMBAprice RJ45 supports both network and telephone cable. The iMBAPrice RJ45 priced at 19.94 USD only.

2. Klein VDV526-052 Network Cable Tester

Klein is one of the well-known tool stores in the USA. They started their journey about 160 years ago as an American manufacturer. Klein VDV526-052 is another best and affordable network cable tester. The cable tester is light-weight and easy to use. By using VDV526-052 you can test voice, data, and video coaxes connection. The cable tester comes with a replaceable battery. It is easy to replace the batteries, just unscrew the cover and replace the calculator style batteries. The display is very detailed and helpful and I will say it is not a fluke meter, it is a dumb cable tester. The Klein VDV526-052 priced at 58 USD.

3. Trendnet TC-NT2

If you are a professional technician or you have a broadband business owner you are looking for a network cable tester for your technicians then you should choose Trendnet TC-NT2 (Version v1.1R) network cable tester. By using Trendnet TC-NT2 you can test ethernet, USB, and BNC cables also. And the best part of the cable tester is the device is able to accurately test pin configurations for cable lengths up to 300 meters. And I think it is good enough. The tool also able to identifies severed, short circuit, and cross-connected pins. Overall the cable tester is enough light-weight so I think it is easy to carry. The Trendnet TC-NT2 priced at 39.99 USD.

4. Fluke networks MS-POE Power Over Ethernet

This rugged tester is priced so every cable technician can diagnose PoE problems. It is also got a complete cable tester that will show you the location of common cable faults. And a built-in tone generator for tracing wires. The Fluke network cable tester can also show you the speed of the ethernet connection. It supports class 0 to 8 POE and detects network switch speed capabilities up to 10G ethernet, cable length, wire map, cable ID, and distance to fault, and more. Another best part of the cable tester is you are can test voice, data, video cables with integrated RJ45 which support low voltage with no need for adapters. The Fluke MS-POE ensures high-quality installations and quick troubleshooting in an active network environment. The cable tester tool is able to identify severed short circuit and cross-connection pins up to 460 meters or 1500 feet. So if you compare it with Trendnet TC-NT2 then it can measure almost 160 meters more than Trendnet TC-NT2. The Fluke networks MS2-100 MicroScanner2 cable tester priced at 607 USD. And I think it is much expensive.

5. ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Network Cable Tester

If you are looking for a multi-functional cable testing tool then you can buy the ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Network cable testing tool. This instrument is suitable for RJ45interface internet cable and RJ11interface line and also for other metal wire hunt through the adapter

. The testing cable is able to measures up to 300 meters. It is very lightweight and easy to install and use. The cable tester is able to test both internet and telephone cables. The testing tool is also budget-friendly. ELEGIANT RJ11 RJ45 Network cable testing tool pried at 35.41. You can buy from their official online store, Amazon, eBay. But the thing is the product does not come with a case.

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How to use a network cable tester?

Dear visitor, we already know about the best network cable testers in the market. So we also have to know how to use a network cable tester. So let’s go ahead and learn how to use a network cable testing tool.

1. The first thing we need to do is go head and plug-in cable into an ethernet port. We used an RJ11 cable tester with an RJ45 plug that into three and then we will just go ahead and plug the end into the remote.

2. Now turn on the testing tool that you have and you can see it moving through lights.

3. If you see all of the 8 lights on each side is lifting then your cable is good. If it is now then your network cable is not fine.

How does a network cable tester work?

Do you know how do a LAN cable tester work or what confirms a network cable tester is working? Well, I am going to explain how does a network cable tester work:

Simply a testing tool sends a readable message signal from one end of the box to the other cable box. And the readable message is relayed through the network cable. In other words, a cable tester is a continuity which use to verify the existence of the conductive path between ends of the cable and make the correct writing of connectors on the LAN cable.

Types of Network cable testers

There have different types of cable testers available in the market. It varies in price, performance, and application. They can be divided into three groups in terms of usage- 1. Certification, 2. Qualification, 3. Verification. Again, if you talk about use, it can be divided into two parts the first one is for industrial purposes and the second one is for personal purposes.


If you face any internet issue especially if you have an office and have a lot of connections then you must have a network cable tester in your office and it will help you to find out the problems when you don’t have a technician. And if you are a technician always make sure you are using a quality full and well-performing LAN cable tester.


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