Google Translate and Bing Microsoft Translator are the world’s most popular apps for translation. These apps are quite ahead in terms of performance. But if you ask about some of the best real-time translator apps then you may find dozens of apps online.

Well if you are looking for the best real-time translator app, you are in the right place. Dozens of Translator Apps are available online. But today we are going to introduce you to the 8 best real-time translator apps of this month.

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List Of The Best Real-Time Translator Apps:

1. Google Translator

Google Translator is the most popular real-time translator app. According to Google, about 200 million people around the world use Google Translate daily. As of November 2021, 109 languages are supported by Google Translate. And most common translations are between English to Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi language. But there are 126 languages in development and 25 of them are in beta version.

You can translate multiple forms of text and media including text, speech, text within still or moving images. But two-way speech translation work with 43 languages. And for camera translation, it supports 90 languages. It supports voice recommendations as well. So if are not interested in writing but want to translate your words or sentences into another language, this feature may help you a lot. The app is available in all major versions including Android, iOS, Web. Overall a clean, simple, and user-friendly real-time translator application for all devices. Best Hindi language learning apps.

2. Microsoft Translator

The next best free real-time translator is Microsoft Bing Translator. It is also known as Microsoft Translator. Bing is the world’s 2nd most popular search engine. Now Bing translator supports more than 100 languages. It means you can translate between English and over 100 languages. The app has similar features as Google Translate. If you want to build a multi-language supported website or application, you can use Microsoft Translator Text API. The best part of the Microsoft Translator is its live feature allows up to 500 people to have live, multi-media, multi-language in person translated conversations. And it is really awesome. To give a better user experience Microsoft Translator is also available as a smartwatch app for both iOS and Android.

3. Text Grabber

If you are looking for a real-time translator app that can capture text from an image or book and translate it in front of you, Text Grabber can be a good app for you. If you are in another country where the street signs, product descriptions, or something else is not in the same language that you speak this app can help you a lot. You just need to open the app and allow your phone camera to capture the text. TextGrabber will translate the writings for you. Text Gabber also works offline. One of the best app for image text. But is able to translate 10 languages offline and it is word by word. You can also share translated text to other apps by clicking on the simple share button. You can also store, edit, delete, and merge all captured texts in the note list.

4. Translate On Screen

You may understand what kind of translate app it is. Yes, you are right. If you are looking for a real-time translator app that scans your phone screen and translates into your favorite language, you can go with the Translate On-Screen app. The app supports more than 100 languages. The powerful real-time translator app is able to translate in-game, voice-over, text on any surface, text right on the phone screen.

5. iTranslate

Are you an Apple fan! Well, if you are looking for Apple’s own product for your iPhone then you can go with iTranslate. A few days ago it was a paid app but in version 10 it arrives with a new business model. The app is now free for basic translation features. But if you want to enjoy offline mode, voice-over feature, or website translation, you need to upgrade your plan. The pro subscription plan starts at $3 per month. You can translate text into over 100 languages. The app also comes with a Smartwatch version and Apple included in their Smartwatch. The app is available both in Google Play Store and App Store. But if you are an android user, I will recommend you use Google Translate.

6. Never Papago Translate

Never Papago Translate does not support many languages as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. But it is able to translate between English and Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, German, and Italian languages. The best part of the app is it is completely free and it provides real-time text translation for phrases and words both online and offline. It has some limitations but a complete translator app for selected languages.

7. SayHi

Most translate apps allow you to translate with the voice feature. But if you are looking for a dedicated app that instantly translates your voice into another language or others’ voices into your favorite language, SayHi can be a good option for you. Most of the free third-party apps come with a lot of ads or paid subscriptions. But SayHi is completely free. The app is also easy to use. You just need to hold the microphone button to quickly bring up a keyboard. You are also allowed to copy or share your conversation and forward via email, SMS, Facebook, and more.

8. Speak & Translate

Last but not least. Speak & Translate- Voice Text Translator is another completely free and popular app for language conversation and translation. The voice-to-voice translator app comes with a dictionary for your translation needs. You can translate from any language to any language. The app is available in Google Play Store. Currently, 85k people are using this app.

Here you go. Here we mentioned the 8 best real-time translator apps with different features. We also tried to give you an idea about which app is suitable for which purpose. Let us know which translator app you like most. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Why Are Translation Apps Useful?

More than 500 million people around the world are using translation apps. If you are not using a translator app you don’t have a good idea why are translation apps useful:

Language is the best way to build a conversation and communicate with others. When you are not in your area and people are not speaking the same language you are used to a translator app that helps you a lot. It helps to learn a new language, communicate with friends and make new friends, talk with prospective clients.

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