SEO strategy is changing day by day. If you are a WordPress website owner then you can easily rank your web pages with WordPress SEO Plugin. But what is the best SEO Plugin for WordPress? Here we have listed the 11 best both free and paid Search Engine Optimization plugins for WordPress Websites.

What is SEO?

SEO is the short form of search engine optimization. In a line, the process of showing your website content in search engine search results is call SEO. But SEO means not only showing content on a search engine search result, it means showing your content on the first page of the search result.

At this time WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to build a website. And with a plugin, you can change, add, or design your WordPress website.  But there have some free and paid plugins.  Today I am gonna share the best 10 WordPress plugin that will help you to rank your content on the search engine first page.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is the most popular plugin for WordPress SEO. This plugin has the highest rating of another SEO plugin. You can say the King of all SEO plugins. When we are publishing this article Yoast has a 27,074 Five star rating. And this plugin has over 5 million active installations. It is simple and user-friendly. Yoast does a regular update.

Yoast will suggest to you what meta description you will see on google. It detects duplicate content on the website. The best part is it will suggest everything to make your content SEO-friendly. And the best part of the Yoast SEO plugin is they update their application after 2 weeks.

They offer both free and paid plugins. To get a free version just install and active and customize. But if you wanna a premium plugin then you have some dollars. And that will offer you more premium features like keyword optimization, suggesting other internal links of your site.

2. SEO Press

In the beginning time, I used SEO press for Search Engine Optimization. It is so simple and user-friendly. If you are looking for a lightweight plugin without updates and ads then you can choose SEO press. It is considered an alternative to the Yoast SEO plugin. The best part of this plugin there has no footprint even in the free version. It offers great XML and HTML sitemaps.

It offers a premium version of more features like Local SEO. If your website has a digital product and you run e-commerce it will optimize your product. And one of the best parts of the premium version it will help you to create a backlink ( by a third party). Besides this it will help you to video and news optimize, 404-page monitoring, Breadcrumbs optimize.

3. Rank Math: The Best SEO Plugin

Rank Math! Yes, you can say all in one for on-page WordPress SEO. It can manage on-page Search Engine Optimization for your website’s post, page, and other taxonomies. With this plugin, you can see how many search impressions get on your site. And you can control no index, no follow, and no archive meta tags.

Rank math will suggest your internal link building, optimize your image, local SEO. It comes with an inbuilt 404-page monitor, XML site maps, etc.

Last, of all, you can say one-stop-shop for your all WordPress Search Engine Optimization needs. If you want you can choose it no problem.

4. All In One SEO pack

All In One SEO pack first created in 2007. And it is the first free plugin that provides SEO integration for e-commerce sites including woo-commerce. You can find almost everything in this plugin. This plugin can be translated into 57 languages.

In every plugin, you have to put meta description manually but this one will automatically generate meta description for your post. But if you want you can customize.

You will get google analytics support and Google AMP support. Like Yoast and SEO press it will automatically notify Google and being a search engine. They say if you are an advanced user you can fine-tune everything to optimize your site.

5. Squirrly SEO

The Squirrly SEO plugin is for those people who guys are not experts in SEO. In a word, you can say fresher. When you start writing a series of the green marks is activated in real-time.

It will recommend the desired keyword. It offers a complete SEO Suite. You can think as you have an expert whispering into your ear as you are writing.

6. The SEO Framework

One of the best alternatives to Yoast SEO. The framework is lightweight and simple. Its interface and options are user-friendly. It will suggest where you have to work for SEO. And if everything is okay then it will mark your content as SEO friendlies like SEO press and Yoast.

It offers AMP. You can choose it for local Search Engine Optimization. This plugin will monitor Search engine optimization and uptime. You can customize your meta description and title.

You might know this plugin began as a project within the WPMUDEV community but at a time it becomes free for general WordPress users.

It offers 24/7 supports. You can feel free to ask them anything about their service, plugin. It does not create any cookies.

7. WordLift

WordLift is a paid WordPress SEO plugin. Their pricing starts from $65 Monthly. This plugin uses AI to bring advanced search engine optimization into the hands of content editors and marketers. This plugin help to organize your content.

WordLift is integrated with Google analytics. Some of the users of this plugin are – Amazon Audible, Airbnb, Greenpeace, The next web.

8. Platinum SEO

This plugin also a simple and user-friendly WordPress search engine optimization plugin. This plugin will help you to avoid duplicate content. It generates auto meta tags but if you want you can customize it. It doesn’t offer an XML site map. You can use Google XML sitemap.

9. Internal link Juicer

This plugin mainly a WordPress SEO tool. It is a semi-automatic internal link-building plugin for WordPress. It works on a pre-post configuration of your selected keyword.

The best benefit is you don’t have to manually link your pages for every new post. Internal Link Juicer plugin will automatically create an internal link. But if you want to customize you can no obligations.

10. Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO pack oi a well-known WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can customize meta descriptions, titles, and other features. You can use this plugin with e-commerce and wooCommerce plugins.

Besides this, no index and no follow options are available for each post. You can individually customize meta descriptions for Facebook, Twitter.

11. Broken Link Checker

SEO does not only work with some keywords and meta descriptions. You have to create a link and remove the broken link. To remove broken links or fix you can choose this plugin. With this plugin, you will easily find out all broken links and you can suggest a landing page. Or you can go manually and fix them.

This plugin has an option to search and filtering links. You don’t have to visit all pages individually you can fix them from this plugin’s home page.

How to make your blog successful?

Nowadays blogging is one of the popular professions. It depends on how patient and creative you are. If you do blogging only for money then there have no chance to be successful. As a blogger, I just wanna share some tips.

Content: Content is the heart of the blog. But the thing many of us especially newcomer who don’t have any content ideas, they visit popular websites read an article and try to publish the article on his/her site. It’s totally wrong. Go to try something new or find out which have fewer competitors. Or you can take content idea suggesting topics.

I was looking for some ideas about the most dangerous apps in 2020, I saw there have some suggestions. Then I found that The most dangerous apps for kids have fewer competitors, then I start writing on them. Now It’s In The 2nd position on Google rank. Or you can follow news sites like upcoming topics.

SEO: If you think publishing good and large content is enough then it would be like planting trees without water. So first of all write SEO-friendly content then work for SEO. Share your article or content on social sites. Visit the link with the browser. Create backlink. To get a do-follow backlink you can join as a guest blogger and submit a guest post. Somagom allows backlinks in a guest post.

The Best Content Promotion Methods

Promote your content: If you start a new blog the thing is no one knows about it. There have many ways to promote content.

  1. Email marketing: There have 3 main reasons for email subscriptions. They are: they think your content is helpful and valuable, they want to update, and your competitor. If you already have an email list then use your email list. And If you don’t then work on it.
  2. Social share: If you have a large number of followers it’s easy just share. And if you don’t have then start now. And work with one single platform.
  3. Join niche forum: People join niche forums of groups or online communities because they need the information they like or anything else. Join a community and stay connected. Answer the questions and make sure you are following the community guide and policy.
  4. Collaborate with other bloggers: Mention other bloggers post links in your content and let them know you mentioned his link. It will inspire him to mention your site in his next post. Or you may get an extra share from his site.
  5. Paid Promotion: Paid method is one of the best ways for content marketing. Facebook, YouTub, Instagram, and more. For video, you can take a look on YouTube.

So the thing is, Publish less content, but focus on Content Marketing. And try to do something new and creative.

If you enjoy this article put your comment and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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