Are you looking for the best shopping cart cover for your baby? You are in the right place. Here we have listed the 8 best shopping cart cover for your baby in 2020 you can buy now. Let’s take a look, what is the best shopping cart cover for a baby?

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List Of The Best Shopping Cart Covers For Babies

1. Infantino Compact 2 in 1 shopping cart cover

If you are looking for a cover that will fit on all shopping carts. Then you can choose Infantino Compact 2 in 1 shopping cart cover. It includes 1 teether and an additional loop for the baby’s favorite toy. You are also getting a sippy cup strap, it keeps the drink close at hand. It is very comfortable and comes with an adjustable safety harness belt that keeps your baby secure.  The price is between $20-$25 only.

2. Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart

This is another cart cover I personally like. If you are looking for a cart for your 4 months to 48 months baby then you can choose this one. The Boppy Preferred shopping cart and restaurant cover provide 360 coverage for most shopping carts or restaurant baby thing chairs. Its 2 point safety traps keep your baby more secure. It includes a bottle compartment and storage pocket to keep the essentials. The cover fits into any diaper bag so it is easy to carry.

3. Croc N frog Shopping Cart Cover For Baby (2 in 1)

The shopping cart cover comes with premium quality soft fabric with a polka dot design. The cover provides a soft cushion seat that includes a seat belt. And it helps to keep your baby safe and more secure. It has three toy loops that keep your baby engaged with favorite toys. The cover is machine washable. The price is also reasonable. To get this beautiful Shopping cart cover you have to pay only $20-22. It’s available on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. or search on Google.


If you are looking for a cover for your 6 month years baby then you can choose this one. But I think it is best for one year child. You can use this cover as a restaurant high chair cover. It is also easy to clean with a washing machine. The cover fits regular and extra size carts. It’s easy to fold and covers the cart fairly well. The price is between $28-30.

5. Skip Hop Baby Shopping Cart Cover

This is another best shopping cover cart I loved. It is completed with a padded seat. And it will give your baby comfort as it has the opportunity to keep its legs out. This cart cover also fits most shopping cart cover and restaurant-style high chairs. Made with extra soft fabric and machine washable. The cover comes with two front lops and it will keep your baby entrained while you are a shop or dine in the restaurant. Its seat belt with a clip will help to keep your baby more secure in the cart. The cart cover’s price is between $24-30.

6. Busy Bambino 2 in 1

Busy Bambino 2 in 1 made with higher quality stitching and fabric. Its great protection will help to prevent your baby from unhygienic surfaces on the shopping cart. The company claims the covers are made with 100% polyester fabric, so it would be long-lasting also. It is very easy to clean and also machine washable. The cover includes a sippy cup, toy trap. And it also includes a leg opening perfect to keep your baby comfortable. The price is also reasonable, the price is about 20-25 USD.

7. Nuby Baby Shopping Cart Cover

If you are looking for a simple-looking cart cover then you can take a look here. This cart cover is also like others but it comes with a safety harness, 3 toy loops, and an essential pocket. The pockets are nice too for holding a wallet and keys. It also fits with a high chair cushion. The print is also cute and colorful. The cover is also machine washable.


The cart cover provides complete 360-degree protection against germs. It perfectly fits with the both shopping cart and high chairs. The cover is made with brushed fabric and it is soft to touch. The shopping cart cover is also durable and stain-resistant. And it’s soft fabric free of toxic materials and it ensures your baby’s long-term health and wellness. BINXY BABY comes with two toy rings and a pocket. It’s easy to clean and machine washable.

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FAQs & Answers

Why shopping cart cover for baby?

We know a shopping cart is one of the dirtiest things you touch. Expert says a shopping cart may have more bacteria than a public storeroom. A shopping cart cover protects your baby’s hands, body, and mouth from getting in touch with this cart. If you are concerned about your baby’s health, you must use a cover when you are shopping with your little one.

How to clean the shopping cart cover?

If you have a washing machine then it is easy to wash the cover. If you don’t have a washing machine then take Light heat water in a bowl and soak it for a while with some detergent. Then wash after 20-30 minutes. However, be sure to read the user manual that comes with the cover. And of course, refrain from being caught with empty hands.

How Often you would wash the cart cover?

If you ask me how often you should wash the shopping cart cover? Then my answer is whenever you use the cover wash as soon as you get home. Because shopping carts contain thousands of germs that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

When you can put your baby in a shopping cart seat?

Expert says, as soon as your baby can sit up without your support you can put your child in a shopping cart seat. But always remember to use the seatbelt and don’t allow your baby to sit in the main part of the cart.


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