What is the best website or platform to sell courses online? Or How to sell the online courses and how to make money selling online courses? What is the best way to boost up online course sales? Well, if you are looking for the same answers then you are welcome to Somagom. This is EHP today in this article I am going to share the 5 best and top sites to sell courses online. And how can you make money by selling your course online? To learn take time and read the full article.

Best Platforms To Sell Courses Online

If you are searching for a site where you can sell your own courses online but don’t have time to marketing, you are in the right place. Here is the list of the 12 platforms to sell your courses online and make money online:

1. Udemy: Allover Good

Udemy is one of the world’s most popular and leading platforms for online courses. Where you can learn web development, data science, data analysis, software development, SQL, ethical hacking, graphic design, cybersecurity, PMP, video editing, marketing, finance, business, and more. Currently, they have 130000 online videos and every month now courses are publishing. The learning platform claims currently they have 40 million students, 70 thousand instructors, over 155000 courses, the number of enrollments on Udemy is about 480 million, and courses in 65+ languages. If you are experienced and expert on any topic then you can create a course and publish your course on Udemy.

Payment and Pricing: If you want you can offer free courses. But Udemy charges 3% of revenue share if a course sale is made by the course creator or instructor coupon. They charge 50% revenue if the sale is made by organic search or Udemy’s promotion. And if a sale is made by Udemy’s paid promotion then they will charge 75% of the revenue.

2. SkillShare: Best For Developers and Digital Marketers

SkillShare is one of the leading online learning sites where all most all types of skill development courses are available. Courses on illustration, design, photography, video, finance, app development, web development, freelancing, and more are available on SkillShare. Every day new courses are adding. If you are an expert then you can make money by sharing your skill with others.

The online learning community claims the top teacher makes over $10000+ each year by selling courses in a year with SkillShare. It is simple to sell your courses on SkillShare. Just create an account and create a course on any topic that you are good with, simply upload your course. You will be paid monthly for every member who watches your class. If you have any questions about SkillShar then you can visit them read the class guidelines.

How much you can earn by selling courses on SkillShare?

Well as we said you can earn up to 100000+ USD a year. You will get $10 for every premium student that you bring to SkillShare. And learning royalties based on the number of minutes watch in your videos or classes every month. They didn’t make it clear about the royalties in their portal.

3. Udacity: Largest Online Course Selling Site

If you don’t have extra or much time to marketing your own course and want to sell your own course online then Udacity is one of the best solutions for you. Like Udemy and SkillShare, here you can create and upload your courses to sell online. Udacity claims they have more than 10 million students around the world. You are allowed to create courses on any topic you want and sell them online. The most popular online courses in Udacity are data architect, security engineer, security analyst, data science, healthcare, monetization strategy, SQL, market analysis, and more.

It is simple to sell your courses online with Udacity. Just visit their home page and scroll down and click on become an instructor. Read their terms and conditions. There have some basic tips on how to create and sell courses online with Udacity.

4. Teachable: Best To Set Up Your Own Bran

Teachable is one of the best and old platforms to sell courses online. Experts say Teachable is the best alternative to Udemy. If you are looking for the best alternative to Udemy then you can go ahead with Teachable. Because you are getting the chance to branding yourself. It is one of the leading platforms to create online courses. By using this platform you can create videos, audios, and text-based courses and sell them.

Another best part of Teachable is you can make money with Teachable selling eBooks. And if you are looking for a site where you can host a live workshop and get paid for your live show. Then Teachable is a good option for you. Just create your own site and sell Tecahable’s courses on your own site.

5. Alison: Best Course Selling Site For Experts

You can not directly sell your courses on Alison. But you can make money with Alison by uploading your content. When you upload content on Alsion there have many organizations or companies who will advertise on your course and you will get paid for this advertisement.

You may know Alison offers certificates and charges simple fees. And if someone wants to get a certificate from Alsion and if your course lends itself to the market then you will earn more.

How to publish a course on Alison?

It is simple to publish your course on Alison. First, you need to complete an application. They will ask some detailed questions about your potential as a publisher. After submitting an application you will get an email with a link to the Alison publishing tool. Now create a course and submit it to Alison. After completing a review by Alison’s authority they will approve or decline your courses. Now promote your course and make more money by publishing your courses on Alison.

What is an online course?

An online course is a digital version of a course that is delivered via the internet. It could be video, audio, or text. Generally, online courses are created by instructors, published on websites, and students can take lessons learned on mobile, computer, tablet.

What is the most popular paid online course?

Nowadays cooking to data science almost all types of courses are available online. The most popular paid online courses are Machine learning, data science, computer science, web development, app development, marketing & finance, Google IT support, cloud architecture, SEO, Cloud Engineering, networking, IT and cloud computing, financial decision making, and more.

Best ways to sell courses online

Marketing is the best way to grow your sales, especially online courses. There are two main ways to increase your online course sales. They are free organic methods and paid advertisements. But you can boost up the sales of your online course by following the following methods:

1. Publish evergreen content

If you want to build up long-lasting and sustainable sales then you should focus on content marketing. You can create evergreen content related to your course. And tell people or visitors about your course. To get the first position on Google or other search engines you should focus on SEO.

2. Create Coupon

You can create coupons to boost up your sales. And offers a special discount when people use the coupon codes. It will increase people to buy your courses. How to create a coupon code using WordPress.

3. Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is getting more popular day by day. You can offer affiliate programs to boost up your online sales. The best part of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to promote your course the affiliate marketer will promote your product or service to generating more affiliate income.

4. Offer a free course

To get the attention of your audience you can offer free courses and advise your audience to buy premium courses where you shared more information about the course. Offering free courses is one of the most effective ways to generate more online course sales.

5. Paid Or Direct Advertisement

If you are looking for an instant audience then you should go ahead with paid or direct advertising. Nowadays there have a lot of digital platforms or ad networks you can promote your courses. You can promote your course via Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, and email marketing.

How to sell online courses with your own website?

Creating a website is easy and simple. You can simply create a website using WordPress, or you can hire a web developer who will create a website for you. If you sell your courses with your own website you can offer them at the lowest price. Because you don’t need to pay commission to others.


If you have a good knowledge of any subject it could be cooking or artificial intelligence you can create a course and sell it online. It is not necessary to have a DSLR or gaming pc you can create a course simply using your smartphone and a screen recorder. So let’s go ahead and share your knowledge with others.