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The 7 Best Softbox Lighting Kit For Video & Photography in 2021

Are you looking for the best softbox lighting for your new studio set up? Yes, you are in the right place. An appropriate softbox is a kind of studio equipment that can take your video or photo quality to another level. And after a long time of research, I and my team made a list of the 7 best softboxes available in the market and you can buy them now. Here we listed both the best budget and high-quality softboxes to make your photos or videos more catching like juicy.

1. Neewer 1350W Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 1350W is one of the best-selling Softbox Lighting kits on Amazon and eBay. The kit box comes with 88 inches adjustable light stand and includes a pair of 24 inches enclosures and a softbox covers. The cover is made of professional particular silver film reflective fabric with a nylon white screen that can soften the hard light and eliminate object shadows.

You are allowed to directly connect light bulbs and fluorescent lamps or slave flash to offer the light. Another best part of the softbox lighting angle can be 210 degrees adjustable through the lamp holder to catch different shooting needs.

You are getting E27 sockets so you can easily connect light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, or slave flash to offer the light. Neewer 1350W is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a Softbox to setup YouTube Vlogging ad commentary videos. You are getting a nice carry bag.

2. HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

If are planning to improve your studio with a low budget then you can choose the HPUSN softbox lighting kit. The lighting kit priced at 79 USD. You are getting two 5500 kelvin lightbulbs also in this budget.

You are getting two light stands and once aloft in your studio, it can be raised as high as 200Cm or 2 meters and as low as 27 inches. It comes with a standard mounting stub, single action locks, and a three-leg stage. The HPUSN has an independent locking knob so it can be rotated 210 degrees to adapt to different angles.

You can use this softbox for different purposes including photography, group photos, video shooting, and also product photography. But I personally recommend using it for indoor shooting.

3. Fovitec 3-Light 2500 Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

If you ask me which lighting kit contains everything you need to get started with photography and don’t want to break your budget. Well then my answer will be you should go ahead with the Fovitec 3-Light softbox lighting kit.

The lighting kit comes with two light stands, one a boom am and a carry case for your video and photography. The maximum capacity is 85W bulbs and holds up to 5 bulbs in a single light stand. You are getting 3 on/off switches located on the back. So you are allowed to control the lighting brightness.

The Fovitec softbox comes with 10 feet power cord and a 3 prong plug. And another best part is it comes with a 5 AMP fuse so you can easily replace it when you need it. The basic boom arm is adjustable up to 5 inches and holds up to 9 bulbs. I think it’s really great for the headshot.

4.  MOUNTDOG 2400W Softbox

Are you looking for something like a Fovitec softbox but you have a low budget then you can choose the MOUNTDOG 2400W softbox lighting kit. But you are allowed to set up to 4 bulbs in a single softbox stand. And you are getting 2 control switches to create different brightness.

The lighting kit comes with 12 pieces of 45W professional light bulbs and a 20×28 softbox. All the stands are made of aluminum alloy and you are allowed to raise up to 80cm and as low as 27 inches. A long boom arm gives you a much wider range of choices of position.

The MOUNTDOG 2400W is perfect for indoor video shooting, product shooting, group photo shooting, and more. You are also getting 12x45w 5500k light bulbs and a carrying box. The MOUNTDOG 2400W softbox lighting kit priced at 189 USD.

5. RALENO Lighting kit

RALENO is another familiar name in the Softbox industry. The lighting kit comes with 2 pieces of adjustable stands which can raise up to 80cm and low as well 27cm. A high-quality 5070 Nylon cloth used for smooth light flow.

The softbox comes with an E27 lamp holder and you are getting 2 light bulbs and the company claims that they can serve about 8000 hours. This affordable lighting device is much durable and affordable portability and Indore photo shoot. The company says it is made of long-lasting and high quality 5070 nylon cloth for smooth light flow.

You are also getting a 90 inches cable so you can move freely in the studio. Foldable to 27 inches and extended to 85 inches adjustment light stand. Just install your kit and setup two 85w bulbs and start your shoot. The RALENO Softbox lighting kit is priced at 69.99 USD.


If you are looking for a complete lighting setup for your startup studio then you can choose the HPUSN SB03 softbox lighting kit. The lighting kit comes with two softboxes, two light stands, two umbrellas with 2 stands, one background support, three-color backdrops, six backdrop clamps, and one carrying bag.

The softbox and umbrella stands can be rotated 210 degrees to provide diverse photographic needs. All the stands are made of aluminum alloy. You are allowed to adjust the height as low as 27 inches.  and raised at 78.75inchs.

As we said the lighting kit comes with two background stands and 3 color backdrop. The background stand can extend from 2.1 ft to 8.5ft in height and width from 5ft t 10ft. HPUSN SB03 lighting kit is the perfect solution for semi-professional and professional photographers. The HPUSN SB03 is priced at 161.99 USD.

7. Neewer 47″ Umbrella Softbox

Are you looking for a softbox without a stand? Well, you can choose Neewer 47″ Umbrella Softbox to setup your Speedlite or flashlight. The softbox is made of high-density nylon material. You can use both studio light and flashes with the umbrella hole. The lighting kit priced at 42.99 USD. But if you purchase 80Cm then you have to pay 38.99 USD only.

What is a softbox?

A Softbox is a photography or videography lighting equipment. This eliminates the lack of light when taking pictures or videos. It comes with different shapes like rectangular, square, or octagonal.


There has no fixed size for the softbox. But the most common size of the softbox is 80cm or 31.49 inches. Sometimes it could be 120cm and up to 170cm. But if you make a custom softbox then it depends on you which size you need and which size you choose.


The best light for a softbox is daylight-balanced LED light. But if you think you need something colorful then you can try colorful led lights. And it is better to follow the user manual guideline before buying a softbox bulb.

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