Are you looking for the best virtual credit card for online shopping? Yes, you are in the right place. There have many virtual prepaid card providers with VVCs and these cards are mainly used for online shopping. By the way let’s talk about some the best virtual credit card provider for online shopping, who offers virtual credit cards for online shopping and how to use them.

1. ECard 

Like other prepaid cards, Ecard has a user-friendly mobile application and has a quick application process. If you are looking for a low fee prepaid card for online shopping at home abroad or online, then you can choose this card. There have no monthly fees, signature transactions, or PIN transaction fees. You can get one card for you and 2 additional cards for family members or the nearest one who is at least thirteen years old. ECARD offers free to withdraw cash for free at any NYCE or SUM ATM across the globe. The card provider offers discounts, cashback offers, and more. But there have some requirements your initial deposit must be at least $100 and you can load or keep up to $10,000.

2. SwiftpayCard

Swiftpaycard is one of the most popular Virtual card providers. They offer virtual Visa and Mastercard for online shopping. You can use this card worldwide. You can use this card for buying products or services, online bill payments, even for Facebook and Google ads, and more. They have a great customer service team and offer 24/7 live chat support. And if you want you can disable or delete the card any time you want. They have But there has a little activation fee.

3. NetSpend

The next one I like is Netspend. Netspend offers a free prepaid card for online shopping. There is no minimum balance required to maintain your account. The Netspend offers rewards points on your use, which means the more you spend the more you save. You can reload your card through direct bank deposit or e-check, even you can receive money from your family and friends. They offer a high yield savings account and you can earn 5 percent APY on your savings balance (1000 or more). But if you don’t use the card for 90 days then you have to pay a $5.95% inactivity fee.

4. The Greenlight Card

If you are looking for a virtual prepaid card to save money then you can choose this card. The best part of the card is you can deposit money in two categories – one can be spent by your kids and others that have parental control. The primary cardholder gets alerts when purchases are made or declined. You can encourage your child for savings by setting up an annual percentage yield rate that you pay towards your kids’ general savings. You can have up to 5 children on one parent account. It has a monthly $4.99 fee but it doesn’t charge on any purchase. It has a direct deposit limit also.

5. EzzoCard

One of The best parts of Ezzocard that I liked is you don’t need any verification, neither ID card nor any other personal information. Another thing is when you making a purchase you are not required to provide any personal information. If you need a card within 24 hours just apply for the card make payment and get your (Card Number) VCC and pin. After getting your VCC and pin you can use them for any international or domestic purchase also.

Can I use this virtual prepaid card for Facebook ads?

Yes, Facebook accepts all cards that I mentioned above. You can run ads or post your content on Facebook. Just set up your ads and go for payment and then put the VCCs and other information. You can also use this virtual credit card for google cloud payment.

This was about the 5 best virtual prepaid credit cards for online shopping. Drop your comment on the comment box and let us know which one do you like most.

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