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The 6 Best Walkie-Talkies For Kids in 2021

A walkie-talkie for your child is not only fun it also enables you to get in touch with your kids from a close distance. Besides, it gives your kids a sense of independence and encourages them to do new things.

Nowadays there have dozens of walkie-talkies are available in the market. So it is not an easy task to find a durable and best budget walkie-talkie, especially for kids. But if you are looking for a walkie-talkie for your child you are in the right place.

Based on user reviews and after visiting the local market here we have made a shortlist of the best walkie-talkies for kids. And today in this article I am going to introduce the 6 best walkie-talkies are available in the market. All the walkie-talkies for kids we mentioned in our list are easy to use, handy, and durable enough. I also give you an idea about the prices, features of those walkie-talkies we mentioned in the list.

List Of The Best Walkie-Talkie For Kids

1. Topsung 3

The first best walkie-talkie for kids we would like to recommend is Topsung 3. The Topsung 3 Walkie Talkies For Kids is durable and comes with an easy interface. So it is easy to operate for 3 to 12-year-olds. The best part of Topsung 3 is it comes with rechargeable batteries. I will notify you when the battery is low. The device for kids got a 3 kilometers range and 22 channel auto scan. It means on the same channel you can communicate with other types of 22 channel walkie-talkies. If your kids like climbing, cycling, fishing, hiking, and you want to get real-time updates from your kids then you can choose this one. It will make your child fun and give you unlimited happiness.

2. LOOIKOOS Walkie-talkie

The next best walkie-talkie for kids is LOOIKOOS Walkie-talkie. It could also be one of the best gifts for 3 to 12 years olds. But in our review, we found it is suitable for 4-7 years olds. The LOOIKOOS walkie-talkie for kids comes with high anti-interface clear voice technology. You can easily monitor your child with this lightweight walkie-talkie. But there has no rechargeable battery. You need to install 4 AAA batteries to operate the device. Like Topsung 3 it also supports 22 channels. The LOOIKOOS’s maximum range is 3 killomtters. Besides the device comes with battery saving function and it supports multiple simultaneous calls. The LOOIKOOS is priced at 30 dollars.

3. Retevis RT628

Retevis RT628 is one of the best-selling kid’s walkie-talkies. It looks a little different than other walkie-talkies we mentioned in the list. Retevis RT628 comes with an ergonomic design with rounded corners. The device for kids is comfortable to hold and lightweight enough. The best part of the walkie-talkie is it allows you to connect headphones. Besides, it supports multichannel (22 channels), multiple ringtones, HD clear sound. It is also compatible with AA batteries and you can also run with regular batteries. Overall it is simple to use and. The Retevis RT628 is priced at 22 dollars. So if you are looking for a kid’s birthday, Christmas, Halloween, or new year gift then you can choose this one.

4. Selieve Toys

Selieve Toys Walkie-talkie is another best walkie-talkie for 3 to 10 years olds. The Selieve Toys comes with anti wandered off, intelligent alarm system and you can real-time monitor your child. The best part of the walkie-talkie for kids, it is equipped with a key lock function so it is really easy for kids to modify the channels. The Selieve Toys can be great for both indoor and outdoor activities. It also comes with a flashlight so it will helpful for night adventure or a dark warking atmosphere. The walkie-talkie for kids also comes with a 2.5mm earphone jack. You need to install 8 AAA batteries to run the device. The Selieve Toys is priced at 27 dollars. So if you are looking for a walkie-talkie for under 30 dollars then you can choose this one.

5. Widhouse Walkie Talkie For Kids

If you are looking for more than one or two walkie-talkies for kids but have a low budget and looking for something durable then I will suggest you go with Widhouse Walkie Talkies For Kids. The function of the Widhouse Walkie Talkies is similar to Selieve Toys. It comes with an inbuilt flashlight, key lock, auto power saver features. Besides, it supports multichannel and got up to 3 kilometers range. But we found it works better up to the 2-kilometer range. There has no recharge option for batteries but you can use rechargeable-removal batteries. The 4 pack (Combo) is priced at 48 dollars.

6. SK Supker Walkie-Talkie For Kids

SK Super walkie-talkie for kids is a great bridge for communication with fun with a short distance. You are getting 3pack as a combo and all come in three different colors. The SK Super also enables 22 channels and comes with a long range of up to 3 kilometers. It supports 3 AAA batteries. The sound is surprisingly clear and it is easy to use as well. The walkie-talkies for kids are handy and lightweight enough. The three-pack Wilke-talkie is priced at 30 dollars only.


Here you go. If you want more fun for your kids and looking for a lovely gift with a small budget then walkie-talkies can be a good choice.

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