If you don’t wanna lose your data from your computer and laptop, First of all, you need to make sure a backup your files on your computer. It could be your image or videos or any other documents on your computer that should be back up.

If you are looking for how to backup your data then you are in the right place. And there have multiple options to create a backup of your files. Let’s take a look…

1. External Drive

The first thing we recommend is to backup files to an external hard drive. You will need a device that has the capacity (sufficient Storage) to store all of the data files, you need to back up.

And for this, an external hard drive is the best option. Because it’s cheap and fast enough to transfer data, and also easy to find. It resides in the same building as your computer.

Just find an appropriate storage device and plug the device into your device. You can connect it using a USB cable or other connection method. It will automatically bring up a dialog box.

Now configure advanced settings. It will ask you how long files are kept and how often the device makes a backup.

Finally, select a drive and make sure the correct storage device is selected. As everything is okay now click on Turn On.

Note: If you leave the external drive plugged into your computer device for 24 hours. The same power or ransomware can also destroy both. So, everyday plug in the external drive, and when the backup is done just remove the drive. 

2. Cloud Storage Service

The next recommended backup system is using cloud storage. It allows the user to save their data to a remote server. But there have both free and paid services. And many services use private keys to encrypt your data and that means your data is highly secured. So before making an online back up make sure your service provider is secure.

Online backup will allow you to access your backup data files from anywhere you have an internet connection. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox are the most popular free online storage service provider. But they require you to manually keep them update. So set up an online backup with software or browser and set a schedule that works for you. Try to keep a schedule when you are not working on the computer it could make your computer slow.

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3. Use Image Tool On Windows

This is recommended using removal storage. To create a full backup of Windows 10 with the system image tool, follow these steps.

  1. Open Setting
  2. Click on Update & Security
  3. Click on Backup
  4. Now Select Go to Backup and Restore
  5. On the left pane, select Create a system image
  6. Choose where do you want to save
  7. Go for next
  8. Select any additional drives
  9. Then click on next
  10. Start Backup
  11. When everything is done Click on close.

4. Take advantage of Multiple Method

Now if you ask me which backup I like or use? Alright, I do both offside and onside backup. But why? This a good question. Think your office or home burns down or all the hardware is stolen by thieves. Then you will lose your backup file.

And another thing when you create a backup online you need an internet connection and if you use a paid service then there have a monthly subscription and if you can not pay. Then you are not able to restore data. So always try to use multiple methods. It will give you a better option.

Bottom line

There have many free and paid services online. Before taking a service please make sure your data is secure to them. And always try to create multiple backups. This was about how to backup your computer. If you have any questions please drop our comment and let us know.

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