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The 10 Best WiFi Extender Under 50 Dollars in 2021

Nowadays dozens of WiFi extender is available in the market. And is not easy to find the best wifi repeater. Because bot only for the budget. Many of us don’t have a good idea about the wifi extender.

Besides your budget range Before buying a wifi extender, you must also consider the layout of your home, as well as how much area you need to cover, what your home is made of. If you are looking for the best wifi extender under $50 then you are in the right place.

Hi, this is Mark. I and my team are here to help you out. In this article, we have highlighted the top 10 WiFi extenders under 50 dollars are available in the market and their pros and cons also. In addition to the budget, we have highlighted their coverage area, frequency, security, ports, performance, and more.

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List Of The Best Wifi Extender Under 50 Dollars:

We already know Tp-link is the world’s no #1 provider of wifi consumers. The first wifi repeater I would like to recommend is tp-link AC1200. The extender has the ability to boost internet Wi-Fi up to 1500 square feet and allows you to connect up to 25 devices including a smart tv, phones, Alexa, and more. The RE305 is an AC1200 dual-band wi-fi range extender designed to improve wifi coverage for your wifi devices (router).

And it is committable with any router, gateway, or access point. The device is easy to install and connect. The device comes with a powerful intelligent signal indicator. Tp-link offers a great app to manage your extender and allows you to set schedules and manage your network. Setup is extremely simple and easy. You don’t need to install any software to connect your network and setup is done via the web address given in the guide. The device is priced at only $44.45. You are getting 2 years and 24/7 technical support.

2. NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender EX5000

The Second wifi reaper under $50 I would like to recommend is NetGear EX5000. The NetGear is able to cover up to 1500 square feet and connect up to 25 devices including laptops, smartphones, IP cameras, and more. The extension provides up to 1200Mbps performance.

Like Ex23700 the extension supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols. It is easy to configure just plug and move. The Amazon Customer review section on customer says after 4 months of use there has been no dropped signal and has never had to reboot it or pay any attention to it all. The NetGear EX5000 is priced at $49.99. If you have a large home or office then you can choose this powerful WiFi repeater.

3. JOOWIN 1200MBPS WiFi Range Extender

If you are looking for the best Wi-Fi extender under $40 then you can choose JOOWIN 1200Mbps Wifi range extender. This small wifi repeater can easily be blending into your home decor. The wifi repeater comes with 4*3dBi external antennas to better improve the existing network signal. The device has the ability to cover up to 1000 square feet and delivers a combined transmission rate of up to 1200Mbps.

It is compatible with any router, iPad, Computer, android device, Alexa, smart Tv, and more. You are allowed to connect 15 devices, including streaming, online gaming, video conferencing. Easy to set up just plug in and turn on the repeater and rest it first. Then wait about 2 minutes and then go to set it will automatically jump to the browser then log in with default UI and Pass. Scan and select your router. Enter the password and click on save that’s all. The JOOWIN 1200Mbpa WiFi extender is priced at $37.99.

4. NextBox WiFi Repeater 1200Mbps

This is another best wifi extender at $40. The wifi repeater is able o cover up to 3000 square feet and it’s huge and delivers AC dual-band WiFi up to 1200Mbps. It comes with a WPS button just press the button and in a minute connect to your phone. Easy to install and connect any wired devices such as PC, Playstation, Xbox, and more.

And no worries about your security supports advanced wireless security encryption WPA/WPA2 PSK Mixed/Hidden SSID and avoid all unauthorized access. The NextBox wifi repeater allows you to connect up to 30 devices at a time and strengthen your network for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. So you can use both WIFI bands to establish one super high-speed connection that’s perfect for HD streaming and gaming.

5. NetGear wifi Range Extender EX2700

The WiFi range Extended coverage up to 600 square feet and concerts up to 10 devices such as laptops smartphones, speakers, tablets, and more.  The WiFi extender can reach up to 350Mbps and works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable model with WiFi. The device support WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.

It is easy to connect, just press the WPS button to connect your router. The WiFI extender comes with one 10/100M ethernet port and allows you to easily connect a nearby wired device for faster transfer. Netgear EX2700 allows you to connect up to 10 devices. The WiFi repeater is priced at only $32.99.

6. Rock Space AC1200 WiFi Extender

Rock Space AC1200 is another best WiFi extender under $50. This Wifi range repeater is able to automatically choose a high-quality band for better performance. And offers up to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz, 867Mbps for 5GHz, and a reliable data transmission rate of up to 1167Mbps.

The Rock Space 1200Mbps wifi repeater is equipped with dual external antennas and is able to cover up to 1292 square feet. Works with all routers and support extending to any device likes IOS, android devices, echo, Alexa devices, PlayStation, and more. Just power on and connect to the wifi router with an ethernet cable. Please avoid putting the extender near Bluetooth devices and larger electrical appliances.

If you are looking for a Wifi extender under $20 and need to cover a small area like 2 or 3 rooms you should choose Tp-link N300. The wifi repeater is priced at only $19.99. The device supports up to 300Mbps speed and comes with 2 external antennas for more reliable Wi-Fi. It is easy to set up and you are getting a 1x fast ethernet port.

So you are allowed to connect one device via wired to your wireless network. And the ethernet port only supports 10/100 speed. If you look at the price then it provides a decent range and extending the signal up to 75 feet. That’s not bad. It is very easy to set up, configure, and roll back to the factory settings. Overall if you are looking for a Wifi Extender under $20 TP-Link N300 is good to go.

8. Tenda AC1200 Gigabit Wifi Range Extender

Tenda is another popular name in the Wireless network industry. It has the ability to cover more than 120 square meters or 1200 square feet. On single band offers 300Mbps and on 5GHz offers 867Mbps.

The best part of this wifi adapter is its ethernet port allows A18 to function as a wireless adapter to connect wired devices like PC, smart TV, Xboxes, and more. It’s WPA/WPA2 encryption mode keeps your connection more secure. The wifi repeater is priced at $39.99.

9. Victure 1200MBPS Wifi Extender

Victure is not much popular as TP-Link or NetGear but it could be considered as a strong competitor. At this price point, Victure 1200MBPS Wifi Extender can be a good choice.

The Victure 1200MBPS Wifi Extender comes with two antennas. You don’t need to install any extra applications. You can simply connect your extender with the router via the website. It is able to connect any wired ethernet device and also AP mood allows connect multiple devices at the same time.

The Victure 1200MBPS Wifi Extender is priced at 40 dollars only. So if you are looking for a wifi extender under 50 dollars you can take a look here also.

Once again TP-Link. Sometimes we need to move from one room to another. And when we are out of the range our wi-fi connection goes slow down. And TP-Link ER200 is another best wifi extender under 50 dollars. You don’t need to pay even 50 dollars to get this wifi extender. It is priced at 25 dollars only. The extender supports up to 300Mbps speed and is compatible with 802.1 b/g/n and 802.11AC wifi devices.


What Is WiFi Extender?

Generally, a Wifi repeater or wifi extender is a device that is used to extend the coverage area of the existing WiFi network. A WiFi extender collects the existing Wifi network signal and amplifying the signal transmits the boosted signal to other devices. A Wifi extender is also known as a WiFi booster or WiFi repeater.

Is WiFi repeater secure or not?

Yes, most of the wifi extenders are secure. Nowadays repeaters support WPA2-PSK security protocol and this is one of the highest levels of security available to home users. So if you are worried about your security then you should go with an extender that supports the WP2-PSK security protocol.

How Does A WiFi Repeater Work?

A WiFi extender works done his job in 3 steps. First, the WiFi extender receives signals from the existing wifi networks and then amplifies them. Finally, it transmits the boosted signal to the other wireless devices.

How to set up a wifi extender?

It is easy to set up a Wifi extender. Follow the following steps to connect your wifi repeater with a router:

  1. Plugin your repeater and press the power button.
  2. Now connect your device to the extender’s wifi network.
  3. It will automatically launch a web browser and enter the setup page.
  4. Click on the new extender setup.
  5. Enter your admin name
  6. Select and answer two security questions
  7. Then click on next
  8. Select the radio button and click next.
  9. Enter your existing network (router) password.
  10. Now type SSIDs and password (follow the user manual), click on next
  11. Go to wifi setting and connect the repeater’s network
  12. Go back to the dashboard and select continue.

How to choose a WiFi Extender?

Before buying a wifi extender you have the right to know the features and basic information. And here are some tips on how to pick the right WiFi repeater for your home or office.

1. Consider the frequency

Generally, a WiFi extender comes with 2 frequency rats one is a single band and the other is a dual-band. Single-band means supports only 2.4GHz and dual-band means it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. And before buying a Wifi extender make sure your existing network support dual-band.

2. Focus on bandwidth

N300. In order AC750, AC1200, AC1750, AC1900, AC200 compliment with  concurrent dual-band offering up to 300Mbps(433Mbps 5GHZ), 1167Mbps, 1750Mbps(450Mbps on 2.4GHz), 1900Mbps, 2200Mbps. So before buying a wifi repeater check what your router can support.

3. What type of ports do you need

Some wifi extender comes with an ethernet port and some are gigabit port. So try to find out which one you need. Ethernet port helps you to connect with desktop and other wired-based devices. Nowadays desktop-based wifi extender is available and has up to five Ethernet ports.

4. Don’t forget about security

Security is the most important point at this time. So before buying a Wifi repeater make sure they are offering paper security to secure your connection. At this time wifi repeater with WPA2-PSK security protocol is available in the market.

5. Coverage range

Think about how much area you need to cover. Generally, a wifi repeater is able to cover up to 2500 Squarefeet. It depends on what type of you have.

6. Focus on budget

Cost is a big factor while we are planning to buy something. A wifi repeater with a low range and low bandwidth is cheaper than a wifi extender that supports large area coverage.


Before buying a wifi extender try to find out what do you need, how much area you need to cover, and how many devices you need to connect. Focus on your security.

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