Bluebird Prepaid Card is offered by American Express. Hi, this is Mark, and in today’s article, I am going to review all the good and bad aspects of Bluebird Prepaid debit cards. Is it a scam or legit? Let’s take a look.

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What is Bluebird Prepaid Card?

Bluebird prepaid debit card issued and governed by American Express. Bluebird is loaded with features like no monthly or annual fees, no overdraft & inactive fees, and no minimum balance and credit score required. It’s a great alternative to checking accounts. To get an American Express Bluebird Prepaid card, you don’t need to open a bank account. You can deposit and expense or make a pursue where American Express is acceptable.

Upsides of American Express Bluebird prepaid cards

With a Bluebird account, there have many ways to add funds. So, let’s take a look at the pros of Bluebird American Express prepaid debit cards.

1. Free account

To get a card just download the card and register online for free. Bluebird doesn’t charge for creating an account. You can also buy a temporary card at Walmart Store for $5. And it’s one time and lifetime charge.

2. No monthly or inactive fees

Nowadays many rapid card providers have this offer. But the thing is there is no hidden charge in the Bluebird Prepaid Card. And there is no overdraft fee also.

3. Reload

With a Bluebird account, there have many ways to reload or fund your prepaid card. you can direct deposit, add funds from your bank account or add cash at Walmart. You can even make a mobile check deposit. To make a mobile check deposit just open the Bluebird Mobile applications and scan to make funds. And it’s really a great feature. I personally liked this feature. Total add funds transaction: $100000 per year combined for all of your Bluebird Accounts.

4. Free ATM

You can withdraw cash for free at over 24000 Money Pass ATMs including money center Express Machines at Walmart. But unless you use an in-network ATM, you have to pay to cash withdrawal. You can withdraw up to $750 per day from ATMs and up to $2900 in cash at Walmart. But you will charge $3 to $9 at Walmart. And of network ATM fee of $2.50.

5. Free Bill Pay

You can easily pay your bill online at Bluebird or with your smartphone using their mobile app, all for no fees. Car payments to online stores where American Express is acceptable. You can even send money and receive money from family and friends or anyone who has a Bluebird account without any charge.

6. Family Account

A family account is a great way to manage your family spending. With the Bluebird account, you can create up to four separate family accounts for teens and other family members. You can also set spending limits and ATM access. They even get their own Bluebird cards.

7. 24/7 customer service

Almost all prepaid card providers offer 24/7 customer service and it’s mandatory. Bluebird is also not far behind this competition. They offer a great 7/24 customer care service.

Downsides of Bluebird Prepaid card

In this world nothing is perfect. Besides some pros, there have some bad aspects to the Bluebird prepaid card. Let’s take a look at the downsides:

1. Less widely than visa and MasterCard

Like Visa and Mastercard American Express is not widely accepted by merchants. And MoneyPass is the only way to get cash for free. Also, there is no way to get cash back with a debit purchase at merchants.

2. Late Check deposit

You can directly deposit by scanning your bank check but it takes 10 business days to clear. But if you wanna get it within 15 minutes then you pay for same-day service. Steep fee 1% to 5% to have mobile checks cleared the same day. You can load checks worth up to $2500 on the card via the Bluebird mobile app.

3. No bank deposit

Nowadays almost all prepaid cards can reload with bank deposits. But there is no way to reload your prepaid card via a bank deposit. We hope the authority will take care of it.

4.Withdraw charge

There are no free methods of withdrawing cash without ATMs. MoneyPass ATMs are the only way to get cash for free. And Out of network fee of $2.50.

Is Bluebird a scam or legit?

The answer is, Bluebird is 100% legit. It is not a bank but it is governed by American Express. It functions almost like a bank checking account. And we also want to say it is a family-friendly money management tool.

How to Send Money Using Bluebird Account?

Follow the following steps to send money from your Bluebird American Express Prepaid Card Account:

  1. Log in to your Bluebird Account.
  2. Click on send money.
  3. Enter the receiver or payment information.
  4. Add a message (optional).
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Click the review button.
  7. Type PIN code and click on submit. Note: Before sending money from your account make sure you are using the correct information.

How to apply for a Bluebird Prepaid Card?

To get a Bluebird card you register directly online at or download the mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.

  1. You can also get a bluebird account setup kit for only $% at Walmart Store but it’s temporary.
  2. Entire your First and last name.
  3. Enter a valid email address and to confirm it re-enter your email.
  4. Now enter your valid mail address like ZIP code, Street address, Apt. Suite, Floor (it’s optional), city, and choose your state.
  5. Choose your phone number and enter your valid phone not. Remember they will never call for marketing purposes.
  6. Create a username. And make sure the username contains 5 to 20 characters at least 1 letter, no space, no symbols.
  7. Then confirm your date of birth.
  8. Social Security number. (They don’t check your personal credit, just need to verify.)
  9. Create an ATM pin. Don’t create with the same 4 numbers or ordered numbers, the last 4 digits of your SSN or your birth year.
  10. Choose a security question and write the security answer.
  11. Agree on their terms and condition.

Remember you need to verify your email. And this is the most important part. If everything is okay, your card will be delivered to your address within 7 to 10 business days.

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Bluebird prepaid card’s fees

Though the Bluebird Prepaid American Express Card comes with many free features. But there are some fees and charges. Here is the list of the Bluebird fees:

  1. Monthly Fee: $0
  2. Activation Fee: $0
  3. Card Price: Online $0; Retail Store Up to $5
  4. Cash Deposit: $0 ( direct deposit, cash or debit card at Walmart, online with a debit card, mobile check capture in days)
  5. Cash At other retails: Up to $3
  6. MoneyPass ATMs Withdraw: $0 (non MoneyPass: $2.50)
  7. Cash Pickup Powered by Ria: Up to $500 at $3; $500-$1,000 at $6; Cashout $1,000 -2,900 at $9 (tax fund only)
  8. Bill Pay fees: $0
  9. Spot Payment Fee: $0
  10. Send money fees: Bluebird to Walmart: $0;
  11. Bbird to wall mart: Send up to 450 at $4; Send $50-$1000 at $8; Send $1000-$25000 at $16.
  12. Inactivity fee: $0
  13. Other fees: foreign exchange: $0; Card replacement: $0; Customer care call: $0

How to check the Bluebird Prepaid Card balance?

You can check your Bluebird account balance anytime anywhere. To check your balance:

  1. Log in to the Bluebird Mobile Account and you will see your available balance and all your last transactions.
  2. If you are enrolled in the Text Alert Program then text “BAL” to BBIRD(22473).
  3. To know the five most recent transaction text “HIST” to BBIRD(22473). ( this feature is available if you are enrolled in the Text Alert Program).
  4. Call Customer care service.

Bluebird Customer Support

Toll-free customer care number for the US person: 877-486-5990; For International: 801-449-4016.

Bluebird Prepaid Card Alternatives

The best alternatives of Bluebird American Express cards are American Express Serve, Walmart MoneyCard, NetSpend, Payoneer, MOVO cash, But all of the American Express Serve is the best alternative to the Bluebird Prepaid Card.

Bottom Line

We already mentioned it is not a bank but it is a very convenient prepaid card account and it gives you complete control over your money. The card is featured with many free options. Despite some downsides, it is far ahead of other prepaid cards. This is not a big issue compared to other prepaid card providers.

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