Canon EOS is one of the well-known camera brands around the world. They have cameras of different prices and models. Canon EOS 2000D is one of the cheapest or cheapest cameras.

The Canon EOS 2000D got two different names, Rebel T7 is gonna be for the US and Canon EOS 2000D for other countries. It has a 24.1 MegaPixel an optical viewfinder, a 3-inch screen on the back, which is not a touchscreen. The camera got Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC transfer. However, let’s go ahead.

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What is in the box?

It is always better to see what you get before you purchase. The very fast thing, you are going to be getting is a warranty card. this is always good to keep a little bit of information. You are also getting some safety precautions which is something you don’t need to worry about. Then you are getting a pretty big fat manual with many different languages.

I like to read it online, but it’s a part of the packaging. The next thing you are getting is a Canon Shoulder Strap. I think this is a little bit thinner than normal, but it looks nice. Then you are getting a power plug, it’s quite big. You are also getting a wall charger just plug and put the battery. Next, you are getting an LPE 10 battery and it’s a little similar to the old Canon 1300D or T6. And you expecting Canon 2000D or T7 DSLR camera.

Canon 2000D or T7 DSLR Camera Design

We have got a pretty basic setup. The Canon EOS 2000D or T7 has no swiveling screen. And we have got all of your buttons on the right side of the camera. You are getting a flash at the top. And on the left side, we have got a couple of different ports. But it is a great sorrow that there have not a microphone jack.

You are getting a USB to connect your camera up to your computer and a mini HDMI cam cable also. And the bottom we have our battery slot and also have a slot for an SD card. On the top, we have our mood dial no lock switch which is quite good, especially for a beginner and on/off switch as well.


Canon EOS 2000D 0r T7 is the upgraded version of Canon T6. The main difference between the EOS 2000D and the EOS 1300D is the sensor. One comes with 18 Mega Pixels and the other comes with a 24.1 MP chip. They keep the price point down on the camera is to use the older processor that was in the 1300D which is the digital plus processor.

If you notice you may see the newer cameras Canon is now using the 8 Plus Z-set processor. There is no 4k on this for the video but it does shoot 1080p which is full HD. This has the same95% coverage optical viewfinder and a 9.0 autofocus system from the previous one. The Canon EOS 2000D or T7 offers full HD video recording with 30, 25, and 24 fps frame rates.

Canon 2000D or T7 Picture And Video Quality

This entry-level DSLR camera still delivers some decent shots. Especially when the lighting is good. The CanonT7 will shoot a 24-megapixel file and that is a very high-quality image. The JPG compression rate will decide the quality of your image when it is stored on your memory card.

And Full HD videos are also perfectly shots so if you have a plan or want to grab a few home movies, it’s a great alternative to your smartphone. But if you have any intention to shoot action or sports, the Canon EOS 2000D is a pretty poor choice. But it has good battery life. The Canon 2000D’s battery life is rated at 500 shots and it’s cool.

Canon EOS 2000D Price

As an entry-level DSLR, the camera price is very reasonable. The Canon EOS 2000D ( Rebel T7) retails around 369 Pound in the UK with a kit lens and $350 in the US.

Shoud I buy Canon EOS 2000D (Rebel T7) DSLR Camera?

I already said Canon EOS 2000D is an entry-level DSLR camera. If you are a beginner and it’s your first DSLR you can buy Canon 200D. You are getting a high-resolution sensor, built-in WiFi, Full HD video, optical viewfinder, 500-shot battery life, and more. If you have some knowledge of how the camera functions, even for the autofocus, then you will be able to capture pretty much decent-quality photos and videos.

But if you have a little more budget and want to take 4k videos then you can go for Canon EOS 200D or Nikon D3400.

Best Alternatives of Canon EOS 2000D or Rebel T7

The best alternatives of Canon 2000D are Nikon D3400, Panasonic GX80, Canon EOS 200D, and 800D. But if you want to buy Canon EOS 200D and 800D, you have to consider your wallet.


  • Easy To Use
  • Budget-Friendly
  • High-resolution Sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


  • No 4k
  • Optical viewfinder display only 95%
  • No touch screen display

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