The credit card repair sales industry is growing day by day. If you lead a credit card repair sales business or a sales representative then you must have great sales skills. Besides your sales skill and technique, it is also important how effective and organized your credit repair sales script is. A better sales script can bring more credit repair sales for you.

Here I am going to share a simple and effective credit repair sales script for you. And I believe, this script will help you to generate more sales and leads than before.

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Credit Repair Sales Script

Hello/hi/Good morning/afternoon/evening ________ (Prospector name; example: David). How are you/ how are you doing today?

Great to hear. This is ______ (your name) with ________ (company name) calling to let you know that we help people to repair/rebuild their credit score/FICO score.

Or, we help people who have a bad credit score by repair and fix credit legally and quickly.

[If your prospect is not interested it is okay to call back another time.]

Or, We specialize in credit restoration and education. (If you are referred by anyone or company) You are referred to us by ______ (lead provider). And advised me to call you and see if you want to repair your credit score.

[If you got an email or application you can explain to your prospect.]

Can you give me a little bit idea about your credit score? or Anything else you can tell me about your FICO score?

(If your prospect like to repair his credit score or want to take your service then go for the next step. If busy then ask- the best time for a callback/follow-up call.)

Qualification Questions

I know you are a very busy man so I will keep this short. May I know why did you (call/email/fill out the form? (mention the site name).

Okay, why do you want to improve your FICO score?

Got it, and do you have any negative accounts that are causing your issue?

Alright, and do you have any open credit cards on your report now?

(Let your prospect know the process and go for the next step).

Everything is fine right now. But one thing everyone does not qualify for our restoration program. So I need to check and see if you do.

For us to determine exactly how can we help you, we just need to see your current credit report. Will you get that pulled up for me right now?

If the answer is yes– then your need to ask some important budget and timeframe questions:

Perfect! So now I would like to show the value of what we can do before we move to the next steps. And I believe you are the financial decision-maker, right?

If the answer is yes go for consultation and credit audit.

(you can ask for the email and send a short video on how can you help your prospects. Or ask to visit your portal.)

If the answer is no: Then ask for a good time to show both of you how you can help your prospect with their credit score. (set up a simple appointment).

Note: When your potential prospect or client wants to take your service then move with the free consultation sales script.

Download Credit Repair Sales Script PDF

Remember besides the sales script, skill, and techniques product knowledge is also important. So if you don’t know what is credit repair, how does it work, and the importance of credit score you should learn first. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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