Genesis Credit Card Review: It is easy to get a secured credit card with a limited or poor FICO score but with a poor FICO score, it can be challenging. And a new credit card is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit score. But there have very few credit card providers and financial institutes that offer unsecured credit cards with bad or poor credit scores. Genesis financial is one of them. The financial institution has a good solution for those who are declined by a prime lender.

Hi there, today we will review Genesis Credit Card. We will try to give you a detailed idea about Genesis credit cards, the pros and cons, fees, interest rates, and more.

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Genesis Credit Card’s Pros & Cons

  • Low credit score required
  • Unsecured
  • Easy approval
  • Secure and Safe
  • No mobile application
  • No way to increase the credit limit

What is Genesis Credit Card?

Genesis Credit Card is a type of unsecured credit card issued by Genesis Financial Solutions for customers with poor or limited personal FICO scores. It helps their customers to rebuild personal and business credit scores with their new credit cards.

Types Of Genesis Credit Cards

Almost 30% of the US people qualify as near-prime because just their FICO score is just below the prime threshold. Genesis offers credit cards for both merchants and directs to customers. All of their credit cards can be used at any business that accepts MasterCards. Genesis Financial Solutions offers 3 different types of credit cards: 1) Destiny MasterCard, 2) Indigo Platinum MasterCard, 3) Milestone Gold MasterCard. Currently, they are serving almost 200000 new credit cardholders each month.

1. Destiny MasterCard

The Destiny MasterCard’s, credit limit is up to 300 dollars (monthly) with an annual fee anywhere between 59 dollars to 99 dollars. But in the first year, it will charge a 75 dollars annual fee and after that, depending on the offer you qualify for.

The ongoing APR is 24.9% for all types of credit cards. A 24.90% APR is reasonable but it is not always ideal for credit cards. However, as it is an unsecured credit card with poor credit then I will say it is fine.

Let’s talk about the over-limit fees. The card charges up to 40 dollars for both over-limit and late payment. I think it is not too much.

2. Milestone Gold MasterCard

Milestone Gold MasterCard’s feature is a little similar to Destiny MasterCard. It also comes with a 300 dollars credit limit and 0 to 99 dollars annual fees.

If you opt-in over-limit coverage and cross the limit it will charge up to 40 dollars as an over-limit fee. And for the returned and late payment’s fee as usual 40 dollars.

The best part of the card is if you have a good credit history then you may not need to pay an annual fee. But it depends on which offer you qualify for.

3. Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is a little different from Destiny and Indigo Platinum MasterCard. The Indigo Platinum MasterCard comes with three different annual fees 35 dollars, 59 dollars, and 75 dollars. Now you can ask me how it will determine. Well, the annual fee depends on your personal credit profile (FICO score). And the credit limit also depends on your FICO score. But the APR is always 24.9%.

Qualification For Genesis Credit Card

  • US People
  • Valid SSN
  • Have a source of income

The Genesis Credit Card is a specialized credit card for US people with a 699 personal FICO score or less. If you have a good credit score you can also apply for it. But if your credit score is good then there have a lot of options with better rates and terms as well. Even you can get a credit card with no annual fees, cashback offers, and more.

Genesis Credit Card Fees

Card NamesAnnual Fees
Destiny MasterCard$59-$99
Milestone Gold MasterCard$75
Indigo Platinum MasterCard$75 ($99 thereafter)
List Of Genesis Credit Cards Fees

Genesis Credit Card Customer Care

Currently, Genesis Financial Solutions offers customer care service via phone and email. Their customer care number: 866 502 6439;

For the current partners, customer care number: 800 942 4308.

Our Review

In our review, we found Genesis Finacial Solutions Credit card is really a great option for especially those who are declined by lenders because of poor FICO scores. Besides the APR is also good to go. But they should have an option to increase the credit limit. And we hope they will work on it.

Genesis Credit Card Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to Genesis Credit Card are Capital One Platinum, Credit One Bank Visa, Capital One QuicksilverOne, Petal2 Visa credit card.

FAQs & Answers

Who Accepts Genesis Credit Card?

The Card is accepted at any business that accepts MasterCard cards.

How To Increase Credit Limit?

There is no option to increase the Genesis Credit Card’s credit limit.

Does Genesis Credit Have A Mobile App?

Currently, Genesis Financial Solutions don’t have any mobile app.

What Are The Repayment Options?

You can pay Genesis online or over the phone with your checking or savings account. You can also make a payment through MoneyGram, check, or money order through email.

How To Apply For Genesis Credit Cards?

First, visit the Genesis website or click here. Then fill up the application form with some basic information about you and your business. Click on Submit and once you submit the online application of their representative will contact you and help you to get started.

How To Log In to Genesis Credit?

  • Visit []
  • Select your account type
  • Enter your user name and password
  • Click on log in

Final Verdicate

Overall if have a poor FICO score and you are looking for an unsecured credit card to rebuild your personal FICO score then you can go ahead with Genesis Credit Card. But if you have a good personal FICO score then there have a lot of options with better repayment, cashback offers you can work with them.