Hey, guys, I’ve just finished building my new PC for gaming and video editing. And Today I am gonna share how to build a PC for gaming and 4k video editing.

And honestly, it’s completely over the top now. Now before I show you what this thing can do let me run through the specs and as we go see if you can get a like a rough idea of the price in your mind. But it’s not cheap, at its core we have an AMD thread Ripper 3970X that’s the 32 core, 64 thread chip. And except for them even more ridiculous 64 64 core thread Ripper. This is one of the most powerful prosumer chips you can buy. I mean this is meant for 8k video editing, proper high in film production, or serious 3D rendering and can design for pure multi-threaded performance. The thinness of the X here is almost unbeatable.

1. Motherboard

By this point, I just wanted to go full steam ahead so I have gone with the AX Suits ROG Strix TRX for the TE gaming board. As I said all thread Ripper Boards are pretty expensive. And while The ASUS Zenith 2 is the top of the line that costs over 700 pounds by itself. Whereas this will see you back a little under 500 which still has everything I need with 8 memory slots for up to 256 GB of RAM ROOM for three M2 SSDs which do support PCIe 4 and nice extra like WI-Fi 6, OLED display an associate’s fancy or sink lighting.

2. PCIe 4 For CPU

Now speaking of PCIe 4 and I have got 2 M2 drives with me here form Sabourin. A primary 2 terabyte PCIe 4 and then the secondary 8 terabyte PCIe 3.  So, 10 TB in total that’s a lot of for K-pop. But seriously it’s gonna take a while to fill that up and they are both lighting first drives. Just wait for the benchmark.

3. RAM

Let’s talk about RAM and this is where things got kind of tricky. Because crucial very kindly sent over 32 GIGS of their tight 600 MZ ballistics RGB RAM. But then given how over the top the rest of the PC is kind of wanted 64. So I went out and bought another lot 32 Gigz of there same RAM so 64 in total. Great, but then and the blue crew she’ll send me another 32 Gigs around but this time they are even faster 4000 Megahertz. but now I’ve got a problem admittedly a very first world problem. Do I stick with the 64 Gigs of takes 600 Mhz RAM or go for new 32 gigs of megahertz RAM. Which would you go for? Let me know in the comments below.

4. Graphics

As for graphics well if I was going to out and buy a brand new card right now. Well to be honest I’ll actually wait till September for the next-gen come out. But fortunately my 20ATT for my old PC and then powering everything I bought the HX 1000 form Corsair. I’ve measured this PC draw about 7000 wares at its peak so I’ve still got some Headroom.

5. Cooler

Now the truth is I’ve actually had most of these components just laying about for the last few weeks. Because I’ve been holding out for a new cooler master case. And also a new cooler master cooler. Because most coolers particularly an iOS don’t fit the bigger TR4 socket of the flavor of a chip. So then you have to use the adapter that comes with it and just no idea. Obviously this is a pretty hot and power-hungry chip. So you can want the best cooling possible. I go in touch with cooler master and they vote Kylie Sent over the ML 360 AIO cooler which is designed for thread and covers the whole thing and no adapters needed. With the three 120 ML fans, the chip stays nice and cool.

6. Case

Now finally the case which actually is the most affordable part of this whole build now. I was seriously considering the Lian Li OH 11 D which looks fantastic. A lot of people recommend but it’s just a bit too big and while I’m water cooling the thread Ripper I wanted good airflow as well especially with the TI. So I went with color masters brand new TD 500 case, it’s pretty compact. The top and front are meshes well for better airflow and they cost under 100 pounds. The only downside for me is the lack of a USB C port on the front. It doesn’t look quite as slick as something like Li Lian Li. But it was easy to build with and I do recommend it alright.

7. Monitor

And finally, I have prepaid with LG Ultra Wide.  It’s the 38 Wk in 95 C. I have actually had this for a couple of years now and I love the size, color accuracy for editing but it’s only 75 hertz and there is no three single G sync. However, I have a brand new 38 W n95 C which I saw a CES this year with more free 4-hertz G-Sync, Thunderbolt 3 brighter HDR. Basically what’s gonna be my perfect monitor and it should be coming soon. Overall I am pretty happy with the build and as you might expect it’s quite as well. And kicking off with Cinebech it has faster renders. I’ve never seen a score this high in person 17131 in gate bridge 5.

8. Mouse

Alright, let’s talk about the mouse. I You can choose any mouse you like. Here I have the Razer DeathAdder V2. If you are looking for a best-wired gaming mouse then you can take a look at this one. It’s really unbeatable in ergonomics department and with a design that feels like a natural extension of my hand. It’s all just within reach and responsive.

9. Keyboard

You know guys most keyboards are good enough to get the job done. But For my new PC keyboard here I have The SteelSeries Apex Pro. You may like it for a stunning and solid build, custom actuation, and more comfortable, magnetic switches. The price is about $199.

Real-life performance of my new PC

In Premiere Pro and coming from the intel i7 8700k in my previous build everything feels faster from scrubbing the timeline warp stabilizing and adding effects of course. The real test will be when I can edit some properly high-quality 8K video on this guy. But interestingly when it comes to export times the thread Ripper has not made a huge difference and the reason for that is following Adobe’s recent update.

The ports a lot more of the load onto the GPU particularly within video cards. But AMD GPUs as well as. So I will say the video encoder in the CUDA cause of the graphics card really doing the heavy lifting here. Either way, a pretty complex 10 minutes 4k video with a max depth and max render quality checked takes just four minutes and two seconds to explore.

Now you may be thinking who really cares about shaving off a few minutes form the export time. I mean just go make a cup of tea or work on your YouTube video thumbnail. It’s cool but it’s all about multitasking. I can export a video edit in lightroom or Photoshop have a bunch of Chrome tabs open and this performance to spare. I can even jump into a Bit Of War Zone while I am exporting the video.

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