Here is the best way to collect email addresses for email marketing.

Email marketing has been around for many years. But the field of email marketing is growing day by day. Experts say email is the best way to make a long-term relationship with your prospects, regular customers, leads, and also previous customers. Suppose, if you have the data or contacts of your customer and know about his or her birthday. You can send them a birthday wish email. It is the best way to let your customer know you value them. Because every customer like it when a business with them individually.

Nowadays there have dozens of email marketing tools. By using this email marketing software or tools you can easily reach your customers. Recently we published an article on the 7 best cheap email marketing software, you can take a look at.

But the question is how to collect email addresses or what is the best way to collect email data for email marketing. Today in this article I am going to break down the secret of how to collect email addresses in the right way. I am dam sure if you follow the following ways to collect data from Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Yelp, and more you will be able to collect thousands of email addresses in a month or week. So let’s go ahead…

1. Offer A Free Tutorial: Best Way To Collect Email Address

In our daily life, we face a lot of problems and try to learn how to solve them. In this age of the internet, the internet is the best way to learn something. Many people like to learn online because it is easy to learn at home. If you look at YouTube, people search millions of times a day to learn different tutorials. If you are proficient in any subject, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Suppose you are proficient in Photoshop, You can create a tutorial on Photoshop, And you can publish it on your site and ask your visitor to sign up with an email address to get the course for free. The best way to encourage them to sign up via email is to offer the course for free in exchange for signing up via email. And you will send the sign-up information such as the course’s user ID, password to their email.

2. Free trial: Regular Practice To Collect Email Address

You may notice many sites offers a free trial to get the attention of their users or targeted customers. And if anyone wants to enjoy a free trial they have to sign up with basic information. In this method, the website owner can collect information and he can use for marketing purpose. As an example, Netflix offers 30 days of free trial and if you want you can upgrade your account, and if you don’t want to upgrade your account there have no charge. But the thing is Netflix has already collected your email and other information you provided when you signed up. So you can follow this method to collect email addresses for marketing.

3. Quiz or survey

US VS India football match is knocking at the door. You can create a contest and ask people who will win the match. If you want, you can give a gift to some of the participants in the quiz. And asked them to subscribe with the email where winners will be notified via email on the due date.

4. Newsletter: Most Common Way To Collect Email

You may notice that when you visit a site you will see a pop-up newsletter where the author of the website asks you to subscribe with an email to get future updates or news. You can create a blog site and publish useful contents it could be fashion, tips, reviews, or any other topics you like. When someone comes to visit your site you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

5. Give away

Who doesn’t like to get something for free? Nowadays give away is one of the best ways to get attention. You can organize a giveaway on the occasion of a special day. And you can say that a certain number of people who will participate in this giveaway by email will get a certain gift. In this method, you can get more Facebook page likes and social shares also.

6. Use email extractor extension

Extention is one of the best options for manual data collecting. There have several email extractors online. By using those email extractor extensions you can collect contact data from Facebook, Yello Page, Yelp, Twitter, Linked In, and other platforms. Email Hunter is one of the most popular email collecting software. By using Email Hunter extractor you can collect data from Facebook Profile, Twitter, Yelp, and more. This kind of software is also known as lead generation tool. It is expensive also.


This is the way you can collect email data for email marketing. Let’s go ahead and try your own way. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.