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How To Connect Laptop Or MacBook To Monitor in 2021

Are You looking for how to connect Laptop or MacBook to Monitor? Yes, You are in right place. In this article today I am going to teach you about how to Connect a Laptop to a Monitor Windows And On macOS.

Before you connect a monitor to a laptop make sure that your laptop has an HDMI / VGA/ DVI/DisplayPort. If you don’t have any of this then you need an adaptor.

The newest laptops may have only a USB-C port. You can buy a USB-C to HDMI cable or USB-C to DisplayPort. Actually, it depends on which one of these inputs your screen has.

How To Connect Your Laptop To Monitor in Windows

I think you already make sure you have the required port or an adapter. So, once you connected the cable between your monitor and laptop most often windows will notify you that you plugged in and it turned on.

First Open Settings then go Display Setting or You can use the shortcut “Windows key + P”

If your monitor connects to your laptop Under the “Select and arrange display”, you will see two or more numbered screen. Now select your display and enjoy. If you did not found then click on “Detect” to force your laptop window.

MacBook To Monitor in macOS

To connect your monitor to MacBook or macOS, plug the cable into your monitor and move for the next Step.

First, click on Apple Menu and select System Performance. Then select and click “Display” > Click “The Arrangement Tab”.

Remember, make sure that the for Mirror Display is not selected. Then arrange your display by dragging them to your desired position.

Last of all, to set a different display as the primary screen, just simply drag the menu bar to the screen that you like to use.

Use Laptop Screen as a Monitor For Desktop

If you wanna use your laptop screen as a desktop monitor, First go to Setting then select system, and click Projecting to this Desktop Or PC.

Now change the first drop-down menu to Available everywhere on secure networks and configure the other setting to connect.

Once everything is done head back to your PC and click on the Action Center icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the PC taskbar.

Finally, click on connect, and when the laptop appears that you would like to use just select it.

Note: You will need to accept the connection request on the laptop you want to connect.

Right-click on your PC and select Desktop Setting. Make sure you select – Extend desktop to this display.

Hey dude this was about how to connect a monitor to a laptop or how to use a laptop as a desktop monitor.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. Have a Great Day.

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