Nowadays bed bug is one of the most familiar names to us. As the night progresses, their nuisance increases. Mainly bed bugs infestation is much higher in beds, pillows, sofas, mattresses, or these types of accessories. Bed bugs bite cause burns, pain, and allergies which can take deadly shapes. However, If you are bothered by beetle irritation and want to get rid of it then you have come to the right place.

What are bed bugs?

The Bed bug is a kind of small parasitic insect of the genus Cimicidae. It survives by eating the blood of humans and other warm-blooded nutrients. This insect is higher in bed, mosquito net, pillow, mattress, Sofas, and other furniture. Sometimes they can also be seen in trains or bus seats. It is usually more active at night and secretly sucks blood. These bloodsuckers are smart and can reproduce quickly.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs?

Many of us are tired of fighting with bed bugs. There are different types of chemicals and Bed Bugs killer is available in the market. But you can naturally get rid of the harmful Bed Bugs. After a long time of research and a combination of my personal experience here I am going to share some effective and natural ways to get rid of pests:

1. Clean with hot water

If you notice, you will see that the infestation of bed bugs is more in winter than in summer. And hot water is a very effective way to control bed bugs. Hot water kills not only bed bugs but also many other microorganisms, including bacteria. First, wash your dress with hot water and then clean your room. After washing your dress and room, make sure they are dry. Generally, a temperature of 30-35 degrees Celsius is enough to kill the bed bugs.

2. Use sun heat

Sun heat is an extremely effective way to control bed bugs. This method has been used since ancient times. Let your household items like Sofa, mattress dry in the sun as soon as you see the pests. In this case, things that cannot be washed with hot water or are very difficult to wash have to be exposed to the sun in the morning. It will kill both bed bugs and eggs.

3. Use Mint leaves

Mint leaves are one of the most effective stuff to get rid of bed bugs. You may know pests can not stand the smell of mint leaves. That’s why experts recommend keeping dried mint leaves in beds during travel or tours. So you can put some mint leaves under the bed to drive away pests. You can also place mint leaves next to your sofa, in every corner of the house.

4. Use of natural pesticides

The most commonly used pesticide to kill pests is Diatomaceous Earth. Many Commercial cleaning companies and Pest Control service providers use this chemical. In places where there are bed bugs such as beds, corners of the house, sofas, etc., sprinkle a very small amount of Diatomaceous Earth. When the beetles come in contact with Diatomaceous earth, the bed bugs dries out and dies as a result of its chemical action.

5. Clean with Vacuum Cleaner

Clean areas with bed bugs with a vacuum cleaner. But you have to clean them multiple times using a vacuum cleaner. This will move the beetle to the vacuum cleaner along with the beetle eggs. But make sure you are cleaning the vacuum cleaner properly. However, take the vacuum cleaner out of the house and clean it. And kill the bugs with hot water and wash the vacuum cleaner.

6. Check back in a few days

Once the beetles are gone, they may reappear in a few days or months. Let the bed mattress dry in the sun regularly. Always make sure your living area is clean and don’t leave papers, clothes, or other items on the floor. Clean your bedding, clothes regularly. If you are in a hotel or bus check them and make sure you are not bringing them with you. After reaching home wash the clothes and bags. Keep your bed away from the walls and shake the bed well before and after bed. Shake your bed sheets before and after sleep.

7. Contact with commercial bed bugs treatment provider

If your area is large than regular then it is tough to clean or control bed bugs. There have many pest control service providers you can consult with them. And clean your home or commercial space with a commercial cleaning company. They have advance chemicals to kill pests and different pests treatment as you need. You can take their service monthly or yearly as you want.

How much does pest control cost in the US?

Generally, a homeowner spends $800 to $5000 (yearly) to remove bed bugs. In the United States, the average cost for bed bug extermination ranges between $150 to $300. The pricing varies area and your graphic location. Basically, it depends on your area and what type of service you need.

How long can bed bugs live?

A bed bug can live more than a month without any food. And a healthy female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. A newly emerged nymphs also seek a blood meal.

Does alcohol kill bed bugs?

Alcohol is not an effective way to kill bed bugs. But alcohol can kill pests’ eggs. Experts forbid the use of alcohol. They say alcohol can not kill or control bed bugs.

List of pest control products for pest control business

Here is are some common pest control chemicals for pest control business: Fipronil, boric acid, Hydramethynon, Piperonyl Butoxide, Pyrethrins pyrethroids. Remember the wrong use or wrong application of these products could damage your property.  Before applying a pest control product make sure you understand how to use these chemicals.

Where to buy pest control products?

Nowadays pest control products are available in online shops. To buy pest control products you can visit Amazon, eBay, or other online shopping sites.


Remember cleanness is the best way to pest control. Once the beetles are gone, they may reappear in a few days or months. Be clean and keep clean your living area, don’t leave papers, magazines, or clothes on the floor. And check back your furniture, sofa, mattress regularly. If it’s possible to dry your clothes and furniture in the sun regularly. Stay safe from bloodsuckers.

If you have any suggestions feel free to share them with us. To read the latest product reviews, tips and tricks visit us regularly.