Men, as well as women, should stay fit. They both need care. It’s not fair to say that men will defy. It’s time to get out of this kind of tendency. Some exercises can stay healthy. If you follow a regular diet and doctor’s advice and also can take some treatment you will get a good health. Let’s know how to keep fit in our men’s bodies.

To Keep Your Body Fit Follow the diet chart

Over 30 men should take care of themselves. You should eat nutritious food which is based on calcium, vitamin, and proteins.

  • In your daily menu chart, you should eat vegetables, fruits, and fat-free food.
  • Give up smoke.
  • It creates cancer and heart disease problems. Give up Alcohol.
  • Take enough sleep. You’ll be free from stress by getting enough sleep.
  • Some men have seen a big belly.
  • To reduce belly fat you should do physical exercise and eat fruit juice which contains low sugar.
  • Walking or running every morning is the best exercise to keep the heart fresh.

Doing Gym

Healthy food and a diet not only make you fit, but you should also do some gym and physical exercise to make yourself smart and fit. To reduce fat from the belly and overall the body you should burn your extra calorie. Let’s follow the below instruction which I discussed in short for you.

Circuit workout

Every four weeks you should do four circuit workouts. The more you work, the more calories will be consumed. And for that, you should do 4 rounds. To do this exercise you do not need any equipment. You easily do it at home. To keep your body fit You should do T- push-up. Ups and downs off the floor and do it 15 to 20 times. It’s not only effective for your chest but also for your muscles.

Barbell exercise

It makes men strong enough to bring out a smart look. To make your body fit and smart, a barbell is enough to build muscle. It also reduces your belly fat and makes your stomach slim.

Goblet Squat

Global Squat will improve body strength and balance. It helps to burn calories and keep the heart healthy with running oxygen. It is the exercise of the lower body.

Back Squat

It works on everything from the front to the back of the body, not just the leg muscles. It also increases the huge amount of hormones. By doing this exercise you can build up leg weightlifting.


It helps to increase the strength of the whole body and mass. Stretches the muscles that hang down. It targets the muscles, waist, backside, hips, obviously lower back, and core strength.

Health Treatment

Some health tests are required for men. Dr. He said these tests should be done after six months or after a year. Let’s know which test men should do:
  • Heart attack

Men’s hearts be at more risk than women’s. High cholesterol is one of the causes of the risk of heart beating. Regular exercise can reduce this risk. Looking at cholesterol levels, lipid profile and ECG should be tested preliminary.

  • Blood pressure

High blood pressure causes strokes and paralyzed. Sometimes it causes death. Men are many sufferers of high blood pressure. To keep fit yourself your Regular blood pressure should be checked with the physician.

  • Diabetic

Diabetic can occur at any age at any time. It is good to have random blood sugar, OGTT, hbA1c. Doing regular exercise and changing food habits can help to keep out of it.

  • Kidney and urine

A kidney is a major part of the body. Creatinine tests can be done by examining urine. Whether there are stones in the urine you will find out by doing ultrasonography, Kub, Plain x-ray of KUB.

Men are the main role of any family. Getting fit is essential for conjugal life. The above tips can help any man to be fit.

Stay well, keep well.

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