Today is October 12. No, it’s not only October 12 this is the most expected Amazon Prime Day. If you are a Prime Member you can be benefited by buying some valuable and important products or services for you and your family. But if you are new then it could be tough for you. However, here are some times for you. Today I am going to tell you as a customer or buyer how to prepare for Amazon Prime Day.

1. Take Advance Preparation

Make sure you are a Prime Member. If you are not a Prime Member Just Sing Up and get your membership. Download the application. And create a list of what do you need and narrow it down. You can set a budget like how much do you want to spend on the required product.

2. Don’t be excited

On Amazon Prime Day everyone is more excited. Make a list of what items you need. Seeing the offer can be head-scratching. And by doing this you can forget what you need and don’t need. You already know, you are getting a huge discount on different products. But keep in your mind Amazon Sellers are also ready to sell their products on this day.

3. Don’t buy just by looking at the offer

Always avoid unnecessary purchases by looking at offers and excluding things you need. Ask yourself before you buy anything it is necessary or not. If you need it, then buy the product. Remember, If you run out of balance by buying unnecessary products, you will see at one time that you do not have the balance to buy the required products.

4. Lok at the delivery area

Currently, Amazon offers its services in many countries besides America. However, not all sellers supply their products in all countries. So don’t waste your time. And also read the terms and conditions.

5. Don’t west your time on Amazon Prime Day

As you are getting a fixed time so make sure you are using it properly. Don’t waste your time by searching for your necessary products on Amazon Prime Day. Go for a filter by category and pick the right product for you.

6. Product and seller rating

Seller and product rating is an important part of online shopping. Product rating gives a score to a brand. And as I said Amazon sellers are also trying to make sure a big sell on Amazon Prime Day.

7. Keep Enough Budget

Budget is a matter for me I don’t know what about you. But I can realize Because of Covid-19 everything is going slow down. Again don’t buy a product only for offer.

8. Compare the price and sizes

Refrain from shopping after seeing the offer. Because on this special day the sellers have more sales and more offers to promote their brand. So before buying a product compare the prices to other sellers. Refrain from shopping too soon as the offer will expire.

9. Double-Check

More offers, more excitement. But if you are too much excited then it could be harmful to you. It’s not a matter of getting excited and ordering the wrong product. Order carefully before ordering anything.

10. Keep your space in mind

Suppose you order a cupboard, a sofa, a table, a chair, a 50-inch TV, Game Console, and more. But you don’t have enough space to set up or place your accessories. Before you get into such a bad situation, keep your space in mind.

This was about how to prepare for Amazon Prime Day. If you guys have any suggestions drop your comment and lemme know.

Follow our tips and let’s create a more wonderful Amazon Prime Day this year. Happy Shopping. Learn More.