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How to Unblock Domain Or Website URL On Facebook: Oh my God! My website has been blocked by Facebook. My brother asked me hey are you crazy? I replied, ” I’m shocked.”

By the way, If you are a website owner then you know your website is the heart of what you do. Coz at this time word of mouth marketing likely comes from social media. This is the fastest way to reach your audience for your product or idea. And I wanna say it is a valuable platform to network and get your product or idea seen and hear.

If that happens, any social media platform like Facebook blocks your website or URL? Yes, that’s about I am talking about what happened to me. Facebook blocked my site.

You can’t share your content, product, ideas, or anything with your website link. And you can’t share your link on any group, messenger, or to your friends. Even you can’t run any advertisement.

If you are facing the same problem as me. Today in this article I am going to share How To Unblock Your Domain or Website On Facebook. Let’s take a look at how to unblock the domain from Facebook.

What Happen If A Website URL block by Facebook

I know you know about this. But I wanna tell you something. If your domain is blocked by Facebook then you will find an error message.

Your post could not be shared, because this link goes against our community standards. If you think this doesn’t go against our community standards let us know.

Or you can check it by facebook debugging tools. Facebook Debug Tools

Pest or write down your domain address or link and click on debug. It will show:

We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.

So you are confirming your website is already blocked by Facebook. Whataaaa !!!!!!

Just be cool go forward and be sure you are following the Facebook community guidelines !! If you don’t know then you can take a look. Click here

1. Submit a Request To Unblock Your Website

Click on let us know and you will find a page like, I bellowed. And you have to submit a report to Facebook.

You just explain about your website and inform them that your site doesn’t go against their community standards.

You can submit a report like this:

Dear Facebook Team,

It seems that you blocked the domain ( Your domain address) for no obvious reason and i want to ask you to unblock it after you have checked it and think its safe. All social feeds except Facebook can share this domain. Also company registered on google maps and have Facebook and twitter pages. Link for site can not be shared even on Facebook page of company. To get your attention I even posted an ad on facebook to make someone aware of my problem.

All over this time we are not to violate Facebook Privacy Policy and Terms.

Thank you very much!

( Your Name)

URL: Your website address

After completing your application click on the send button.

You should submit this report every week until your website is not unblocked by Facebook.

You can ask some of your friends to submit a report to Facebook that your site doesn’t go against their community guidelines. But make sure they are reporting as visitors.

2. Ask Your Friend to Submit a review application to Facebook 

The best way to unblock a Domain or an URL is by submitting a request through your Facebook friends account. Ask your friends, to submit a request to Facebook to review your site once again. You can use this one:

  • First, ask them to visit this link
  • Submit review request:

Hi facebook authority,

I am a user of somagom .com (your site URL). It is very useful website. They share some valuable articles on their site. Many other people learn many thing from it. But i can’t share their website link on facebook. Facebook says it is a spam link. But it is not. So the users are safe and also their data. They also provide their privacy policy on the site.

Please take a time to review the website. I think, you have to change your mind after review. I am waiting for your update.

Thank You.

Congratulations you have learned how to unblock a domain or a website from Facebook. Let’s try and unblock your URL.


It will take a couple of weeks. Even it can take a month so never give up. You work with your site. Write more content. And focus on other social media. And the best thing is if there have anything against Facebook community guidelines work on it and try to fix it.

I am waiting for an update. Please let us know, It is okay now? Your website URL is unblocked by Facebook?

Have a good day. Stay connected and keep me in your prayers.


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