A Visa Prepaid Card is a type of debit card issued by Visa INC. You can use Visa prepaid cards to pay bills, online purchases, add funds, withdraw cash, and protect your money as well. But to use a Visa prepaid debit card you will have to reload the card with money. And you can reload your card by direct deposit, at the financial location that provides the card, transfer money from your checking or savings account, a retail location. You can also buy reload pack to add balance to your debit card. Once you have the money into your card you can use it where the Visa card is accepted.

Hi there, this is Ashly. Today in this article I will teach you how to use Visa Prepaid Card online. Follow the following steps.

Step-1: Visit Website Or App

Visit the website or open the app, you want to pay bills or make a purchase.

Step-2: Search For The Service/Product

In some cases, there is a direct option to pay bills on the webpage or in the menu bar. Most online websites have a search bar to search for the product or service. If you shop online then search for the desired product or service.

Step-3: Add to Cart

Once you find your product or service add them to the cart. For online shopping make sure you select the right product, color, size as well. Online shopping tips.

Step-4: Checkout

Here you will see your total bills. If there has an option to apply coupons you can get a discount by using a coupon code.

Step-5: Select the payment method

Most of the sites have multiple payment options. Select the card payment option.

Step-6: Enter Card Information

Now enter your name on the card (if required), Visa Prepaid Card Number, expiration date, and CVV. And click n payment/done/summit.

Step-7: Verify

Most sites and apps require mobile verification when making payments. It will send an OTP to the mobile number associated with your debit card. Enter the code and click on pay/submit/done.

Step-8: Complete Payment

If everything is okay it will show payment is successful.

Congratulations, now you know how to use Visa Prepaid Card online. If you have any questions on how to use a Visa Prepaid Card Online feel free to ask here. Thanks.

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