According to BBC TikTok is one of the most downloaded app last year. But the controversy over the app is not over. The app is much criticized for various issues like offensive videos, social degradation, bullying, and more. However, there have many people who don’t want to comment on this. You can say most of them are users and kind of TikTok fans. But the question is, is TikTok safe for your kids or phone or not?

Well, if you are looking for the same answer you are in the right place. Because today I am going to explain A-Z, is TikTok safe for your kids and phone or not? Read our full article to learn the correct answer.

Is TikTok Safe For Kids?

The answer is, TikTok is not safe for kids. Because if you take look at daily newspapers you will see many users arrested for various immoral acts, drugs, rape, anti-social activities, bullying, and more.

TikTok authority says they have different rules and regulations for different ages and users under 13 years can not comment on any video and post videos.

I just opened an account and tried to understand what’s going on with the social and video sharing app. And trying to explore its contents. I found there have hundreds of vulgar video content and people are commenting.

The application user involves in various obscene and immoral activities and is arrested later.

Recently we saw a new trend on TikTok, where one user throws various challenges at other users, and in the hope of getting more followers and intoxication of going viral, they take up the challenge and encounter various accidents. And it is really dangerous for our generation and society.

Several Badly Criticized Incidents Published On Different Newspapers Related To TikTok and Its Users:

I searched on Google and found huge unexpected news related to TikTok. It has been reported in different daily newspapers, many TikTok stars were arrested for various immoral acts, drugs, rape, and bullying.

According to BBC News, “five people (TikToker) have been arrested in Bangladesh recently on charges of insulting the national anthem.”

India Today “TikToker Vignesh Krishna was arrested for raping and impregnating a minor girl.” (News Published on 13th June 2021)

Al Jazeera “Egypt arrests TikToker after human-trafficking conviction.” (news published on 23rd June 2021)

Times Of India “1 Arrested In Shooting that Wounded TikToker, Killed Teen.” (news published on 29th July 2021)

Dhaka Tribune “Teen Lured Into Shooting TikTok videos, Raped.” (3rd June 2021)

Tech Observe “TikToker Who Danced In Mosque Arrested.” (News published on August 2021).

Game Rant “TikTok-Star Digitalprincxss Arrested In Florida.” (28th August 2021)

Insider “A Tiktoker Bryce Hall And Jaden Hossler Sway Arrested.” (news published on 27th May 202)

So if you look at the above, you will understand what kind of social problems it is creating. And the effect can be felt in your kids also.

Is TikTok Safe For Phone?

The answer is TikTok is safe for phones. Most cyber security experts say, it has less risk than other social media applications. But if you think or have any concerns about any kind of risk then it is better to not use or download the app.

Is TikTok Steal Information?

Like other social media application TikTok collects information of it users. But the company does not specify which data they collect and store.

Bottom Line

Almost every social media has some upsides and downsides as well. But it depends on its users how do they use it. Besides, the developer and owner company should have some policies against bad lairs as well.

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