If you provide a commercial cleaning service and want to generate more cleaning service leads with a simple phone call. Then the first thing you must have is a good janitorial sales script. Besides, you must have some dedicated agents in your call center.

Well if you are looking for the best janitorial sales scrip to generate more sales or set appointments then you are in the right place. Because today I am going to share an effective janitorial sales script for appointment setting and email marketing and I believe this script will help you to increase your cleaning service leads & sales.

Janitorial Sales Script For Appointment Setting

Hi/hello/Good Morning/Afternoon. _____ (Prospector name) if you have.

This is _____ (your name) from _______________ (your company name), we provide cleaning service in your area. Do you currently use any cleaning service?

[It the answer is no]

Well, I understand. Do you have any plans to use a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning (daycares/office/commercial buildings) like yours? if you get a better deal?

[If the answer is yes]

Perfect, so I would love to talk to you about our service. Like, how we can help you and save your time at the end of each day with your cleaning service.

May I have 10 to 15 minutes from you (enter date and time)? Or you can ask for the best time. What will be the best time to have a meeting?

[If your prospect’s answer is no]

Then use this rebuttal: When is the last time you searched for a cleaning company and checked pricing?

[Prospect will reply to you the time he/she did or not.]

Okay, I understand you require special cleaning and definitely want to save you money. We offer a cleaning service at a very reasonable rate. So I would love to talk to you about how we can help you and about our service?

So may I have the time for a few 10 to 15 minutes meetings (put your date and time).

Or you can ask do you have a calendar handy? And what day will be good for you? Ask the time.

Janitorial Script For Email Marketing

If you generate a lead from your site that equated you a quote on your site then you can communicate the following script and offer you janitorial service:

Hello/Hi [prospect’s name],

Thank you for reaching out for a quote with [your company/service name].

May I know when you are available this week/next week for a 10 to 15 minutes meeting at your office? Because we want to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can help you with our cleaning service. And will want to share with you the technology we will use to keep your space/office clean.

And if you have any questions feel free to ask me. [Or you can enter the mobile number/call back number.]

Please let us know before the meeting and end of the meeting you can decide if there is a fit for both of us.

Have a wonderful day.

[You name & Signature]

Download Janitorial Sales Script As PDF


To generate more janitorial leads you must follow a good janitorial sales script. If you have any questions feel free to ask us.

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