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Life Insurance Sales Pitch Script -Appointment Setting Tips

Life insurance is one of the well-selling products through telemarketing. Selling life insurance over the phone is not easy at all. But if you have a piece of good product knowledge and have an informative and effective life insurance sales script, you can improve your sales performance.

I have three years of telemarketing experience. I sold MCA, air duct cleaning, and life insurance. At first, I was calling prospects according to the sales script given by my company. As a beginner, I was facing new questions from the client day by day. I did not have the answers to many new questions. As a result, sometimes I would enlist the help of my seniors, I used to ask my trainer. They helped me a lot. In my spare time, I used to try to find out various questions and tips online. If you want to do better, by understanding the clients, you have to make a sales pitch like yours.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you my 3 years of experience selling life insurance. In this article, you will learn the life insurance sales pitch script, how to sell life insurance over the phone & set an appointment, and also life Insurance selling tips.

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Life Insurance Sales Pitch Script

Hi, Mr./Mrs. _____ (name), or is this _____(prospect’s name) I am speaking with?

-Yes, How can I help you?

This is ____(your name) with ____ (insurance company name). Sir/Mam, do you currently have life insurance?

-If the answer is yes. Note the answer into your CEM and try to end the conversation. You can say alright. Thanks or great to hear, thanks for your time. And go for the next call.

-If the answer is no. I don’t have any life insurance.

Well,  May I have your email please! that is why I can send you a simple email with a very basic life insurance policy designed to cover funeral costs and final expenses. Note down the email address.

Or, I know you are a very busy man. So I don’t want to waste your time. May I have your email please so I can send over more information about who we are, our policy, and call-back numbers.

– _______(this is the email). If you don’t understand then ask for a spell out. You can say, can you spell out for me, please.

[ Now collect information and ask qualifying questions]

If you don’t mind may I know do you smoke or not?

– They will answer yes or no.

How old are you? Or may I have your date of birth, please?

What is your approximate annual income?

[After getting an answer always appreciate your prospects]

Thanks for your time I am going to send you an email and the email will appear with (your name) and the email address you are going to send the email to.

Script For Live Transfer

If you guys do the live transfer then after asking all of your qualification questions let your client know what you are going to do. You can start with the following line:

“So what I will do I will connect you to my senior or a life insurance agent. He/she will let you know everything in detail. And you can decide how to proceed. Hold for a few seconds, please. You will get a ringing sound”

Script For Appointment Setting

If you have to set an appointment for the next day or for after few hours. After collecting all the information you need, ask your prospects what time will be better to give a callback. They will give you time to call back. You can say:

“May I know what will be the best time for an insurance agent to give you a callback and let you know all the processes, terms, and conditions? And if you have any questions you can ask him/her directly no charge no obligations.”

5 Tips To Sell Life Insurance Over The Phone And Setting Appointment

Sometimes good scripts don’t work well if you don’t have a piece of good product knowledge and follow some basic tips.

1. Don’t Read The Script

I saw many sales agents (telemarketers) just read the life insurance sales script they have. I will suggest, don’t read the script, try to understand your prospects, put your own words, and build up a conversation with them.

2. Keep Simple

Try to keep the questions simple. Avoid asking questions that your prospect cannot understand. Without direct questioning, one cannot say that I believe you don’t smoke, Am I right!

3. Answer and Ask

If you continuously ask questions to your prospect they will get pitched off and don’t want to answer your questions. So listen to your customers, answer them, and go for your next question. You can appreciate them after getting your answers.

4. One End Goal

Prospect doesn’t need your help doesn’t end your work. Because people are always not ready to buy your product or service. So sell when they are ready. If the prospect says I am busy or something like that. Just ask for the email and try to set an appointment.

5. Follow Up

Always follow up with your clients. They might be busy or not interested at that time when you called. You can ask your prospects what time will be better to call them back. Take note and call them back when they advise.

Tips For New Life Insurance Salespeople or Agents

If you are a newbie in this field of life insurance selling you should follow the following tips to be a good life insurance seller as well as a telemarketer.

1. Keep learning

As you are a new seller you may not have a detailed idea about the program works. It’s simple, don’t worried about that. But what should you do? You should keep learning. You can ask your senior or trainer or you can search on Google/YouTube, or another learning platform as well.

2. Understand Your Client

Most of the new agents don’t try to understand their agents. What they really want or what they are saying. And it is a big issue for not getting sales. When you are talking with your prospect they will ask you about your program, or about your company. Let them know who you are, how the program works, and all the legit questions they ask.

3. Take a target

If you don’t have any goals you can not hit your target. So do simple math. Take a target you will sell 50 or 100 thousand a year. So divided them into the month, week, and day. Sit tight and stay focus on your target.

4. Keep simple

I saw many of our new agents are trusted when they don’t get any sales. It’s really a bad sign. I really don’t like it. You need to be smooth and flexible. If you don’t feel comfortable you will never be able to reach your goal. So take it easy. Tell your mind you are don’t the simplest thing ever and you can do it.

5. Frequent

If you are not a regular person you can not improve your skill. I saw many of our new sales executives are not regular on their job. So when you are not frequent you will lose your skill and can not improve your sales performance.

Read Life Insurance Sales Script In PDF

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Life Insurance Sales Script And Tips In Powerpoint

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Actually selling life insurance is not easy until you don’t have a good script and don’t have good product knowledge. So don’t read only the script. Try to develop your skill, research, and put your own worlds. Best of luck.

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