Posts on LinkedIn: We know Linkedin is one of the most popular social networks that focus on professional networking and career development. And it is the largest professional networking site on the internet.

In a line, Linkedin is a platform for those who are looking to navigate their professional life. You may use Linkedin to find a job or learn the skill you need to succeed in your career, or even promote your brand.

You may know that over one million publishers contribute more than 1,35,000 posts per week. And the best part is about 45% of readers are company managers, VPs, CEOs, or other senior managers on Linkedin. About 40 percent of users who use Linkedin daily and there are 57% of male and 44% are female users.

US, India, Canada Great Britain, and Brazil have the highest number of users. And 44% of users earn more than $70000 in a year.

But the thing is for beginners it could be hard to find out what types of content they should post or which posts they should avoid.

Hey, this is EHP, today I will tell you what type of content you should avoid or post on Linkedin. So, Let’s go ahead.

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What not to post on Linkedin

1. Sales Pitch

We know Linkedin is one of the best platforms for Business to Business (B2B). But the thing is it will be most effective if you use this platform to build a relationship with your targeted audience.

Now you can say, some businesses can make sales directly on Linkedin but I will say you are wrong. The first thing you need to build a relationship with potential and targeted audience so they can move the relationship to a place where have a sales conversation. And it is usually online.

While you publish ads and sales pitches in your posts or status updates, it will often be ignored by your connection and can.

So focus on your ideal clients and build up a relationship with them and as a result, when they need something or someone who does what you do, you will be the first person that comes to mind.

2. Too Much Personal Information

Linkedin is not like other social media platforms. It is not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat. And Once again I wanna say Linkedin is a professional social media platform.

So the thing is on Linkedin you are social and professional at the same time. It means you can not post cat memes, or what you ate for dinner (if it is not relevant to your profession). And you should not share drinking or party pics and absolutely no negativity.

As an example, Mr. X updated a status that allows viewers to determine his friend’s age, name or city, or even industry of employment. But this is the information that she probably didn’t want to see thousands of potential (or more) strangers on her expanded network.

3. Political and Religious Posts On Linkedin

Politics and religious posts are topics that people feel extremely passionate about. But the problem is when you update these types of contents or status your connection can take great offense that you believe or like but they don’t.

Once Again I want to recommend avoiding posting or commenting on these types of content.

4. Controversial Posts or Contents

We know Linkedin is full of clients, potential clients, and other people in a professional relationship with you. So it’s better to avoid topics that tend to polarize other people. One that is particularly controversial with negative perceptions.

Because these types of topics do polarize other people. In case if you fall on the opposite side of your clients or potential clients or even other professional relationships, it could hurt your business and your brand.

So I believe that it is better to avoid posting or commenting on these types of content.

5. Anything unprofessional

There have many users who post too much content that I call advertising or self-business promotion. And people are posting not enough shareable knowledge and tips or skills, thoughts, or even their views instead of building their brand.

You can post that you have owned a new project or sold a new house. But how about including the owners of the house. Always remember it’s a social network that focuses on professional networking.

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Types of Posts you should be sharing on Linkedin

We already learned what types Of LinkedIn Posts That Can Hurt Your Brand.  So, Let’s talk about what to post on LinkedIn.

1. Industry Research and News

We know Linkedin is a business-to-business platform. And here users are actively looking for content that is related to their industry. That means it is a professional social platform where people share and looks for researched-based content like case studies, reports, and whitepapers.

The users are often looking for industry updates and news. If you share these types of content or posts, your business Linkedin page could be a source for that information.

2. Share Blog Posts On Linkedin

The first thing I love is to share blog posts on Linkedin. And it is one of the great ways to increase your reach and also build brand awareness.

But before sharing a blog post make sure to introduce your post with a personal comment and shorten the URL, you can use Bitly or any similar application. And be sure the thumbnail looks great.

3. Share Quick Tips On Linkedin

According to research, simple posts include leadership tips and tricks that do well on Linkedin. And Linkedin is a hub for business thought leadership.

It is a professional social network so keep your posts or status that encourage productivity, leadership, and professional success.

Another way is by offering a simple text quote that is appropriate for your business.

4. Post Company Updates On Linkedin

If you are a company owner then the company updates are a great way to let your followers get to know you better. It personalizes your company and encourages people to engage at a whole new level.

If you are looking for a way to make your company more interesting to others, it could be a great way.

5. How to do topics and Photos

According to a recent study, how to do posts receive the most attention on Linkedin. Marketing experts say between 1900 to 2000 words in length perform best on Linkedin. And get the greatest number of views, comments, and shares.

And photo-sharing is a great way to show off your company personality. Always try to share attractive and informative photos. But not a meme or your party pics.

Hey dude, if you found this post to be useful please share it among your Linkedin connections.

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