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How To Make A Game Like PUBG Or Free Fire? – Programming Language

Make A Game like PUBG and free fire

In 2021, League of legends, PUGB, and Free Fire are some of the most popular video games. Millions of gamers around the world are playing League of legends, PUGB, Free Fire, and other video games. Do you know how this game was created?

And if you are looking for how to develop or create a game like PUBG or Free Fire you are in the right place. Because today in this article I am going to teach you how to make a complete game like free fire or PUBG and also about the programing language. Follow the following steps to develop your own game:

Follow the following steps to make a game like PUBG or Free Fire:

1. Learn Programming Language

Great to hear that you are planning to develop a high-rated game like PUBG or Free Fire League of Legends. I do appreciate your plan. But do you know without programming knowledge you can not make or develop a high-rated game?

You should learn Java, Python, Pearl 6. Besides programming knowledge, you must have graphic design knowledge. To create 3D graphics you have to learn Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 4 coded in C++ language. So create a high-rated game the first thing you need is you have to learn a programming language.

2. High performing computer or desktop

The second thing you need to build a game like PUBG or Free Fire is a well-performing computer. Many of us don’t have a high-configured computer or laptop.

So before starting your mission make sure you have a computer with a high graphic card, 8 GB of RAM (at least 4GB), at least a core i5 processor with 5th generation. With a slow computer or laptop, you will just waste your time and energy.

3. Write the story or make a concept

To develop a mobile or pc game you must have a great idea. And you may know every game have a concept or story. It means which features you want to include and what type of graphic you want to develop.

And also the range of weapons, kinds of vehicles, number of players, and other stuff. Nowadays people enjoy playing games with high graphics and smooth features. So you should include what type of graphic you will include in your game.

4. Organize a team

You know developing high-rating games by a single person is not possible. There have many parts of video games like graphic design, coding, publishing on the right platform, marketing, and also maintaining and updating regularly. And it is not possible for a single person to accomplish this task with two hands.

But if you don’t want to take this pain then you can hire a freelancer who will help you to make a game for you. To hire a game developer just go to Google and search game developer. Visit a profile and discuss them.

5. Dedication and Confidence

Without dedication and confidence, it is not possible to complete a mission or reach your goal. So as you are planning to develop a game and if you want to reach your goal you must have the dedication to your job. And believe that you are fit for this program. And it is 100% possible.

What is the programming language of Free Fire games?

The programing language of the free fire game is C#. C# is pronounced as C-Sharp. This programing language is developed by Microsoft. So if you want to create a game like Free Fire.

What is the programming language of PUBG games?

The programing language of the PUBG game in C++. So if you want to develop or make a game like PUGB learn the C++ programing language.

Best Programming Language For Developing A Game

Well, we already mentioned that you must have a programing language to create a high-rated game like Pubg or league of legend. Here is the list of the 3 best programming languages for video games:

1. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages to create or develop a desktop or Android app. Currently, more than 3 million programmers around the world use JAVA as their program language. And it helps to develop cross-platform it means with the same program you can run your application both mobile and computer.

2. Unreal Engine 4

Graphic design and color resolution is the most important part of a video game. A survey says graphic design attaches players how many days they play the same games. So to complete the graphic part of your future games you must learn Unreal Engine 4 or something like this.

3. Python

If you want to enjoy the game development processor smoother then you should learn the Python programming language. Like C++ and Java, the programming language Python offers object0oriented programming.

Publish your game

After developing a game you need to publish it. If you want you can publish a game from your own website. But choosing the right publisher can change your goal. There have many popular platforms to publish your game application. The most popular place to publish and release your games are Steam, Game Jolt, Gog, Gamers Gate, Game House, Google Play, App Stor, Amazon App store.

Promot your game

Developing and publishing a game is not enough to reach your goal. You have to promote your games with other people. And let them know about your game. You can make a video tutorial, live stream, publish ads on google, boost on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms.

Create a Music For Your Game

Without music or perfect sound, I can’t think what type of game it is. To attack your audience you must add background music and other sounds in the perfect way. You can hire a professional freelancer music composer to create background music for your game.

How to make money with your mobile or windows game?

You spent your time money and brain to develop a high-rated game like PUBG, Free Fire, or League of Legends. Here are the 6 ways to make money with your own gaming app:

1. In-app Advertising

In-app advertising is one of the most familiar and effective monetization strategies for app publishers. In this advertising method, application developers get paid to serve ads within their apps. Most of the app includes in-app advertising. It’s a simple and best way to monetize your developed gaming apps. The application requests an ad from the advertising network and the ad network uses algorithms to find out the application and deliver the highest paying ads to the application. So if you are a game or any other app developer you can join with an ad network and monetize your application.

2. In-app Purchase

You may notice when you play a game if you want to enjoy some features of the application then you have to purchase coins or weapons. And it calls in-app purchase. In a line, in-app purchase is extra content or features that you need to buy inside an application.

3. Paid App

A paid application means if you want to download and install the app, you have to pay for the app first. Basically, if you are planning to make a paid application then you need to create an app that has value.

4. Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to make money with your app. It means you will earn a commission by promoting other company’s products or services. Join with an affiliate network and refer the app visitor to purchase or download something. ShareASale, eBay partners, Amazon Associates, Impact affiliates are some of the best affiliate networks to monetize your application.

5. Selling your own product

Selling merchandise is one of the best and most popular ways to make money with gaming applications. If you have a large number of users then you can sell your own products to the app users and make money with the application you developed. You can sell t-shirts, gaming accessories, mugs, and more.

6. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is another best way to earn money through your gaming application. It means raising a small amount of money from a large number of people. You can ask your visitor to donate your account via the internet.

What is the best ad network in 2021?

Google Admob is one of the best ad networks to monetize your application. Just develop an application and apply it to monetize your application. Once your request is approved collect the codes and place them on your app. Admob is the best ad network to monetize your application. Learn about AdSense alternatives.


This is the way you can develop or create a game like League of legends, PUGB, Free Fire, or any other high-rated video gaming application. Learn coding makes a plan and start developing games with your team. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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