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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Rebuttals To Generate More Leads

If you want to be a top merchant cash advance telemarketer or generate more mca leads then you must have good communication skills, follow an effective sales script. And must use proper MCA rebuttals in the right way.

Hi, this is Tony Brown I am a telemarketer and have three years experience of selling mca. I faced a lot of questions from the merchant side and tried to answer my best. When I failed, I noted them and find out the right rebuttals that why if a merchant asks me the same questions then I can reply properly the next time. Today in this article, I am going to share the questions that you will face most when you go to sell merchant cash advances and the best appropriate rebuttals.

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Merchant Cash Advance Rebuttals

Before using a rebuttal, listen carefully to what your prospect wants to know. Here are some effective Merchant cash advance or MCA Rebuttals to generate more merchant cash advance sales for telemarketing:

Interest Rate Rebuttals

When you are going to sell MCA the most common question you will face is what is your rate/ what is your interest rate/ what is your APR. And I got an effective rebuttal for rate concern merchants.

If your prospect asks about interest rate then use this rebuttal:

Well, it will be a simple flat fee and a flat fee would be fixed on your total payback. But let me qualify you first and then I am going to introduce you to my loan officer he will be the best person to give you the exact interest rate.

Payback Term Rebuttals

Many merchants want long-term loans and they may ask you about your payback term. If you face these questions then use the following rebuttal:

It’s nice questions, basically, we have several loan programs and I have to see what program you are qualified for.

Or, Our payback term is anywhere between 6 to 24 months.

(Actually, the answer depends on what type of payback term your client has.)

Loan Amount

When you offer a loan program to your prospect they may ask you like: how much money you can give me. If you face this type of question then use the following rebuttal:

Great, we can offer you 100%/200% max your monthly gross sales (or based on your client requirement). So what is your monthly gross sales volume on average, any rough idea?

Borrower Qualification

This is another most common question you will face when you are going to sell mca or merchant cash advance is what is the qualification of your program, or how do you qualify. Sometimes you may ask what is requirement. If you face this type of question then use the following rebuttal:

Well, it is very simple to qualify for our loan program, you just need to be in business for at least six months/ one year and you just need to deposit at least 10-15 thousand into your business checking account on monthly basis. That’s all, so how long have you been in business?

Office or Location

If you are native or don’t have a good pronunciation then you may face this type of question. Besides a merchant may know about your office and ask where are you located. Use the following rebuttal:

We are located in _______ and we have several offices over the USA/Australia/UK. So what is the legal name of your business?

Or, no worries, we are going to send you an email with a simple one-page application and other information about our company there have our call back number and office address as well. So if you have any questions you can call us back or visit us. No worries. So what is your best email address for me?

Rebuttals For The Not Interested Merchants

If you take 800 calls a day then you may get 2 to 10 interested customers who want to take mca or your service. And most of them will reply I am not interested. But if you want to generate more sales then you need to push them and hard. Follow the following rebuttal for not interested prospects:

______ (Name)/Sir/Mam, I am not asking to take this money right now, you can take a look at who we are, our rate, and terms, if you like then you will take it. Otherwise no need to take this fund. Sounds good?

Or, it’s quick money, if you think you need any funds for your business, just take a look at our program. If you like the rate and terms then you will go ahead and if you don’t like then you can deny no charge no obligation. Do you have any number in your mind that might be helpful for your business?

Or, Let me ask you a simple question. If I could get this money with a better rate and terms could it help your business in any way? Like buying new equipment, expansion, or as a working capital!

How Did You Get My Info?

When you ask someone with his/her name over the phone or an unknown person, it is simple they might ask you how did you get the information. If you face the same question when you are going to sell MCA or merchant cash advance then just follow the following rebuttal:

Well, we have a strong marketing team, they work on it. And they might collect your info from business listing and singups.

Wrong Name

The business owner may change their number or business. It is simple, you get the business owners’ or prospects’ names from data and it may include the wrong name. If you face the same issue consistently then you can start with:

May I speak to the business owner, please?

Or, Am I speaking with the owner of _________ business? (if you ask like this way then make sure you searched this number in Google or another search engine and make sure this number is related to the business name you said.)

Download MCA Rebuttals PDF

Why Rebuttals Are So Important To Generate More MCA Leads?

Well, the answer is when you are selling something over the phone, a merchant or your prospect may ask about the product or service that you are offering. And if you don’t have the right answer you will lose your target. And if you know the right rebuttals and answer them properly they may take your service or buy your product.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Be confident, follow the mca rebuttals we mentioned here, a good mca sales script, focus on calls, and practice more.

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