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Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script – How to Sell MCA

Merchant Cash Advance or MCA is a kind of short-term business loan for small business owners. In the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia merchant cash advances are much familiar. There have hundreds of brokers and direct lenders who sales MCA loans. To sell this kind of business loan, they mainly take the help of a telemarketer. If you are working at an international call center that generates MCA leads you must have good knowledge of MCA. Because MCA or Merchant Cash Advance Sales depends on how good your sales script is.

I have three years of experience selling MCA loans. If you want to generate more Merchant cash advance sales according to the merchant’s vibe, you have to create a sales script in a different way. And today in this article I am going to tell you details about how to sell merchant cash advance and the Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script. To generate more sales, follow the following MCA sales tips and Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script I have given below.

Start With Business Owner Name

You will find business owner name phone number, business name, email, etc. information on the dialer. Always try to call by the business owner’s name. If you don’t have the owner/merchant name then start with- “May I speak to the business owner please?” The other side will answer yes I am the business owner/assistant, how can I help you, or something like that. Sometimes they will hung-up the line without saying anything. Let him go and go for the next call.

Let The Business Owner Know About You And Your Program

If the receiver says I am the business owner or how can I help you/what do you need. Then you have to let the business owner know who you are and which company you represent. Describe your program and the benefits of your program in short. Remember rebuttals are also important. Without proper rebuttals, you will lose your sales.

Listen Carefully

I noticed many telemarketing executives randomly ask questions rather than answering the questions. Remember, when you will try to sell merchant cash advance the merchant will want to know more about your program. You have to answer in a proper way. Because if you can’t answer correctly, you can’t sell merchant cash advance loans. And it is one of the most important parts of Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script.

Ask The Open-ended Questions

Depending on the needs or conditions of the buyer, you need to ask some questions directly on the phone and get the answer from the merchant. For example- how much money is required, in how many days, business name, deposit, email address, etc.

Appreciate Your Merchant

Remember, you keep asking questions and they keep answering when they like you. And praise is the best way to get answers. Praise/appreciate after getting the answer and ask the next question.

Write Down Into Comment Box Or Note Pad

After getting answers from the person who is looking for an MCA loan write them down in the comment box or you can record them into a notepad. Because when the cell is complete you have to submit the information of each load.

Make Sure The Email Address

Since merchant cash advance sale is quite an online process. The brokers will send applications, and other paperwork via email. If you can’t get the right email, the right people won’t get the email.

Don’t Forget To Collect The Phone Number

In your job hour, you have to call hundreds of business owners and you will be able to sell/generate 4-10 leads a day. When your call is done you have to make sure you collected all the information to send the loan application and transfer it to the underwriter. So make sure you have to right phone number.

Let The Merchant Know Before Live Transfer

If you are working Merchant cash advance (MCA) live transfer lead generation program. Then after collecting information you have to transfer the call to an underwriter. The underwriter will complete the other loan process and send him the information. So before transferring the call let the merchant know what you are going to do.

Introduce In The Right Way

Once again remember, the way you are going to introduce your merchant to your senior or underwriter is one of the most important parts of merchant cash advance sales. After receiving your transferred call, your underwriter will say hi/hello/thanks for taking the call and this is ……; Now tell your underwriter this is (your name), I have a merchant (name), he is looking for (amount), business name, deposit, and how long he/she is in the business. And ask your underwriter to help them(your merchant) out.

Leave The Call

The is the final step of Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script. Once the call transfer is complete you will need to take leave from the call. Many people here forget to click on the leave away call button, they click the hung-up call button. And if you do the same thing you will just lose your sale.

Merchant Cash Advance Telemarketing/Sales Script

Hello/Hi/Good Morning/Evening, Mr/Mrs.________(business owner name)?

(If there have no business owner name) May I speak to the business owenr?

This is___ (your name) calling you the form____ (the company you represent), to let you know that we are offering an unsecured business loan called MCA, without any collateral, and any personal guaranty.

Or, This I ______(Mark) with _______ (abc capital) calling to let your know that your business has beem pre-qualified for unsecured business loan with no collateral, no personal guaranty needed.

– So May I know how much fund you looking for your business? Or, So if you get a better rate and terms from my side, may I know how much fund are you looking for for your business? Or, How much money might be beneficial for you?

How long have you been in business? Or, How many years you are in the business?

Alright, How soon you need the money?

What is the legal name of your business?

How much you deposit into your business checking account on monthly basis, any rough idea?

I believe you don’t have any bankruptcy, tax-lines, or judgments in your background. Am I right?

If bankruptcy– Ask- Is it discharged by court or pending?

If taxlines– Well, are you in a payment plan?

(When the answer is no) Perfect! What is your best email address?

Is this the best phone number to reach you out? Or do you have an alternative number?

May I have your full name please?

What I will do at this point I am going to connect your call to my senior/underwriter, he or she will let you know everything in detail and if you have any question feel free to ask them. Sounds good?

Your call is getting connected. Stay with me, please. I appreciate your time.

(Once the call is connected); Hi this is_____, I have____(merchant name) on the line with_______(business name), doing business____(years/months), he/she is looking for__, and depositing____. Can you help him/her out please?

MCA sales script

Merchant Cash Advance Sales Script PDF

Click here to download or read online


I hope you guys understand how to sell Merchant Cash Advance and this Telemarketing Sales Script will help you generate more qualified sales.

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