Generally, an application refers to something that is effective and made up of some coding. But did you ever think about useless apps? Nowadays, besides useful apps, there have dozens of useless and wired applications on the internet. These types of useless apps can only be installed, occupy some space on the phone, show some color and in fact, they have no functionality. This kind of apps pretends to do something useful but it’s really hindering your life.

Today in this article here we have listed the 12 most useless apps in Google Play Store in 2022. In real life, I have tried all the apps. No need to worry, you will also find out some interesting facts that happened to me. So let’s take a look at what is the most useless and wired app in 2022.

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List Of The Most Useless Apps:

1. Virtual Hand Sanitizer

It’s Covid-19’s time. We are all going through a difficult and rough time around the world. Everyone is working hard to protect themselves and their family members. We regularly use hand sanitizers to protect ourselves from the corona. However, if you search for Virtual Hand Sanitizer on Google Play, you will find 10-20 applications. I don’t really know what to use a virtual hand sanitizer. This crappy app will only take the space of the phone and nothing more. I don’t think it’s a good man’s job. I want to advise them to stop these shitty jobs.

2. Hammer Apps

Usually, we use a hammer to nail or break something. And I guess everyone knows what is the use of a hammer or what is a hammer. But did you ever think you could break something with a hammer app? I really don’t know what is the use of an electric hammer application. It’s really useless app and also wired. But you can say, brother, for those who are useless. LOL. If you search on the Play Store you will find dozens app useless hammer apps. Please make sense and remove them.

3. Human To Animal Translator Apps

Oh My God Really! Are your crazy dude! Is it really possible to understand what the animal says? I don’t know how it’s possible. To make sure I installed almost 10 useless apps and I tested a number of animals, including dogs, cats, and some chickens in my house, but to no avail. But I think the donkey could be understood. That is why I was looking for the donkey to make sure, the useless app really works or not. Listen if you think I am talking about the app creator then you are wrong. lol. Hey, you maybe think that the useless android app includes animal sounds for the purpose of the education of your kids. Then sorry to say you are not right, dude.

4. Phone Cooler Apps

There have dozens of phone coolers and junk filer remover applications on the Google Play Store and App Store. My phone gets a little hot when I use it a lot. One day I visit Google Play Store and suddenly I found some phone cooler apps. Basically, it was a suggested app by Google Play Store. I got surprised and was thinking, do phone cooler apps really work? To be sure I installed almost 20 phone cooler applications. I randomly tested but sorry to say the end of the day was just west of my valuable time. I laughed at myself what the hell is this. If you guys have any words then please lemme know I am too much excited. I really want to know a little more about phone cooler apps. You can try these funny and useless apps.

5. Love Tester Apps

Do you know I am a single boy? Sometimes some of my friends laugh at me and say you are the most wired person. You don’t have a single girlfriend. One day I was thinking there is no love in my mind. If I don’t have love in myself then who will love me. I started searching on Google to find out how love can be measured? I found a lot of articles. But suddenly I found an advertisement and there was something like, test your love in a minute. I clicked on add without thinking. After that, I was taken to the Google Play Store.

I got surprised, so no late I just installed the useless android application. After installing the application I just open the app and there was a button like a test your level. No later, I just clicked on the button and I was again surprised the application said I am full of love. I was unconscious for 2 hours after watching it. I think I was abusive. Cool, not to the wired developers I was abusive myself.

6. Sleeping Fan – Cool Summer

We passed Summer and it’s Autam here. There is an interesting story last Summer I and some of my cousins were gossiping at my uncle’s house. Suddenly the electricity is gone. One of my causes was telling to me uh if there have an application that is able to make us cool, how pretty it would be. I was laughing at her and searching on Google Play Store. After watching the search result in I got surprised, I found a lot of applications for cooling a fan, phone, and bla-bla-bla. I just installed one of them and asked my cousin you guys are cool now? Everybody starts shouting at me and asking what the hell I am saying! I answered you guys may be looking for an app that is able to make us cool.

However what I am trying to say. Installing this kind of useless apps is just the west of time. Don’t make abuse the internet and don’t waste your time.

7. Phone Cleaner Apps: Most Useless App

Owao! great to hear I got an app that will clean my phone. Seriously bro! Is it really possible an app can clean your phone? I don’t know. While I was trying to make a list for this article and thinking about which one is the most useless app. The result is I find that the internet is full of this type of garbage apps. If you search phone cleaner apps on Google Play Store you will find dozens of phone cleaner apps and any of them are not useful. So don’t waste your time by downloading and installing this type of useless and funny apps. However, if you want to make an experiment then you can take a look.

8. Electric Shaver Apps

The next most useless app is the electric shaver app. We usually mean electric saver that saver runs on electricity. I don’t know how to use an app that names electric shaver or what is the use of an electric shaver app. I don’t know how you feel. However, if you search on Playstore you will find dozens of useless electric shaver apps.

9. Useless Button Apps

All right I understand some developers create this app to make some fun. But I don’t know what is the use of this app. To make an experiment I just install an app and I found a red button nothing more than this. If you press the button it does nothing. However, I really don’t like it. I don’t know what you think but at the end of the day, there has no use in real life. Just install it and can take a look at what it is.

10. Circular Saw Simulator

The saw is usually used to cut wood or trees. Well, I wouldn’t have a headache if I had some tips or instructions on using saws in the app. However, with this app, what is the use or benefit, I did not find any answer after searching for two days. If you guys have any answers please lemme know something about this useless app.

11. Battery Saving Apps

This is another most familiar useless mobile application. In the Google Play Store, you will find a dozen of battery-saving apps. I can remember while I was a new android user I did a lot of gaming at that time. And it was a great sorrow that my phone did not charge for a long time. So, to get a long-time charging backup I was looking for something that can help me or give me a long backup.

One day I visit Google Play Store and started searching for battery-saving apps. I was surprised after watching the app design and description. Hope awoke in my mind maybe I got something better but at the end of the day, I found that it is just west of time. And I get shocked.

12. Speaker Cleaner Apps

You may be faced with a sound issue on your phone. But did you ever think an app can solve sound issues? Yes if you search Speaker cleaner apps on Google Play Store you will find a lot of useless apps. To make an experiment I installed and opened some apps on my old phone. But the thing is it’s not working and once again I want to say it’s a wired application.


Hey dude, this was about the most useless and wired app at this time. Let me know which one is the funniest and useless app for you. Have a great day, take care.