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MOVOCash Review 2021

MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card is a well-known name in the world of virtual prepaid cards. And in today’s article, we are going to review the MOVO Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. Here we will try to highlight all the good and bad aspects of MOVO Cash and is it a scam or legit. And also is Movocash a scam or legit. So let’s start without delay to know everything.

What is MOVOCash digital Prepaid card?

MOVO card is a virtual prepaid visa card, offered by MOVO cash. Using this digital prepaid card you can make a purchase online without giving your original credit or debit card number. Just reload your card and use it. You don’t need to put any collateral or any personal guarantee and also don’t need a credit check to sign up.

Upsides of MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

MOVO digital visa prepaid card comes with some decent features like no monthly fees, no inactive fees, Bitcoin Transfer option, and more. As a virtual prepaid card user, you might like it.

1. No Monthly Fees

Most of the prepaid card providers charge a certain amount per month. But Movo doesn’t charge any monthly fees. And in my opinion, it’s a huge advantage. And activation fee is also free.

2. No hidden Charge

Another best part of the MOVO virtual prepaid visa card is it doesn’t charge for bill pay, ATM balance inquiries, physical card replacement. But there has a little charge for international transactions and an Inactivity fee after 90 days without a transaction.

3. Transfer Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s popularity around the world is growing day by day. And MOVO Cash accepts Bitcoin. So you can make direct Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transfers. That means you can convert cryptocurrencies to cash and load or send MOVO Debit cards to anyone. You will charge 2%+$2 of the transaction.

4. Easy Reload

You might like MOVOCash reload options. You can reload your virtual visa debit card via direct deposit, bank transfer, Green Dot, VisaReady Link, Tax Refund, Paypal. And you can also transfer from another MOVO Cash account. Funds from another bank are also acceptable but third-party fees may apply.

5. Person To Person Free Transfer

Almost every virtual prepaid card charges a simple charge for transection but Movo cash to MovoCash there has no charge. You can send money to friends and family via email or cell phone.

6. Physical Card

Besides MOVOCash virtual prepaid visa card you can get a physical prepaid visa card. Just send an email to with a subject like, Please send me a card. They will send your card within 10 to 15 business days.

7. 24/7 support

If you need any support you can ask for help at any time you want. The MOVO Cash offers 24/7 support with direct line and email. MOVOcash customer service number: 866-533-6686 and Support email:

Downsides of MOVOCash Virtual Prepaid Visa Card

In this world nothing is perfect. As well as the good sides, there are some annoying sides that I don’t like.

1. Limited ATM Withdraw

It will also disappoint you. You can withdraw up to $500 in a day from your MOVOCash digital visa prepaid card. And only $250 per day from international ATMs. But we hope the authority will take of it as soon as possible.

2. No store sing up

If you wanna take advantage of the MOVOCash card, you have to always use their mobile Application. I mean, the only way to sign up for a MOVO prepaid visa card is Movo App.

3. No EMV Chip

Nowadays almost all prepaid cards provide have these features but Movo doesn’t provide this extra security. But the company claims the features P2P2P payments and it’s more secure and offers Omni-redemption capabilities in real-time. And these features are also lag-free. And it is guaranteed to keep your information secure.

Is MOVOCash secure?

Yes, MovoCash is secure. They are guaranteed to keep your information secure. And MOVO is the creator of a patented technology name HYPERBIN. MOVOCash claims editing payment technologies like EMV, NFC creating a problematic lag so they unlock P2P2P payments and offer Omni-redemption capabilities in real-time.

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Is MovoCash virtual Prepaid visa card a scam or legit?

The answer MOVO virtual prepaid visa card is 100% legit, Movo cash is not a Scam. The MOVO digital prepaid visa card is issued by Metropolitan Commercial Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. MOVO Cash is a great alternative to regular banking. You can spend or make a purchase from your account where Visa is acceptable.

How to apply for a MOVO Virtual Prepaid Visa Card?

To get a Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card you have to be at least 18 years old, a US citizen or permanent resident, and also must have a Unites States residential Address.

First, download the MOVO App from Google Play Or App Store. Sing up with your email and phone number. Then create a user ID and Password. Select your security question and answer.

Accept their terms and conditions and click on next. Now fill-up the form with your First and last name, gender date of birth, and home phone number and click on next.

Provide your home address and click on the Next button. Then fill in your social number and press the Next button. If everything is okay you will receive an email that your account is approved.

Note: If you face any issue while signing up for a MOVO cash card. Please, talk to the customer care service or you can send an email. They will assist you to complete the process.

How to activate MovoCash Card?

Once you got the approval email your account is active. Just load funds and spend as you need. But if you don’t feel comfortable giving your account number you can request a digital cash card. You can use this virtual number for single use. Generate virtual prepaid cards for $2.95 each.

MovoCash Prepaid Visa Card Fees

There is no monthly charge on the MOVO Cash card. And it doesn’t charge for bill pay or ATM balance inquiries and person-to-person transfers in the US. Apart from these, there are some changes such as:

  1. International Purchase: Up to 3% of the transaction
  2. ATM Withdrawals Fee: ATM charge+$2 (domestic); Up to 3% of withdrawal amount+$2
  3. ACH decline: $15 (every time)
  4. Inactive Fee: $4.95 (after 90 days without a transaction.)

How to get a MOVOCash Prepaid card outside The United States?

Currently, there have no chance to get a MOVO Virtual Prepaid Visa Card outside the US. They only provide this service in the US. But the company says near future they have a plan to provide their services outside the United States.

MOVOCash Alternative

The best alternatives to MOVO virtual prepaid visa cards are SwiftPayCard, Paypal Prepaid Card, NetSpend Card,, Ezzocard, PNC SmartAccess Card, and American Express Serve.

Bottom Line

In our review, MOVOcash is a great alternative to regular banking. It’s secure and 100% legit. Hopefully, they will work on the issue of ATM withdrawal limitations. And give more importance to your own opinion before taking service. if there is any doubt in the mind, it is better to stay away from it. Somagom doesn’t force anyone to provide any service or buy a product. For more information visit here.

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