Nowadays people don’t want to carry money because of loss, snatched, stolen, and other troubles. The simple solution to all these problems is a prepaid card. Besides, prepaid cards have more security than cash. And day by day prepaid card is getting more popular around the world. My Control Card is one of the familiar names in the prepaid card world. They offer prepaid MasterCard with low fees and there has some extra cool features than other prepaid card providers. Today in this article I am going to review My Control Card Prepaid MasterCard. Is My Control Card a scam or legit? And also all the upsides and downsides of the prepaid debit MasterCard card provider.

What Is My Control Card?

My Control Card is a prepaid debit card provider that provides Prepaid MasterCard with low fees and custom design. It was established in 2022 and is based in Austin, Texas, United States. It is owned by Global Payment INC. All of My Control Prepaid MasterCard is issued by MetaBank, National Association, Member FDC, Purshunya To License B MasterCard International Inc.

My Control Card Prepaid MasterCard’s Upsides

We all know that all prepaid cards have some good and bad sides as usual. Like other prepaid cards, My Control Prepaid MasterCard has some upsides and downsides also. In our review, we tried to figure out all of the pros and cons of My Control Card. Let’s have a look.

1. Low Fees

The best part of My Control Prepaid card is its fee. You don’t need to pay any upfront fees to get a MasterCard from My Control Card. And if you deposit $500 or more from your paycheck or government benefits they will reduce your monthly fees. If you compare to other prepaid card providers you may see there have a lot of extra fees.

2. Direct Deposit

Still, there have many prepaid card providers that don’t have direct deposit options or you have to pay extra fees for direct deposit.

3. Cash Back

I really don’t know who doesn’t like the cashback offer. If you purchase from quality stores, restaurants, and service providers by using My Control Card Prepaid MasterCard you will get cashback rewards.

4. Savings Account

If you have a savings bank account you may hear about APY or Annual percentage yield. You can earn up to 5% APY on your savings. And it is really a good option to link your debit card to your saving account. So if you have lazy money you can put them into your My Card Control savings and make more money.

5. Mobile Alerts

A mobile alert is very important for bank transactions. When you make any transaction with your My Control Card will get alerts via your mobile. So if anyone uses your card and makes any transaction you will get notified.

6. Budgeting tools

Budgeting is one of the most effective ways to control your extra expanse. The My Control Card app comes with budgeting tools. So you can set up a monthly limitation and I really liked it.

7. Easy Money Transfer Option

It is easy to transfer or add money to your My Control Card. You can transfer money online from your family or friends who has Control Cards. Besides direct deposit, tax returns, and you can add money from your NetSpend Account as well. You can also use PayPal to transfer funds from your PayPal to your Control Account.

8. Custom Print

I really surprised when I hear that I can get a printed card with my favorite photo. But if you also want to get a card with your favorite photos you have to pay some extra fees. And it will be better if you talk to them.

Downsides of My Control Card Prepaid MasterCard

As there have some upsides there have some downsides also. So let’s have a look at the downsides of My Control Prepaid MasterCard.

Money Loading Can Be Expensive

We already mentioned for direct deposit you don’t need to pay any fees. But if you are going to reload at a NetSpend reload network location you have to pay up to $3.95, per reload. The prepaid MasterCard card provider says it’s a third-party fee.

Is My Control Card Legit Or A Scam?

My Control Card is 100% legit, not a scam. It is a well-known debit prepaid MasterCard card provider. Which is owned by Global Payments Inc. And Global Payments Inc is a registered agent of MetaBank.

Control Prepaid MasterCard Alternatives

The best alternatives of My Control Prepaid MasterCard are Mango Money, BlueBird, PNC SmartAccess. You can also take a look at the NetSpend Prepaid card.

My Control Card Reload Locations

To learn your My Control Card reload locations just type your zip code and send a text to 22622. They will text you the nearest reload location details back to you. regular SMS charge applied.

My Control Card Fees

You don’t need to pay any fees to get a Control prepaid MasterCard. but there have some simple fees. All the fees are given below:

  1. Card Purchase fee: $0.00
  2. Monthly Fee: $7.95 (For reduced monthly plan $5.00)
  3. ATM withdrawal fee: $2.95 (per withdrawal)
  4. Direct Deposit: $0.00
  5. Cash reload at NetSpend Network location: $3.95, Per load. Load fees vary from $0.00 to $4.95.

Control Card Bank Name

The prepaid debit MasterCard is issued by MetaBank Bank,  National Association, Member FDIC. Control is owned by Global Payments Inc and Global Payments Inc is a registered agent of MetaBank bank.

Customer Care Number

My Control Card Customer Care Number is +1 (886) 753 6324. The customer care is available on Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturday & Sunday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

You can also send email or mail. The email address is: customerservice[@] and their mailing address is: c/o NetSpend Corporation, PO Box 2136, Austin, TX 78768-2136.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a prepaid MasterCard provider without any bank account and without any up-front fees then you can go ahead with My Control Card prepaid MasterCard debit card. And there is no cost to order and activate the prepaid MasterCard. If you face any issue or problem contact the customer care service they will help you out.

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